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  1. Those in power don’t have their elders in such ‘care homes’, this is just the treatment for the poor and average populations. The first video here above is moving to tears even though it’s just a ‘whim’ from the old woman, but it looks like hugging her loved ones is really all she got left to hope and expect from life. Still happy she’s still sane enough to have and express that care, so what this video shows is true moral torture on such a vulnerable person that it just takes a bit of plexiglass to be done. I think the deep purpose with elders is to erase collective memory by getting rid of those who know and remember things. Evil cult leaders mistrust long-timers.
  2. I'm really shocked here... is there a cabal against me on this thread or did someone spray something over this forum ?
  3. so you were actually addressing me ?? you really got a missing wire don't you ?
  4. Ignorance or inobservance of the most basic rules of body and urban hygiene in all fields have been the only causes of so-called 'diseases' for CENTURIES... Also how can you tell African Blacks 'never wash themselves' or have 'no hygiene' ? Anyway what happened to you ?... If I had known the only evocation of the 'hygiene' word would have such an effect on you I'd have avoided using it... I see we’re still not far from the Middle-age when a 'prominent savant' like Girolamo Fracastoro in one of his medical poems would recommend never to wash oneself because the dirt by blocking skin pores would prevent evil atoms from entering the body… on the wall of a supermarket’s toilets I once read clean people are pussies, which means that dirtiness and lack of hygiene are now regarded by some as a sign of ‘virility’… so it's disgusting enough to think that many people keep wiping themselves with toilet paper, but it appears that some don't even bother doing so... and at 45 they grow hemorhoids... Nobody asked you to use chemical products that are in no way required for a good hygiene, but it'd still be cleaner and safer to wipe tourself with clear water...
  5. Something I just ended up wondering… are so many people like us here looking for explanations through all kinds of hypothesis and theories just in reaction to the propaganda and restrictions we all got submitted to ?... or because some real and unusual health problems occurred during these last months ? What was observed and reported largely proved that the ‘official’ narrative on a ‘viral pandemic’ never had anything true or even credible, but if something real and possibly unprecedented has caused true health conditions and that our ‘health authorities’ have been lying and misleading the public instead of issuing warnings and accurate information on a true health hazard, then they also made themselves guilty of non-assistance to persons in danger, which from bogus ‘health authorities’ would be not only a crime but also a confession of their overall imposture. I forgot to add an 'institution' like the French HAS or HIGH Health Authority to the criminal ring… health is and should stay a private matter, only hygiene being a public concern… Hygiene embraces all rules and principles allowing to prevent health problems beyond which ignorance or inobservance of these rules and principles belong to people's freedom and self-sovereignty, the only duty and prerogative of public institutions being to keep all data wildely available through education and information on all what concerns hygiene as a whole...
  6. Something that appears to me as an evidence because I don't know how people feel, but I'm expecting NO return to a normal world after the so called 'lift of all restrictions' the very last day of june, which will allow to implement the second-level population control through 'halt' passports, QR codes and checkpoints before curfews and lockdowns will resume to pile it up in september... I just see NO end to it all until the evil get eradicated at its root by the dismantling of the WHO and its all newtork and subsidiaries, parent organizations and bogus institutions like the CDC in the USA... They all form a criminal ring like you'd say a 'mafia' of which only purposes are to seize wealth and power in all Western countries. The more time passes and the bigger influence and upper-hand they grow worldwide since they're now supported and backed-up by governments and the US controlled global media network, not to mention bankers and financers always investing in what makes the biggest and most secure profits by any possible means. All 'health' or 'medical authorities' are unlawfull by principle since the medical corporation should remain an advice provider and nothing more, only sanitary authorities being meant to ensure, monitor and guarantee public hygiene in all fields and by decree.
  7. Some people spent at least 2000 years trying to justify their alleged 'superiority' to the rest of the mankind first by the will of 'gods' then in the name of God, then through 'blood', then through 'race' and now through 'genetics'... the more people grew education and awareness and the more these 'elites' became authoritarian and abusive out of fear and paranoia, so in a time when the Internet allows anyone to know practically everything about anything, how do you want our elites not to panic and settle the most cruel dictatorship in men's History ?
  8. It's all in the words anyway... That's the way we saw it put everywhere this formula showed-up in all mainstream or alternative media because it's how it was coined in the first place, and to my knowledge nobody ever publicly pointed out its plain inadequacy to the matter it concerned. The mere fact this social term was used proves that it was in no way health related but something with a hidden political purpose, and not intended to make-up for a one-time 'crisis' but made to last and stay as a 'new normal'... it's a new policy imposed on populations for division allowing better control on individuals and consequently the whole herd as a lot, which other keyword may be found in herd immunity... If this arbitrary measure had concerned a health hazard in the form of a 'pandemic', the formula should have read sanitary distancing and nothing else.
  9. no it doesn't, thanks for your medical assistance...
  10. We’re talking about symptoms resented by people who escaped getting ‘rescued’ then ‘tested’ and put in quarantine or killed during the past year… I don’t know anything able to induce what I experienced just once and for one night but which forced me to spend it in an armchair because I thought I was dying… As I said I spent a couple of nights sat down during asthma seizures as a kid but there’s no comparison to it : what I felt these past months was that the more I’d breath and the more I’d feel bad, which perfectly describes the clinical picture of silent air poisoning affecting you in absence of any ‘disease’ or ‘underlying condition’… When you see five perfectly aligned white points in the night sky they’re not stars but satellites, and they’re what we’re now paying for through these symptoms made-up as ‘silent hypoxia’ by our health & media princes…
  11. First thing to do to handle such 'crisis' or a panic seizure is to step outdoor for a breath because no matter where it came from, if air poisoning may reach such a concentration indoor it's still probably more diluted in the outside atmosphere. It's either lack of oxygen or oxygen malabsorption due to its degradation into ozone. What I felt one night couldn't be clearer and more blatant even regardless of the panic it caused to me. It's no sudden and one-time loss of breath but like the slow and insidious effect of a ‘silent’ air poisoning when no smoke or smell is there to warn you, so what you feel are just the symptoms and you wonder where it comes from or what’s happening to you… All in all it’s demonic so you may recognize the stamp, and our 'health authorities' couldn’t have come-up with better ways to worsen it than lockdowns or paper masks… It’s all still a hypothesis though, but frankly I can’t find a better explanation than ozone pollution to the globally unanimous and instant agreement for the worldwide shutdown of all industries and public transports in March of 2020, nothing else than a ‘red alert’ by scientists regarding an imminent catastrophe if a decisive move wasn’t made with no delay.
  12. May I add a still on topic reply in connection to general symptoms experienced these last months ?... First a quote from a site that looks reliable explaining in clear and simple words the damages caused by high ozone concentrations… But then the article goes on to explain What Causes Ground-Level Ozone ? Wrong, and it’s where propaganda starts because it’s much easier to accuse cars and the general industry both of which people hardly can do without, than space control and exploration as the fantasies of only a handful bloodthirsty and wealthy maniacs… Here’s the 'raw' ozone production process as described on Wikipedia or most Science dedicated sites… If this is how ozone is created in the stratosphere, then you don’t see why it should happen otherwise in lower layers or at ground level, and even though the Wiki article’s author admits that It is not emitted directly by car engines or by industrial operations, what’s not detailed is the process by which ground ozone would be formed by the reaction of sunlight on air containing hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides… When a non backed-up statement like this isn’t followed by a (reference needed) mention on Wikipedia it’s most often purposely. From the same page another statement I could find almost unchanged in many ozone related sources as a 'required mention'’… This one is backed-up with a source though, yet it looks like one more ‘scientific’ strangeness let alone when followed by such a precision : even though these populations are less likely to be contributing to pollution levels… Could someone explain how and why contributing more to pollution would make you likely to be more affected by it than anyone else ?... Or is it just because these ones are ‘colored’ and poor people ? A random confirmation of the ozone production process from a site promoting its use against ‘dah coronavirus’… That’s well what I thought to have got… So if an opening is made in the stratospheric ozone layer above the Arctic and that sunrays come to hit oxygen molecules straight at tropospheric or ground levels, then ozone pollution occurs in these areas and may be carried by polar vortex, which is what those drilling for oil and launching rockets don’t want you to know…
  13. I felt the same one night too, and I had to spend it in an armchair because I though I'd pass away if layed down... I've known that during asthma crisis as a kid but it's not the same feeling : asthma blocks the respiratory track, but in what we experienced you feel like there's 'no more air' in what you're breathing... it was last winter and in the same short period I could sometime feel like the smell of burnt plastic indoor and at night, so maybe the odor isn't perceptible outdoor but only in closed spaces, which logically are where high ozone concentrations may stay for a while... I've read some similar testimonies here over what looks like altitude sickness likely aggravated by panic seizures, and altitude sickness usually doesn't occur at sea level... ozone poisonning causes fainting then death in workers exposed for too long like those cleaning tankers, so it's not a mere inconvenience... If some want to buy the 'virus' myth then feel free, but it's too bad because paper masks for instance do nothing but to deepen oxygen deprivation and won't protect you from ozone... you must well breath something to stay alive........... It's very unlikely for a country with such a conspiracy culture like the USA to have ventured an operation like COVID-19 without something concrete upon which to rest for credibility. Both altitude sickness and 'silent hypoxia' were reported by health practitionners themselves...
  14. This is from the infamously American CDC… Ozone (O₃) is a colorless to blue gas with a pungent odor. Exposure to ozone may cause headaches, coughing, dry throat, shortness of breath, a heavy feeling in chest, and fluid in the lungs. Higher levels of exposure can lead to more severe symptoms. Chronic exposure may lead to asthma. https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/ozone/default.html These symptoms are what I bet way more people than reported have been experiencing on a recurrent basis during the past year, more precisely since an unprecedentedly large breach in the ozone layer was observed above the North Pole in early March of 2020, which hole’s alleged ‘self-healing’ has been the subject of contradictory statements depending on the sources and to this day… Ozone may be said to have a ‘pungent’ odor, we don’t smell it during heat wave ‘ozone alerts’, and if it’s created by sunrays to form an ultra-thin protective layer all around Earth, what may happen if a hole is made in this layer is that sunrays hit oxygen molecules straight in the troposphere creating hazardous ground ozone. During these past months and as a relatively recent phenomenon we could also hear and read about a ‘polar vortex’ coming from the Arctic and reaching as well the North American as the European continents not just as a winter occurrence but all the year, the latest reported being the following or the even more recent one during the past days (still ongoing)… https://watchers.news/2021/04/09/record-cold-invades-parts-of-europe-following-unusually-warm-weather-in-march/ Add to it the well documented air, water and ground pollution induced by oil drilling and its related industrial activities in the North Pole which rather than a ‘global warming’ could be the real causes of polar ice melting and blackening, add to them nitrogen production for such uses as intensive farming and turning more atmospheric oxygen into poisons, and you soon end-up suspecting that there might be something more than weather changes or a flying ‘virus’ being affecting human health. What about this ‘Raynaud syndrome’ pandemic, sleep disorders or loss of recovery, what about chronic fatigue all more or less remotely connected to lack of oxygen ?... Doctors don’t need the tenth of such a clinical picture to pose firm diagnosis on a daily basis when it’s up to prescribe…
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