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  1. I'm referring to human tech that would render visits from aliens irrelevant.
  2. Yeah, the locals will start standing up from their wheelchairs or start waving their canes.
  3. Oh, sorry, I forgot! This is, indeed, a conspiracy forum, which means we have to be in lockstep when discussing these matters. LOL. Who said about things taking place by accident? I didn't. About your last point, that's interesting: it appears that mainstream media should agree with conspiracy theorists becase, based on your beliefs, all problems are caused by only a few and thus can be remedied by dealing with the few. Gravity, limits to growth, natural phenomena? All nonsense.
  4. Yes, but that's not the point: for-profit corporations are in the business of making more money. If it involves social engineering leading to anti-wokeness, then they'll eventually do that, too. That's why results are mixed: NFL, etc., seeing more profits thanks to social engineering while Disney losing because of the same. That's also why other economies have been growing, including China, without the same agenda.
  5. Same stocks going up previously? And similar in various tech and retail companies, several of which did not profit but whose owners gained and lost billions of dollars in a single day due to financial speculation? And over what? What amounts to funny money.
  6. I'm talking about credit, which includes currency. It's all virtual wealth. Only a goober will imagine otherwise.
  7. That's a pointless question because they are for-profit corporations. Also, they obviously want control in order to ensure funny money growth.
  8. They've been outsourcing to nearby countries the last two decades. Meanwhile, they're still facing population aging. There's no "and yet" in your points.
  9. It doesn't matter whether or not they happened by chance. The point is that they did.
  10. The tech is in the public domain. No one's stopping you now from proving your point. And in case that doesn't work, you can always argue that oil production per capita didn't peak. Go ahead and prove that, too.
  11. What technology? Why do you assume that only humans are aggressive? Finally, of course, you won't have documented evidence of them acting aggressively towards humans, right?
  12. So's non-manufactured scarcity. Guess why. Your argument makes no sense: given the point that they have more advanced tech, then they could easily counter any military threat from humans. In which case, if your point is that they find human beings barbaric, then that supports my argument: they gain nothing from visiting human beings openly.
  13. You can find new oil if you keep spending more energy, but it's a useless exercise because you extract oil for commercial purposes. And energy returns have been dropping since the 1970s, which is why global oil production per capita peaked way back in 1979.
  14. Read your own sources. The tech's in the public domain, so go ahead and wow us with it.
  15. Likely much of total credit worldwide has been digital for some time, if not essentially numbers printed on paper and/or stored in computers. Money itself is debt, or promissory notes.
  16. Billions can be gained or lost in one day, and tens of billions in a year or so, because much of it is based on financial speculation. And much of it essentially involves virtual wealth consisting of numbers in hard drives.
  17. The NWO involves the richest from the G7. Russia is part of BRICS and more than thirty emerging markets that is set on taking over the world economy.
  18. After industrialization, a rich economy eventually experiences a drop in real wages (which started in the states in the early 1970s), where increasing wages can't meet increasing costs, and the latter is driven by the drive for middle class conveniences, like vacations abroad, nice houses, etc. Meanwhile, more move away from farming and manufacturing to service industries, where they can earn more, and usually in finance. That's why together with population aging and less religiosity richer countries also experience higher debts overall (which started in the states in the early 1980s), more resource and energy consumption per capita, more money earned through financial speculation (and thus, more vulnerability to financial crashes), etc. Increasing pollution is offset by outsourcing agriculture and/or manufacturing to poorer countries (which is why pollution levels in places like China went up), and more young people brought in from those poorer countries to work as teachers, nurses, caregivers, manual laborers, etc. (which started in the 1970s, and is seen through Filipinos working as nurses in places like the UK and the U.S. and as manual laborers in Saudi Arabia and Europe). Meanwhile, population aging among the local population sets in (which is now affecting China, too, and where in places like Singapore is not being offset even as governments encourage people to have more children), and significantly affects small towns and cities (which is why the ave. age of people in some towns and cities in places like Australia and New Zealand are now in the 50s). In addition, increasing debt is mitigitated partly by women entering the workforce. That's why the phenomenon of the two-worker family started back in the 1970s in the U.S., as the father's income could no longer cover the family's costs. That plus automation and women's lib contributed to a drop in real wages.
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