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  1. how does fear work ? gut and irrational reactions... I's alluding to my previous Communism related post and how it was 'replied' to, and then to you 'regretting asking me'.... what does all that mean ?
  2. the lockdown... what else ? can't you just just reply to me directly and with no reservation ? looks I've been 'blaspheming' or something...
  3. gut reactions are why we're into that mess... but I guess I replied to the wrong post and it wasn't intended to me ?
  4. Down to the root of the evil : why is it you see such a widely shared fear of Communism and random hatred against Communists among a public of which a large majority haven't more knowledge in politics than they have in Medicine ? Because Communism has been mistaken for such scarecrows as Marxism, Bolshevism or Stalinism in the public's mind… They're all key words to open bad windows… You got 5 Communist countries where people aren't living more oppressed or miserable than anywhere else, until recently one of them has been starting to grow as a world power. That's what the 'virus' is and what kind of a 'pandemic' the whole COVID scam was meant to fight : Communism and China… So you now got whole Western populations wearing paper masks and social distancing to protect themselves from Communism and prevent China's development…
  5. OK then no more anti-Communism or 'anti-vaccine' discrimination either since everyone's entitled to one's own religion, belief, opinion or anything you may call it... and you're right, it has no reason to be...
  6. these lines come slightly before but here's when the guy loses control and can't help demonically grimacing while saying 'the STATE'... https://youtu.be/1YENI_oLmQg?t=1305
  7. yes I do too ! I wish i's never born !!
  8. You don't sign up with your email but with your user name...
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