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  1. I think it's excellent to look at this data, but it should be obvious anyway. There were only around 40-50K deaths attributed to Covid in 2020, whereas the difference between a year in which a lot of people die and a relatively small number of people die in the UK is around 60-70K. It stands to reason that you're not going to see anything excessive in terms of deaths. They can't justify it in this way, the only way it can possibly be justified is by claiming that the infrastructure of the country, healthcare services in particular, were facing some unique and rarefied threat.
  2. I consider it self-evident that we live in an elitist society, and I consider it remarkable when people are determined to believe otherwise, or to claim that this has occurred by accident. Those that busy themselves with their everyday lives and don't question anything, I understand. Those that are apologists for the indefensible, while not benefiting from it directly, I don't understand.
  3. We don't know how this is going to play out yet, so I would advise people to be vigilant of all possibilities, but reluctant to jump to any conclusions. I've saved this document: https://ec.europa.eu/health/sites/health/files/vaccination/docs/2019-2022_roadmap_en.pdf This comfortably predated Covid BTW. This document makes pretty grim reading, with plans to plans for a "Commission proposal for a common vaccination card / passport for EU citizens". But it might not be mandatory. It might be possible to travel without it. Exceptions mig
  4. One of the things I say quite often to my friend, who is very much awake, is that you have to remember...you don't consume any mainstream media, so you're not getting that perspective whatsoever. And then, on top of that, you consume tonnes of alternative media, books, etc. The average person is the polar opposite of that, so it's not that surprising that they cannot reason properly, even if they come out of education with any ability to do this. I haven't actually seen any of the films you mentioned yet, but I love Century of the Self, also by Adam Curtis, so I can recommend that
  5. It began in earnest when someone mentioned Building 7 to me, in roughly February 2002. I always questioned things before that, but this cemented my worldview. I had digested tonnes of media coverage on 9/11, and I had never even heard of the 'collapse' of a third building. That was an eye-opener, and probably changed my life. Having said that, I wouldn't really say that I'm into conspiracies, I just realise that the social conditioning that most of the population absorbs and, to some extent, accepts, bears little or no relation to reality. I largely realised that before 9/11, but t
  6. Check out this video. This was produced at least 10 years ago, I remember writing about it at the time. Maybe it dates back to 2008 or 2009. You will notice the similarities between this and the BBC article.
  7. I can give you one piece of advice. Get everything in writing. I assume what you've stated in the OP was conveyed verbally. There are very strict laws about discrimination, and you simply cannot discriminate openly against someone for having a disability or medical condition. Of course, in practical terms you can easily discriminate against them, not least by not hiring them in the first place. You just can't say that you're doing it! If you are 100% certain that you have a valid medical condition, and you've made it 100% clear that you will work and will be cooperative in any reas
  8. I just wake up every day and try to make that day the best day that I can. I try to appreciate little things. I enjoy spending time with my dog, and the few people that matter to me. I go for long walks in the countryside. I eat the best food that I can. I listen to music, I read, I play games. I made my house a pleasant and attractive environment to spend time in. If I get the chance to visit somewhere beautiful then I do so. I'm always polite and kind to everyone that I encounter. But I accept that most people's perspective will always be defined by their social conditioning, and
  9. Would this be like when he said he would audit the Federal Reserve? Eliminate the deficit (he tripled it before Covid)? When he told us he was a massive fan of Wikileaks? (Not that there was any point in this...) Build a US-Mexico wall? I try to ignore him, but I've never heard so much BS come out of one person's mouth, since the previous US president! There is no hope in these people. Any energy invested in them is wasted energy.
  10. Yes, they do! That's precisely what sensible people do say!
  11. I'm just testing posting on here, as I received a message stating that I was blocked from posting on the Covid thread. Which I'm quite sure is nothing to do with the forum itself. Well, that worked, so I'll retry the Covid thread.
  12. In the entire county in which I live, there had been just over 2,000 cases in May, and over 25% of those were in the only major city. There had been 52 deaths, and nearly 40% of those had been in care homes. So you're looking at 32 deaths outside of care homes, across a surface area of 2,600 square kilometres, and a population of 800,000. There may have been a few more deaths since then, I'm not sure. Who cares?
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