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  1. Remember the very old Saturday Night Live skit where everyone has their own nuke...
  2. any thoughts on this "Marburg switch/pathogen" forbiddenknowledgeTV.com >>>>>When they turn that Marburg switch on, it will be will be N-proteins. It will cause the people to produce the Marburg pathogen, themselves... First and foremost, from a documentary point of view and self-legal help, Vaxxchoice.com is a full repository of everything that we're talking about and other things; self-help legal documents, that if you sign up, you can get a daily update. There's no donation button, there's no nothing. We just put this out for peoples' benefit. Separately, there's TruthForHealth.org. Dr. Lee Vliet is in charge of that and she's put out a Marburg fact sheet, along with some things that we can do to try and stop what's coming or at least prevent it. <<<<<<
  3. I think there is something to consider re what Mark sez. Sometimes it may be better to create your own symbol/sigil and intend it to do one task with protection symbols for those "back doors" Look at some symbols and pick what resonates with you for your intention and for protection. Other things that come to mind in reading this excellent thread: Selenite wands (long sticks of Selenite) on windowsills soak up vibes; good to have more than one so you can let one "rest" https://www.energymuse.com/selenite-crystal.html?variant=31077132369974 A crystal grid, made with stones for your intention plus protection stones; must be cleansed frequently. I have some other info about ways to "filter" 5G/ EMF. I will do search and get back to you.
  4. The Flower of Life info is great. I recommend it! Here's a Flower of Life for you to color/ work with...
  5. Dear DI and your peeps, Of course it's not your responsibility to keep me sane in this cesspool of "civilization" but I wanted to let you know how much I looked forward to The Dot Connector with David on Fridays. It was my weekly REAL reality check, to rearrange and clear the chaos that had accumulated in my head for 7 days. I miss my time with David on Fri. How about once a month Dot Connector? Hoping one day to be getting on Ickonic for all the DI stuff I've missed. I attended all day with DI years ago and I've never been the same since. I'm 70 now, too! Thanks for everything, everyone in DI Tribe, Forum mods, too!
  6. Same crap here, Berkeley CA, US. A pizza joint, which I believe is a "collective owned" thing, is having a fundraiser for some trans related bill in TX they don't like.
  7. "Transgendr killer changed from male to female", ie a man, sez HE is now a baby, needs nappies, baby food, and a dummy in HIS prison cell. There's already one dummy in that cell and it's a MAN. XY No nappies for you, fella.
  8. Tucker Carlson? I'll pass but thanks for the warning. I kinda barf in my mouth a little everytime I see him. Checking what AJ say about "SOTU" Here's my SOTU, from CA: It's fkd up bigtime.
  9. I love how she's double masked but still has window open a crack. LOOKOUT, C19 flying in that crack!
  10. I know some aliens who do creative anal probing...
  11. HI NEC, Maybe you could also post the question on the "DI works thread." There's a post from Sept re "David Icke’s (sept) video" This may increase chances of getting a response. I hope that's helpful. L.
  12. Although that is disturbing about "Sa Ta Na Ma" I believe those mantras, which are special toning of letters sounds, are ancient, ie before any religion started calling anything satan. Nevertheless, a different mantra would probably be advised for you. Take a look at some articles here: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/salud/salud_energyhealth05.htm https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_humanmultidimensionaanatomy.htm If the above links are not helpful, go to biblioteca... and put kundalini or archons or yoga in Search and you will find many articles to explore. Many are by D.I.
  13. " https://www.nexusnewsfeed.com/article/ancient-mysteries/two-new-species-of-large-predatory-dinosaur-discovered-on-isle-of-wight-uk Bones found on the Isle of Wight likely belong to two new species of spinosaurid, a group of predatory theropod dinosaurs closely related to the giant Spinosaurus. Their unusual, crocodile-like skulls helped the group expand their diets, allowing them hunt prey on both land and in the water.
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