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  1. 12 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

    You will find out what technology.

    Because documentation shows we scramble jets, and use other means to chase them off/shoot them down

    I do not have evidence of them being aggressive towards us, the most aggressive was making our nuclear weapons radioactively inert, completely harmless after hovering over various countries nuclear weapons. Many documents verify that as occurring, including whistle-blower testimony.


    I'm referring to human tech that would render visits from aliens irrelevant.


  2. On 1/11/2023 at 9:27 AM, SkyBlueEyes said:


    Stan Myers patent is not in the public domain as are 10's of thousands of other patents that are deamed "National Security" and are removed from public perview... The concept is there but your never gonna get a waterpowered car....



    There is a Hugh oil field in Alaska, bigger than Prudhoe Bay Oil Field.. It will never be opened as then you do Not have  a controlled scarcity ...


    The Energy Non-Crisis - Pastor Lindsey Williams


    but your being cut off from oil by the puppet masters who control the current  puppet.



    The source you gave earlier says it is.


  3. 5 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:




    People from all ethnic backgrounds should be asking whether immigration on this scale will make them more free or less free, because governments will blatantly use civil unrest as an excuse to take more of our rights away, and civil unrest is inevitable if demographic change destroys social cohesion.


    Yeah, the locals will start standing up from their wheelchairs or start waving their canes.



  4. 7 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    so what? If automation is going to take most peoples jobs then why would you want MORE working age people in the country?


    they are not flooding migrants in to look after the old who they are killing off with midazolam and morphine and remidesiver. They are flooding them in to completely destroy the existing demographics in this country to create a more globalised society so that britain as a nation state will cease to exist and be more easily absorbed into a world government. This is called GENOCIDE


    Robots aren't customers.


  5. 7 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    of course it matters! This is a conspiracy forum!


    You either believe that everything occurs by accident and by random or you have a conspiratorial worldview in which you believe that things happen by design


    which of these you believe is fundamentally important in shaping how you then engage with the world. If you believe its by accident then you will do nothing. If you believe its by design then you will seek to play a part in shaping the world


    Oh, sorry, I forgot! This is, indeed, a conspiracy forum, which means we have to be in lockstep when discussing these matters. LOL.


    Who said about things taking place by accident? I didn't.


    About your last point, that's interesting: it appears that mainstream media should agree with conspiracy theorists becase, based on your beliefs, all problems are caused by only a few and thus can be remedied by dealing with the few.


    Gravity, limits to growth, natural phenomena? All nonsense.




  6. 7 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    you obviously didn't watch the clip i shared otherwise you would see how corporations are being coerced into the woke agenda through the creation of a form of social credit score for corporations where they will be denied investment if they do not promote the woke agenda. That's SOCIAL ENGINEERING plain and simple


    Yes, but that's not the point: for-profit corporations are in the business of making more money. If it involves social engineering leading to anti-wokeness, then they'll eventually do that, too.


    That's why results are mixed: NFL, etc., seeing more profits thanks to social engineering while Disney losing because of the same.


    That's also why other economies have been growing, including China, without the same agenda.



  7. On 1/9/2023 at 9:00 AM, TheConsultant said:

    Amazon stock is down 50% as of 1 year ago. 50 percent is no joke.



    Same stocks going up previously? And similar in various tech and retail companies, several of which did not profit but whose owners gained and lost billions of dollars in a single day due to financial speculation? And over what? What amounts to funny money.


  8. 6 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    you obviously haven't read through this thread or you would have seen this article:

    Who Wants a Multipolar World Order?—Part I



    Countered by "Macnamara":



    the brics countries were using the same global financial infrastructure such as swift and china was built into the power house it is today by the very same corporations that control the economy of the G7



  9. 7 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    black rock and vanguard use algorithmic trading so the question is whether or not that is programmed simply to maximise profits or if there is an agenda behind it to shape the world in a particular way:

    BlackRock: The Company That Owns The World



    That's a pointless question because they are for-profit corporations. Also, they obviously want control in order to ensure funny money growth.


  10. 4 hours ago, Campion said:


    And yet the governments of those far eastern countries like China, Japan, Singapore are Korea haven't chosen mass immigration from culturally very different areas like Africa - do you think they are mistaken and heading for an economic crisis, or is it the West which is mistaken because after 70 odd years of immigration we still haven't reached a point where the PTB have decided we've solved the supposed economic problems.  In fact, China is playing a very different game with Africa and providing them with debt in exchange for infrastructure projects with the Belt and Road Initiative. 


    They've been outsourcing to nearby countries the last two decades. Meanwhile, they're still facing population aging.


    There's no "and yet" in your points.


  11. 8 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    this is nonsense!


    you have this completely arse-about-face! You make it sound like these things happened by chance! They did not. You are a coincidence theorist. It happened by DESIGN with intent.


    Globalisation and pushing women into the workplace was all orchestrated as part of a wider and ongoing social engineering of society to bring about certain conditions favoured by the globalist elites




    It doesn't matter whether or not they happened by chance. The point is that they did.


  12. 5 hours ago, SkyBlueEyes said:


    So, you still have no water powered car

    And that is what your told by the same people that won't let you have a water powered car.  But well you can believe what you like and you believe what your told to believe because you can't think for your self.


    The tech is in the public domain. No one's stopping you now from proving your point.


    And in case that doesn't work, you can always argue that oil production per capita didn't peak. Go ahead and prove that, too.



  13. 13 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

    Its not an argument, its a point of view and its also not about their scarcity, its kept from us to keep OUR manufactured and controlled scarcity as if people knew what was available technologically we wouldn't be living the way we do, at all. And you are thinking like a human, they are not aggressive, yes they could easily counter anything we have and they have shown this by disabling our nuclear weapons across the world in many installations on many continents, documented too.

    Why do they still visit, I am not them so I have no idea but it appears to be selective rather than openly at this point. But as all 'time and space' is interwoven and interconnected I would guess that nukes might penetrate realities/timelines/fabric of what we call space and time and so on some level that weaponry does affect them. I would also guess they do not wish for us to wipe ourselves out entirely. 

    It is documented that we shoot them down, we aggress them for whatever reason and not a single time have they been aggressive back. Not once.


    What technology?


    Why do you assume that only humans are aggressive?


    Finally, of course, you won't have documented evidence of them acting aggressively towards humans, right?


  14. 14 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

    Manufactured scarcity is commonplace, the potato famine was created on purpose for instance.

    My last statement absolutely addresses the thread topic, the reason they do not openly appear is due to the top of the pyramid scrambling jets, shooting down and generally being aggressive towards visitors. So many instances they are referred to as "our little visitors". Its common place in military to have sightings. Read some documentation regarding the phenomena going back (in paper form within military) to at least 1940s


    So's non-manufactured scarcity. Guess why.


    Your argument makes no sense: given the point that they have more advanced tech, then they could easily counter any military threat from humans. In which case, if your point is that they find human beings barbaric, then that supports my argument: they gain nothing from visiting human beings openly.


  15. 14 hours ago, SkyBlueEyes said:






    Finding New Oil In Long-exhausted Oil Wells


    Oil is a scam sciences, after all the same monoply men control science as they control the knowledge of extraterestal life forms..

    Do you want to believe OIl is a Fossil fuel made from dinosaur bones and long dead trees or what it really is? A natural Abiotic product.


    What does that mean in terms of production.  If I have a forrest and I Cut all the trees down, no more forrest and i have to wait 60 years for it to regrow again, if i chop down what i need when i need i will always have trees as they regenerate. Same with Oil if drain it of oil no more Oil, Wait 30 years and it is producing Oil again.


    But you are not allowed to think that as they want you trapped in the line of thinking that is Oil is a finite, when clearly they control the production and availability so they can control the price of how much you pay for it..


    Same People, same Greed... ET will see thru the oil scam and think to there selves "They allow that type of Leadership to tell them how to think, Bunch of Morons". 👽








    You can find new oil if you keep spending more energy, but it's a useless exercise because you extract oil for commercial purposes.


    And energy returns have been dropping since the 1970s, which is why global oil production per capita peaked way back in 1979.



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  16. 1 hour ago, Campion said:


    You're quite right, I can see the facts on the ground of richer countries having low fertility but why do we have the belief that we can't afford children because they cost too much? When the evidence is overwhelmingly that the poorer you are, the more children you have? It's as if we've been infected with a mind virus which creates this kind of contradictory thinking. 


    I get it that women still have the majority of work in child bearing & rearing, even in this woke society we live in, so having a large family on top of a higher education and professional career seems too much to take on. Men generally also want the education and careers rather than role-swapping as home-makers.  And people don't seem to like the idea of spending that extra income on buying childcare, when they could have luxuries. But the "luxury" lifestyle is short-term and we are literally dying out! The few people talking about it get accused of being conspiracy theorists in an attempt to silence us, which does look like an agenda to me. 


    After industrialization, a rich economy eventually experiences a drop in real wages (which started in the states in the early 1970s), where increasing wages can't meet increasing costs, and the latter is driven by the drive for middle class conveniences, like vacations abroad, nice houses, etc. Meanwhile, more move away from farming and manufacturing to service industries, where they can earn more, and usually in finance.


    That's why together with population aging and less religiosity richer countries also experience higher debts overall (which started in the states in the early 1980s), more resource and energy consumption per capita, more money earned through financial speculation (and thus, more vulnerability to financial crashes), etc.


    Increasing pollution is offset by outsourcing agriculture and/or manufacturing to poorer countries (which is why pollution levels in places like China went up), and more young people brought in from those poorer countries to work as teachers, nurses, caregivers, manual laborers, etc. (which started in the 1970s, and is seen through Filipinos working as nurses in places like the UK and the U.S. and as manual laborers in Saudi Arabia and Europe). Meanwhile, population aging among the local population sets in (which is now affecting China, too, and where in places like Singapore is not being offset even as governments encourage people to have more children), and significantly affects small towns and cities (which is why the ave. age of people in some towns and cities in places like Australia and New Zealand are now in the 50s).


    In addition, increasing debt is mitigitated partly by women entering the workforce. That's why the phenomenon of the two-worker family started back in the 1970s in the U.S., as the father's income could no longer cover the family's costs. That plus automation and women's lib contributed to a drop in real wages.



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