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  1. Manufactured scarcity is an argument based on the premise that the world is infinite. Your last statement doesn't address the thread topic.
  2. The keys to religion is the point that the human condition consists of the logical and the emotional.
  3. Try Dark Shadows.
  4. Dust compacted to such a degree that large amounts of energy are created, and generating heat.
  5. Human beings are made from star dust, together with the earth itself.
  6. Also, about money, that's mostly virtual wealth, and goes up and down quickly due to speculation.
  7. Layoffs are taking place across tech and retail industries.
  8. Obviously, that's not what they have in mind.
  9. We're part of that same universe and we're not experiencing abundance. That's why we come up with threads like this and wonder why aliens don't want to visit us openly.
  10. More education for women means better jobs and more income, which in turn is prosperity. They also encourage people not to marry, to marry late, to have children later in life, to have fewer children, or not to have children because raising families cost too much and one is better off focusing on careers and finding pleasure in shopping, vacations, nice houses, etc. That's why birth rates are generally lower in rich countries and higher in poor ones. For the same reason, there's less religiosity in richer countries: https://www.csmonitor.com/USA/USA-Update/2015/0316/Do-countries-become-less-religious-as-they-get-richer That's because one outcome of higher income is consumer spending, and one outcome of consumer spending is secularism. More don't bother attending religious service because they have to work longer hours or want to go on vacation or go shopping. There are exceptions, like the U.S., but that happens because of immigration, especially of young people from poor countries.
  11. World at War The Battle of Chile Hour of the Furnaces The Spanish Civil War Cosmos The Civil War (Burns) The Ten-Thousand Day War Napoleon (PBS Empires) Ganges (BBC) Civilisation Connections The History of Christianity The Adventure of English Phenomenon (2020) Jazz (Burns)
  12. Allowing for some free speech but took over to fix the platform and minimize 'bots in order to decrease losses.
  13. Lower birth rates caused by prosperity and leading to population aging, with the latter mitigated by migrant workers needed as nurses, caregivers, etc.
  14. Humans have nothing to offer in return.
  15. That's not Christmas but businesses using Christmas to sell. They do similar for various holidays throughout the year, religious or otherwise.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu_kBTbbulQ
  17. "My center is giving way, my right is in retreat, situation excellent, I attack." - Ferdinand Foch
  18. You need fossil fuels to manufacture electric cars. They also don't work very well in many parts of the world were roads are steep and infrastructure is lacking. And they have low energy returns because of energy density issues.
  19. "moon hoax not" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_loUDS4c3Cs
  20. The question to ask isn't, "Where is your God?" Rather, where is man?
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