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  1. Yes, it is better. I went through this a year ago. Brake up. Being with a coronazi gf leads to no good. You will make new friends and become stronger and more focused. Stay true to yourself.
  2. I have been wondering whether the vaccine is a sort of McGuffin. It sure is big busine$$ and the narrative was leading up to it from day one. It will serve as requirement for the digital ID. And I guess it will be used to kill people, destroy their immune system and cause all kind of harm. But as for scrambling up the DNA and connecting people to the grid, maybe the 'tests' already do the job. It might be possible to collect DNA for the genome database and place nanobots or other particles/agents inside the body at the same time. 'Testing' seems more harmless than vaccinating. Or maybe the swa
  3. Here, Herr Schwab explains ze entire plan in two minutes, with music https://youtu.be/FScCpruUjZc
  4. I came across a fishy MSM story the other day. It was basically a summary of two french articles from Le Parisien and La Liberation about Stéphane Bourgoin, a writer specialised in serial killers. Le Parisien claimed they had done a 50 minute phone interview with Bourgoin where he allegedly confessed to being a pathological liar. The headline read accordingly „confessions d'un mythomane en série“. The pun in the story came in the end, like it often does. „The publishing of his new book has been stopped“ without mentioning topic or title. According to Le Parisien the book is about Michel Fourni
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