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  1. If it hasn't passed koch's postulates then how have they isolated it?
  2. Deepfake or real? Thats up there with one of the most insane things I've seen.
  3. IDK if it really was there but im sure its him and what he says is pretty shocking: https://twitter.com/webdeve09130184/status/1376938479565725697?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
  4. That's quite a mix, i'm not against other races, just the agenda behind the forced destruction.
  5. Happened in britain 1000 years ago when the normans decided the whole thing belongs to them, been the same way ever since. It was most likely the "working class" people who lived on the land freely before they came or maybe further back.
  6. If hes now officially the prez then how could it have been real?
  7. Well yes it does, I was already aware of Coudenhove-Kalergi but never understood why all the leaders decided to treat him like some kind of god. I also believe another part of it is that Jewish people hate homogenous societies so they push for it to become multicultural.
  8. i'd like to believe it but why would he be in the "inner circle" as regards to this? Although I've seen it on infowars too.
  9. Keep posting it on COVID twitter threads, its at 1mil now lets get it to 10 mil.
  10. The way it impacts the tower is enough proof it can't be a real plane, it just looks like it's being digitally erased as its going in, its just completely stupid.
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