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  1. I like to think of this forum as a place for discussions about what we have seen, heard, read and felt cuz there's not alot of info about this "shedding/transmission" It is still being reported and emerging. Personally, I don't know what "evidence" to believe anymore anyway. There's so many lying liars! Here's something I found but don't ask me if I believe it is relevant or real or what. Decide for yourself.... Gee, maybe they made the vaxxes “self-spreading” but forgot to mention or document that part? ‘Self-Spreading’ Vaccines Pose Multiple Risks to Soc
  2. more absurdity from CA, US “Vax for the Win” program This just in from my local rag in Berkeley ... ***** I don’t fkg care how much “lottery $”, ie BLOOD $, you psycopaths put up. I will not be VAXXED!!! ****** https://www.berkeleyside.org/2021/05/28/newsom-offers-big-bucks-for-californians-who-get-their-covid-19-vaccine?utm_source=Berkeleyside+newsletters&utm_campaign=3a1aa4c182-RSS_DAILY_BRIEFING&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_aad4b5ee64-3a1aa4c182-333509690&goal=0_aad4b5ee64-3a1aa4c182-333509690&mc_cid=3a1aa4c182&mc_eid=eae4898fb4
  3. Document Shows Pfizer Anticipated That Those Injected with mRNA Might Transmit Infection to Those who Are Non-Injected April 30, 2021 Health Impact News and New England Journal of Medicine 9 https://needtoknow.news/2021/04/document-shows-pfizer-anticipated-that-those-injected-with-mrna-might-transmit-infection-to-those-who-are-non-injected/
  4. Frequency Change: A Deeper Look at COVID Vax Transmission Phenomenon posted MAY 9 https://davidicke.com/2021/05/09/frequency-change-a-deeper-look-at-covid-vax-transmission-phenomenon/
  5. PANTS THEM ALL, I say!!! OFF with their PANTS!!!!
  6. I have never claimed any sort of "science". I honor everyone's (except maybe some asshats...) posts and thoughts and feelings here concerning what might possibly be going on with The Shedding / Transmission. Thanks for this exchange. Addmma -- Maybe you need to find another forum for your baiting and Bsh. Some forum where people are only posting "scientific facts" for you to argue. Obviously people's experiences and feelings about what's happening to them and their families in regards to The Shedding and/or Transmissions is just foolishness to you. DI does
  7. I couldn't find the Fri video where DI talks about "The Shedding" but my recollection was that he was saying "we'll keep an eye on this issue". Is that what you mean by "promoting"?
  8. Here is some info I found. I have no agenda; I haven't really decided what I think about The Shedding. I post what I find on the topic so everyone can decide what they believe... May 11, 2021 From article COVID: The Plot Thickens—“Vaccines,” “Shedding” & “Transmission” BY DAWN LESTER https://whatreallymakesyouill.com/covid-the-plot-thickens/ >>>>>>Another possibility is that these unvaccinated people have been exposed to a new harmful toxin or to an increased level of an existing toxin, whether chemical or electromagnetic in nature. As
  9. Here is the original post that started this thread. It was a valid question because of reports of shedding/transmission and women experiencing cycle changes after being around groups of vaxxed people. I seriously doubt that anyone on this forum would be ready to buy into any theories about shedding or tramsmission hook line and sync...
  10. You wrote: >>>>>>>>>>>It doesn't matter what is thrown at your end, you make your bunker safe. That is all that matters. If you have a good track record working with crystal, use that. I wrote: "For many reasons, I have various methods of making this bunker safe, both my outer environment and my inner landscape. " I was replying to your comment so I don't get your thing about "machine guns, grenades, tear gas, taser and fireworks in my cabinet, ready to fire anytime I like" lol <<<<
  11. Welcome to this discussion thread. Thank you for the suggestions. I think I started watching that webinar then got distracted so I will return to it. I don't know suramin so I will check on that also with Judy M, she's great too. The air purifies suggestion made me think: Maybe pine needles tea or an EO in a diffuser? There are relatively inexpensive TNS Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulators that you can buy OTC that produce low level current for things like neck or back pain. That may be enough of a disruption to nano particles. have a go
  12. This is true. I try to live by this, by what my gut+heart tell me. For many reasons, I have various methods of making this bunker safe, both my outer environment and my inner landscape. Crystals is just one method. And Chakras. I like the idea of viewing these transmissions/shedding as malware, good point. No I do not want to be part of Team Moderna and I have chosen to be with the UNVAXXED. But we all have difficult decisions to make, ie I have been a part of these 2 groups for many years, they are my extended family. I have no one else. So yes, I
  13. I'm sorry that your sister has passed on. It doesn't sound like you have the whole story and as you say, you probably won't. That is sad. And your son, can we have hope that there may come a time when the vaxxd decide to fight it and call back their lost parts? I don't do any FKbook and this stupid frame thing "I'm fully vax" is creepy stoopid!
  14. I'm not a complainer, seriously... When I cliked on: How the CDC lied about masks outdoors (and indoors come to that). The question is asked here All I saw was a fish tank that was flashing "please subscribe" Still, thanks for your work. Wish I could be w like-minded peeps in London tom...
  15. Is there anything I can do to fix it when I get this message? Video unavailable This video contains content from FOX News Network, who has blocked it on copyright grounds. I clicked on: The extraordinary dumbing down and indoctrination of children at school all day by psychopathic administrators and lunatic, moronic ‘teachers’. Has to be seen to be be believed and parents are pushing back https://davidicke.com/2021/05/14/the-extraordinary-dumbing-down-and-indoctrination-of-children-at-school-all-day-by-psychopathic-administrators-and-lunatic-moronic-teachers-has
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