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  1. On the new game he downloaded from the playstore in the hospital car park before he went in.
  2. I hope to achieve that accomplishment soon! But it was a link for the WHO. I mean, come on. It's their own sides info...
  3. Bit of a subdued affair .....for the French..
  4. Nice one Odds. Literally pissing myself now....which really bloody hurts as I've got a really bad back at the moment. I had to go on there, I couldn't resist... Boom, it was closed within a minute.
  5. Hahaha. I just got the guardian comments section closed for posting this link.. https://www.who.int/bulletin/volumes/99/1/20-265892.pdf Fucking outrageous!!!!
  6. Dunno if this has already been posted. We are definitely approaching the 9th level of hell.... This is a link to an advert by Heineken. I can't believe this is on TV. https://twitter.com/Heineken/status/1413172805852614661?s=20
  7. Bit more on the manipulation of cells using magnetic fields here in this article from 2017. It's from our friends at Rockefeller University no less. "Friedman’s team realized that they could use a genetically engineered virus to create doorways into a neuron’s outer membrane". Sick bastards. The article is titled 'Flipping a switch inside the head' https://seek.rockefeller.edu/flipping-a-switch-inside-the-head/
  8. This Twitter thread explains more about how nanoparticles are used in the jab. It's technical stuff. The SPIONS basically enable microorganisms to be effected by an external magnetic field. Who the woman is, I have no idea. https://twitter.com/BidoliNicola/status/1408294376795746304?s=20
  9. Article here about 'Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine' from Pubmed. Something extra is going in the jab for sure. Graphene, or something ferrous. This is from 2014! https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24715289/
  10. A concise comment from Off Guardian breaking down the UK death stats. Some data from the UK. – Comparing the death rate of 2020 with previous 20 years. 2020 rate was 1,037/100,000 in the UK. Highest in 10 years but not the highest in the last 20 years. What happened? 2008 had a death rate of 1,084/100,000. 2005 had 1,137/100,000. Every year prior to 2009 had a higher death rate that 2020. – UK Lockdown was towards end of March in 2020; – At home deaths began to escalate in April. 5 year avg. for deaths in April previous to 2020 was 9,384. In April 2020 there were 16,909 at home deaths; 5 year average for deaths in care homes in April was 8,691. In April 2020 there were 26,541 deaths that occurred in care homes. An astronomical increase. Hospital data for April 2017- 2020: April-June 2017– 91,724 beds occupied= 89% occupancy rate; April-June 2018– 91,056 beds occupied= 90% occupancy rate; April-June 2019– 91,730 beds occupied= 90% occupancy rate; April-June 2020 58,005 beds occupied= 62% occupancy rate. 2018 – April – 1,984,369 attended A&E (Ambulance and Emergency) 2019 – April – 2,112,165 attended A&E 2020 – April – 916,581 attended A&E Important Notes: 30% less hospital beds occupied in April – June 2020 compared with previous 3 years. A&E in April 2020 was 57% down from 2019. These numbers explain the high numbers of at home deaths. Increase in deaths occurring at home and in care homes in April 2020 due to not being treated for illnesses in hospital. No acute care in private homes or care homes. CAUSE OF DEATHS USING DECEMBER 2020 AS EXAMPLE: – Leading cause of death was stated as “Covid-19 deaths”- 10,973 deaths for December 2020. – 2nd leading cause of death in December 2020- Dementia and Alzheimer’s- 5281 deaths. Previous 5 year average for December- 28,198 deaths due to Dementia and Alzheimer’s. This is a 500%+ alteration from previous 5 years. A statistical impossibility. – Heart disease deaths in December 2020- 4,635 deaths. December 5 year average- 21,997 deaths. This represents a near 500% statistical deviation from previous 5 year average- also not possible. – Chronic lower respiratory disease deaths December 2020- 1,790 deaths. December 5 year average- 13,384 deaths. This represents about a 700% detour from the 5 year average. Not possible. – Influenza and pneumonia deaths in December 2020- 1,190 deaths. December 5 year average- 11,295 deaths. This represents about a 1000% deviation from the 5 year average. What is left to say? It seems it would take quite a monumental argument to prove that the death certificates have not been manipulated. It would take an even grander argument to illustrate that the NHS was under pressure at any time as during the height of the “pandemic” at home deaths soared to record heights and hospital and emergency services sunk to all-time lows. How is this not criminal fraud that resulted in numerous premature and unnecessary deaths?
  11. Part 2 here https://twitter.com/karma44921039/status/1407363506039672836?s=20
  12. Van tam getting hussled on his way to the MoD?!?.... it's a joy to watch. https://twitter.com/karma44921039/status/1407362794928939009?s=20
  13. "Record demand puts patients lives at risk" https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/nhs-emergency-hospital-patients-safety-b1868711.html I've searched this article for a reason for this uptick in A+E attendance in the UK but there is no explanation for it in the article. I guess we can extrapolate from that...
  14. Saw this lovely painting on Twitter the other day. Reminds me somewhat of that Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters 2.
  15. Heathrow "Quarantine" facility. https://twitter.com/AwakenedOf/status/1404562658859393031?s=20 It's not a quarantine facility, it's a god damn prison.
  16. This vid is 4 years old Skitz. He was pied for advocating same sex marriage. Link here... https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/qantas-ceo-gets-pie-face-gay-marriage-opponent-n757351
  17. If it looks like a cold and feels like a cold it's not a cold it's actually.....Covid 19. This is on a whole different level now. I honestly can't believe people are still lapping this utterly stupid nonsense up. I didn't realise we cohabited this planet with an entirely different species of humans, the wilfully ignorant, dumbed down, intellectual lightweight, clueless twats. They really do deserve what's coming. I'm done with sympathy for them. I'm pulling up the drawbridge. This is insanity on a global level. Where the fuck are all the grown ups? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/14/delta-variant-covid-symptoms-include-headaches-sore-throat-and-runny-nose
  18. Evening all. Looks like the U.N grifters are positioning the W.H.O and it's financiers as the world's future government. They need more independence and authority apparently . Here's the report... https://theindependentpanel.org/mainreport/
  19. We're getting prepped in my house too Nobby. There is only so much you can do when, like you say, we don't know whats happening. It'll be hard this summer to keep fully abreast of things as the media circus will turn onto other news whilst the 'cases' are low. My gut tells me this summer will be the last half normal one before something big kicks off this Autumn/Winter. Next year the boot comes down harder I think. We're only at the beginning of this. 4 more years of it I reckon...
  20. If they are shedding anything, it's some sort of new synthetic AI generated thing.... the jab has been created from a viral sequence generated by AI as a best guess. They haven't isolated it. Whatever is being shed, some high end private schools in the US are, apparently, firing staff that have had the jab and encouraging other staff not to have it! https://twitter.com/conspiracyguy77/status/1388393548194648065?s=20
  21. Yeadon laying it ALL out for the normies. https://odysee.com/@PlanetLockdown:6/Michael-Yeadon-full-interview:8?src=open
  22. What a lying shit heeled grifter.
  23. The pets thing isn't new on here. Some here were talking about it last year right after the massive mink cull. It's just a logical next step guess. The MSM have been dropping stories about pets getting the bug since last summer. I'm sure the site is probably monitored occasionally by 77 and other agencies but I don't think this will be their first stop for the hottest conspiracy news! We are all just preaching to the converted here.... The PTB have millennia of experience in creating 'reality' and an unimaginably powerful AI system that will trawl through web traffic for them.
  24. Good point. People generally know that a pandemic can't go on forever. How long can they drag this out?
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