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  1. Operation COVID-19 is so closely connected to e-dictatorship that it might even be the main purpose… shutdown of all urban activity to the profit of online commerce and business, public transport reduced to promote remote communication and exchange, everything's done to move and resettle social life into Internet's digital world… Even worse is that most people think it's a 'progress' for the good of the mankind… Every single human being should be living as a 'prince' thanks to technology and look at what the mankind still has to go through… there must be some rich a
  2. Smart meters are the Trojan horse into private homes… The same is done about everything by first proposing an 'option', then switching to cyber harassment and the last stage is forced subscription or loss of access to services… Amazon/Google now what kind of phone or computer you're using to connect to your account, so with 'security' as a pretext they submit you to a verification process that they know your device can't get through, then you're losing access to your account and they'll end-up closing it for you to 'resolve' your problem… These days for instance you
  3. I'm sometimes appalled by people's absence of common sense, even down here on this forum... but I'll be asked what are you on about again, meaning what are you doing here ??... well I'm practicing English, that's what....
  4. It's a rule that any evil cult needs an invisible threat from the 'outside' to keep functionning, some unfathomable fear to keep the community together and create a fake 'solidarity' between followers, and the more fears the better so that everyone may pick one's own and nobody escapes or is 'left alone'... 9/11 has been the strarting trauma that definitely tipped the real world into media fantasy and settled that climate of fear then fueled and sustained by further 'terrorist attacks' until the propaganda switched to the 'virus threat' under which we're living these days... an evi
  5. in my indispensable writing on People's Temple and the Joestown 'events' I more than suggested that in the aftermath of the mass execution (by 'unidentified' assaillants) the bodies had been left to rot in the sun before to be photographed so that to make the public have a 'gut' reaction instead of feeling for these people, meaning that you were then supposed to find it all disgusting and turn your eyes away rather than revolting and seeking to know what had really happened... the media wanted the public to be shocked rather than moved, and I later noticed this view had been taken over by a ch
  6. Sure they will but it still won't allow them to make it mandatory. The point of no return will be when they'll allow themselves that too, then clearly meaning that you'll get compelled by force of law to comply to the media propaganda like most European peoples are already through mask wear, and once one gets to legally force people to believe any propaganda and act accordingly then there's no more limit to what may be imposed on them : it's absolute power... Most people went to the front by their own will in 1914 out of 'patriotism' and to 'defend' their nation but also because de
  7. What can you say when health workers are given recommendations bordering to euthanasia ? will you accuse them of doing a job ? As if cops were ordered to fire on protesters only it all happens in the secrecy of hospitals…
  8. It's worth quoting as much it's gross, twisted and insidious because these people don't know vice from intelligence… You're dreading the moment. As your uncle passes the roast potatoes, he casually mentions that a coronavirus vaccine will be used to inject microchips into our bodies to track us. Or maybe it's that point when a friend, after a couple of pints, starts talking about how Covid-19 "doesn't exist".[…] Catherine from the Isle of Wight understands that better than most. The 38-year-old used to be a big believer in conspiracies about vac
  9. My thought : it's the surrender of Western economy to Asia by parasites who infiltrated the West and will then do the same to their new 'hosts'...
  10. You must no keep an empty recipient covered or closed or the air inside will moist and grow bacteria, so whether these bottles contain chemicals against it or they got appertised, which means there'll be no air inside but the one slipping in when you open them...
  11. 1815 - Napoleonic Wars 1914 - World War I 2019 - COVID-19 if it's not about depopulation again then what else ? I'm reluctant to buy the wide genocide theory but it's up the the past to explain the present and not the other way round, so there's no reason why History wouldn't repeat itself...
  12. people wear masks in urban areas because of population concentration and the fear of 'contagion', here from migrants and there from tourists... not that city dwellers believe more in a 'virus' but just because 'you never know'... the devil hides into details...
  13. NOTHING : that's what's being happening anymore… they got everything stuck or aborted, there're no more jobs, no more activity or human interaction, no more hope or emulation and no more future than present life… so the COVID 'crisis' with its never ending twists and 'new strains' acts as a smoke screen to hide the agony of our civilization, it gives the illusion that 'something' is happening while the Western society's being held down by force to contain its last convulsions… After having been left with no more aim but to be 'worthy consumers', people are now set to 'survival m
  14. Just as a reminder, people will not realize until they get and admit that the microbe theory as a whole was the groundwork for the big forgery of which immunization, contamination and contagion are the key components but infection is the starting point. Antibiotics were developed to prevent the growth of bacteria or possibly kill them off. So what is there against 'pathogenic microbes' AKA 'viruses' ? Nothing as the COVID shows by its own, just because unlike bacteria these microbes are no living beings but DEAD particles and that 'zombies' only exist in movies… So there's need to
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