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  1. because it's more intended locally to the Polish of whom country has deepened its allegiance and strengthened its ties to the USA... to the rest of Europe these protests are a mere 'anecdote'...
  2. it's diversion from real protests over COVID restrictions... I recall protesters in Poland claimed we are afraid of COVID... it's coined propaganda...
  3. read bryan's post... https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/12294-mandatory-masks-in-poland-request-for-uk-from-us/&tab=comments#comment-182557 see how quickly the most 'credible' hoax may get debunked when everyone adds one's 2 cents ?
  4. and it's maybe why foreign police forces or 'extras' get hired to handle such 'protesters', because cops are no actors but sworn workers and these protests I bet weren't officially recognized or allowed...
  5. chud

    Street Begging

    yes today's 'French people' are so nice... sorry but at least do the American homeless manage to stick together so much that they're allowed whole sections of avenues or small districts in big towns to dwell in and 'rebuild' micro-societies within the wide one they got excluded from, so these people as much evil their country may be still have a sense of humanity and solidarity... I never learnt it was done anywhere in Europe where the homeless camp where they can before to get fired the morning after, live in their car if they own one, then in cardboard boxes under highway bridges or on sidew
  6. OK now it's way too much reacting over such a concern and I got why police enforcement during protests looked staged... we're afraid of the COVID but we want to protest... what's to be hold and remembered in there ?
  7. I think it's all a matter of what our human senses allow us to see and feel, and I'm not sure even 'God' ever meant to create things like these when sober...
  8. chud

    Street Begging

    It's true that you can't beg anymore if there's no more cash or change but only cards and smart phones, and 'begging' today means posting a vidoe on the Web and asking for subscriptions… So what are these people doing in the street ?
  9. Sorry to be monopolizing this thread but I got the following update to make… Here's what the bottom strip now reads on the TV screen during COVID-related 'news' : STORY 1 - *topic's title/tagline* I quickly checked if it could be connected to anything else but no : the only possible meaning it might have would be that it's all indeed a 'play' in several acts and that we're now still at act 1… One of the concerned reports shows you a hospital 'close to saturation' with staff quietly going about their daily job, talking to each other, changing the
  10. what people apparently refuse to consider is that it's all a blackmail to 'recovery funding' by the EU that will probably never reach its beneficiaries : it's a wide-scale swindle to spread TERROR and have a good laugh seeing it work that well... if the EU had 750 billions available they would be put into warfare anyway...
  11. https://www.dw.com/en/germany-to-lower-language-requirements-for-federal-police-recruits/a-52065649 Foreign police forces get hired for the same reason poor foreign workers and illegals get lured into crossing borders for 'jobs' : to destroy European societies and local economies. It's scorched earth strategy.
  12. can't edit our posts anymore... ? anyway I wanted to add that it's like with these foreign police forces I just read were noticed during protests, seems to me such crucial things are just let go almost 'unnoticed' while focus is made on wide theories through so much material that it would take one day to check it all for each topic... why not focusing on raw information too or instead when there's some popping-up by chance ? national police forces are assumed to speak the local tongue, I guess it should read somewhere in law texts...
  13. what's this country you Brits are living in, seriously ?... between the usual "agree&close' over cookies, the 'subscribe' pop-up window plus a third one for being using an ad-blocker I can't access any media site from UK... I wished to know more about the 'non essential item' sale ban as it's been pointed out here but not further documented or explained... what's the point of this ultimate abuse of authority to prevent people from buying ???... and what kind of stuff is more concerned ?
  14. How can you tell it's 'your' fish ?... it's MY fish, I saw it before you....
  15. epi : local (one time)… pan : wide (global)… Epidemic, pandemic, systemic… the latest is what most 'diseases' are, induced by irritations of external or internal body tissues followed by inflammation… then come invasion and proliferation if it worsens, and not by 'viruses' but only bacteria or fungi which are LIVING beings and not lifeless wastes of the microscopic world… A mouse may by NO means kill an elephant… it would take THOUSANDS of them and it's what fungi or bacteria do when let grow uncontrolled because they're LIFE FORMS, what microbes aren't as you may chec
  16. Sure the disease doesn't exist or half the planet's population would have been killed by it already, let alone with such derisory 'precautions' as wearing paper masks or doing whatever that got enforced as 'COVID restrictions', there isn't a single bit of it all that makes the least sense but anyway, as long as the 'virus' myth is saved then the terror keeps going... I noticed it now got integrated into advertising propaganda for home cleaning products said to kill 99,9% of coronaviruses, which to my view means it's intended to last forever because publicists rarely change their p
  17. 750/27 = 27...... it's almost 30 billions per member if it stays within the Union, so there's PLENTY for what they want and it'll still not go into creating jobs or housing the homeless, so no wonder they'd KILL anybody to have the toughest COVID restrictions... that's what money gets used for... 'public health'...
  18. the more they enforce and strengthen covid restrictions and the more they get from the EU : COVID restrictions are a BUSINESS... https://www.rt.com/news/489915-italy-spain-eu-covid-recovery/
  19. Seriously society is a common, mutual and willful agreement by which citizens commit themselves to comply to social rules and laws in the interest of the community, but it's only when passing the door of a church that we were once assumed to adopt some special attitudes and yet not even compelled or forced to, or like when entering a dojo to practice a martial art… So WHAT degree of social decline have we reached so that we're now LURED through LEGAL ENFORCEMENT into taking part in a collective 'play' or a wide-scale 'reality show' implying wearing FACE MASKS outdoor and being LOC
  20. Belgian attorney referring to Neil Ferguson or the Imperial College of London, but what I held from his speech is the reading he made of an article or mail emanating from the College after what I got… Its authors expressly say that all COVID related statistics and figures broadcast by the mainstream media do NOT reflect reality, but that they actually follow scenarios like you'd say 'projections' based on mere assumptions… These statistics and figures therefore in no way numbering or estimating 'COVID cases' or 'deaths' and their evolution but simply assuming them as
  21. First and main Internet links upon Web search read coronavirus (COVID-19) or coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and here is what your may read on the related Wiki page… It all got so clearly announced and explained that it was soon called a 'plandemic'… If COVID-19 was the name of a disease then why would it show the year of its alleged 'outbreak' ?... you only know it's a 'pandemic' once it has spread, so if you're being calling it so as it only starts spreading then it's no longer the name of a disease but of a planned operation…
  22. For our goofy media people and their pledged impostors posing as 'scientists' on TV screens with butterfly ties around their neck and book-filled shelves in the background, none of them all wearing a mask since as we all know 'viruses' got no power on the 'chosen people' (check it)… All these people have been starting to mess around with words like they've previously done with the 'global warming' they renamed 'climate change' out of modesty, so here's a reminder for them… - Coronavirus is the name of the 'virus'… - COVID-19 is the global scam that was coin
  23. https://www.globalresearch.ca/hidden-military-use-5g-technology/5697848
  24. 5G was intended for military use and was developed on taxpayer funds under the false pretext of 'public use', same as Starlink satellites for future 'space tourism'... there was absolutely no need for an upgrade of the mobile network and the 'benefit' of 5G we're starting to feel as a drop in connection speed and Web access, which will get worse as more military devices will get connected to the network... The Internet itself has always been for military use, and we've been 'allowed' on the network just the time to have states and Internet giants raise funds for it... with more an
  25. chud


    I didn't make these images... 'they' did... : )
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