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  1. Going viral in Austria: a beautiful freudian slip from the minister for the EU and constitution. She called the vaccine mandate "the only way out of the democracy".
  2. The YT wankers deleted Herr Schwab explaining ze Pandemie. "Medical misinformation" LOL. Here he is again. Enjoy! https://www.bitchute.com/video/O1PDyHU0s0jV/
  3. Thanks AFS, do you have a link to the reduced one? PM?
  4. Thank you oz! As for readymade I was thinking a YShield canope plus a grounded base underneath. How did you construct your own one?
  5. Does anyone of you guys own a shielding canopy? I'm thinking of getting one but it's pricy and feels like a gamble - is it going to work or not? To hear from someone with first hand experience would be much appreciated. I never thought I'm particularly EMF sensitive but I do hear and feel ELF and since last week when the latest bunch of SpaceX satellites went online, I have been going through some strange health issues.
  6. Popular local online news site had a random, lengthy story about tattoos in the top headlines today. They're preparing for the multi-needle array.
  7. The guy with the tie is apparently a Vitaly Nalivkin producing satire. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2019/05/31/fake-russian-politician-gains-fame-for-slapstick-solutions-to-local-problems-a65834
  8. Yes, it is better. I went through this a year ago. Brake up. Being with a coronazi gf leads to no good. You will make new friends and become stronger and more focused. Stay true to yourself.
  9. Voiceover commentary is patronizing and threatening, announcing the "first jail for quarantine refusers", "starting February." The shown facility is a "vacant" juvenile prison in Moltsfelde, Schleswig-Holstein where "COVID-19 offenders will soon be locked up." Reporter with microphone says "quarantine offenders would not be allowed to go outside but would need to stay inside their 12 m2 cells which do not look quite inviting. You should think twice before rejecting home quarantine. Your own home is likely to be much more comfortable." Voiceover: "In a three-shift schedule, retired police and correction officers watch over the prisoners." Local politician in suit says this was the "ultimate measure we take" to punish multiple offenders. VO: maximum "jail time" will be the duration of the quarantine, "usually a few days". Jail has a web site https://www.schleswig-holstein.de/DE/Landesregierung/JAA/Jugendarrestanstalt/jugendarrestanstalt_node.html
  10. It has been. They're sticking closely to the plan and with full speed. Now the "mutant strain" has arrived. Great excuse for the "vaccine" deaths and diseases. More fear porn. More shots. Introducing the multi-needle array.
  11. You know, I'm close to joining the Ziggy faction. I spent so many hours educating myself and trying to wake up others and I still feel the majority is in complete brain lockdown and continuously hypnotized by MSM propaganda. The other day I got mobbed at the supermarket by other customers when they realized I was a maskless heretic. A guy yelled at me "idiot, because of morons like you we have to go through this shit". I had some sympathy for him and his psychosis but actually I was like go get your shot and die or become an android vegetable or whatever. It's just that I have no desire to live in Satan Klaus' post-reset society so I feel compelled to continue fighting in some way or other.
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