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  1. I don't think snopes is a credible source.
  2. Yes, I like this as using military/tribal ways with new sensibility of flash mob. Innovative! I have an much smaller modest activist idea I want to share. Maybe some of you who have been on this forum longer would suggest best section for posting? My thought came out of reading about the peep in UK going out to applaud the "front line workers" I guess it also became a "profile your neighbor" thing too. So let's have a special time, like Sunday noon, to do a FIRE YOUR MASK. Go out and burn a mask or some. FIRE that mask job! We don't want this job anymore - Fire it, w
  3. Yes, I aspire to believe I AM the infinite, awareness but it's a stretch. That's why I come here to this forum but I don't post hardly. I have no family to speak of, I live alone in No.Calif. and I've fallen down 2 x this month and had alot of trouble getting up. At this point if I went to a "health professional" who told me I needed the cov19 test or The Jab, I would lose my mind. This uber psyop PLANdemic "virus" I don't even know quite how to express what it has done is doing to me. I want to say "Shut up, Bunky. Nobody DOING to u. Get a grip on your infinite aware
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