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  1. Saw this yesterday evening. They are changing history in real-time right in front of everyone. Albeit a manufactured history. They created the slave trade and the wars surrounding it. Even Covid history is being changed, lies made truth, like a psychic alchemy. All recorded history is a fabricated fiction. Like writing down what takes place on a movie set and calling it history. True, naturally occurring, organic history and knowledge has been burned (Alexandria) or locked in vaults (Vatican). There was a reason the enlightened cultures of the ancient West relied on oral history. The strong, honest , truly enlightened mind is our last bastion.
  2. Interesting. Point me in the right direction EW.
  3. They've been programmed to attack everything that goes against the government line. After all, its the government that have so generously embraced the idea that it's ok/normal to identify as a 'tri-gender dolphin+++' if your a bloke and compete as a woman.at the Olympics. Society is so far gone it's scary. The sickness is deep and depraved in all quarters of the West when you can see what's happening. Some days, when the enormity of the shit we are in hits me.. it's like a tidal wave. The fight of our lives. Literally. Against a genetically altered, mind controlled majority that's been created by an ideologically satanic psychopath club. There shouldn't be blades hidden in posters that are trying to wake people up. If there were blades under the poster, whoever put them there had no good intentions and thus is not helping us. Done to discredit. Utterly filthy tactics. Lower than a snakes belly
  4. Wouldnt pay that for the lot. Brand is a fully initiated Cabal figurehead. Professional agitator and gatekeeper. He's doing a 'gig' near me on the 12/12/21 charging £33.33 a ticket. What a tool.
  5. Another bullshit story from the woke comic. The depths to which these 'journalists' will stoop.. They are just sick.
  6. Yes, its very satisfying to watch how he does that. The guy has genuine, wisdom, knowledge and intellect and I can't describe the feeling of relief I felt after watching his vids. Like a massive weight was lifted from me.. The start of something powerful, for me anyway.
  7. Its one of those things people know but are scared to say, I'm guilty of it. 'They' can and will, literally tear you to shreds.. It took a full dose of the Asha Logos collection on YT to hammer it home to me how vast and old the small hats agenda is.
  8. I've been watching a lot of AL vids lately. They really resonated with me on a deep level. Lots of things fell into alignment in my mind after watching them. Now 100% convinced about who is running this shit show and just how long it's taken them to get this far. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of any other sources like AL.? I have bought the OLB and I love how it seems to resonate strongly with Buddhist philosophy about self reliance, responsibility, wisdom in the face of degeneracy and just plain common sense. Any other books out there like this?
  9. Cauty is one of the few 'famous' people I can take seriously these days. The KLF never really did give a fuck. They deleted their entire back catalogue in 1992 then burnt a million quid in an abandoned barn in Jura in 1994.
  10. Hehe. Well, we're certainly getting fisted ain't we Zig..
  11. Look at this Woke degeneracy. They are so busy dealing with Covid and the NHS backlog but they find time for a 'Die in' in support of XR. So... Doctor's helping to perpetuate a scam come out to protest at JPMORGAN (who finance and gain from scam) in support of another scam?!? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/sep/03/doctors-for-xr-extinction-rebellion-die-in-outside-jp-morgan-offices-london
  12. True mate yeah. Philipino guy I work with said his country have gone mental over it all. We have definitely been singled out in the West for special treatment though. I guess we have had it too good for too long and need to be broken. Most of those countries you listed are already culturally quite strict and authoritarian and don't need as much of a fisting as we do though.
  13. The harshest measures are being used in countries with a majority white population. France, Germany, Australia, UK and USA. These countries also seem to be the ones who have had their indigenous cultural identity wiped out by woke, white guilt bullshit. Seems like white folk are being targeted if you ask me. Too many Scythian descendants in these countries...
  14. My cat has been acting very strangely these last few months. Coming in at night almost howling, hiding in the cupboard under our stairs and generally freaking out/howling for no reason. I'm pretty convinced by now that it's either to do with weird vibes coming from the [email protected] or Musks 5g satellites.
  15. Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond (The KLF) released a book in 2018 called 2023.. I've read it. The world is owned by 5 big tech corporations. It's a prescient book for sure and well worth a read. Jimmy Cauty now does massive dioramas. His latest one is called 'Aftermath Dislocation Priciple' and is a 40ft post apocalyptic diorama that tours Europe inside a 40 foot shipping container with peep holes on the sides. They must be awake..
  16. Bit of light relief. Sorry if already posted.
  17. I'm hopeful... But I am prepared.
  18. Good link mate. Show exactly what's happening.
  19. It not going to get that low Alexa. Have faith.
  20. What, the King binned them all off? I'd like to think so. I like a bit of Buddhism in my life. Reckon the WHO are just putting random numbers up though Odds, forgetting there is nobs like me checking out random figures on the web. The whole thing is a shambles the closer you look. Just doesn't add up.
  21. What's going on in Bhutan?!? They have a population of 781,468 https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/bhutan-population/ They have had 3 'Covid' deaths since 3rd Jan 2020!?!? But the WHO says they've had 1,036,834 jabs dished out there? https://covid19.who.int/region/searo/country/bt Edit: Just found out they are the only country in the world that produce more oxygen than CO2. 70% forest cover enshrined in their laws.That explains it then...
  22. Here we go chums. Round..what is it..3? Summers over. A nice new emerging variant.. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/aug/31/what-is-c12-the-new-covid-variant-in-south-africa-and-should-we-be-worried UK Gov pressing on with [email protected] passport. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/31/vaccine-passports-will-make-hesitant-even-more-reluctant-to-get-jabbed And the WHO guiding them.. https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/WHO-2019-nCoV-Digital_certificates-vaccination-technical_briefing-2021.1 Also some better news...
  23. Where are all the headlines like this? Man contracts Flu just 2 days after getting flu vaccine. Baby gets Measles, Mumps and Rubella just days after receiving MMR jab. Child gets polio just days after vaccine. Ive totally underestimated how brain-dead the masses are. Modern science says... "If it looks like a turd and smells like a turd it's actually a delicious meal".
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