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  1. The separation isn't by choice Zark, in my opinion. It's been a gradual process and by design. I truly believe that the general population feel and know that their lives are seriously lacking something. I think this is why people are always spending their money on useless stuff. They are looking for meaning but lack the intellectual tools to recognise what's missing, again, by design. It's very sad.
  2. On a more sombre note, the Queen is all most of us have known here in the UK so we really are heading into unknown territory with this. The Queen really was the last monarch of what could be described as our Golden Age. The 'peace' we have enjoyed since 1945 has enabled some massive leaps in many fields but has come at a high cost for us as a nation, spiritually, morally and physically. With nothing to fight for or defend against, something to unite us in a common cause, we have become soft and mentally permeable. Weak basically. We're heading into some desperate times in the West and I can't help but think that the passing of the Queen will eventually usher in something really quite bad for the UK. I said in an earlier post it could mark the start of a sort of open season... It may very well be the first overt infiltration of the monarchy Klaus Schwab has achieved. We might be getting a new King but what we'll really be getting is Nice crown eh? N
  3. 56 members online tonight. It never usually gets above 27 at one time. We really are a bunch of c**ts aren't we .
  4. What comes next is statistically likely to be worse imo mate. We'll see. We don't want a French Revolution...
  5. Everyone is indoors crying Bam...
  6. You may very well be correct EW. It could be the beginning of open season...
  7. I thought you were Scottish Velma, not Irish.
  8. I think she's probably already died.
  9. The guy is called Guy Gabriel Kay. I'm not familiar with his work but he was just in his mind twenties when he helped Christopher Tolkien with the editing!
  10. Not sure Mac, I think that it was probably finished by JRR but it was edited and published posthumously by Christopher Tolkien with help from a fantasy author. Can't remember who though, will have to look it up.
  11. Yes, I kind of tend to lump the appendices and the Silmarillion together in my mind for some reason. It's a vast body of work when you go past The Hobbit and LOTR. The Silmarillion was a struggle for me to be honest, had to give it a few goes before getting into the flow. It reads much more like a genuine historical myth rather than a story if you know what I mean . I will edit my post.
  12. Well, last evening I watched 45ish minutes piggy backing on a friend's account... Where to start? It didn't feel like I was watching a Tolkien adaptation whatsoever. The first battle montage was quite in keeping with the visual aesthetic of the Peter Jackson movies but from there on in it deteriorated rapidly. By the time Lenny Henry appeared as a 'halfling' with, what I can only guess was an Irish accent, I was done really but I persevered with an indifferent mindset. The action scenes were over cooked and obsurd. The acting was wooden and unconvincing. There was no atmosphere and I was unable to suspend my disbelief. It felt like I was watching actors work rather than enjoying the story, of which there seemed little. By the time the BAME elf appeared on screen with his white, heavily cleavaged love interest I felt that the bad reviews were completely justified. Galadriel came off as an angry ultra feminist and Elrond was effeminate and held no gravitas whatsoever. In the right hands the appendices could have been made into an absolutely epic TV event. It's a real shame. I would have loved to see what a production team filled with true Tolkien afficionados would have done with a billion dollars. The Amazon production is a travesty and in my honest opinion JRR Tolkien will be turning in his grave. The holders of his estate should be ashamed that they allowed Amazon to desecrate his legacy. I know that the race of certain cast members has been a big bone of contention in certain circles but I felt that even if this had not been the case it would still be virtually unwatchable to true Tolkien fans. The general tone is too lightweight/modern for such an epic tale and completely fails to grasp the almost biblical nature of what's at stake in the story. My grandfather introduced my father to Tolkien's work and my father read the Hobbit to me as a bedtime story when I was about 7. I've read all of his work multiple times. To say I like Tolkien is an understatement. For me Jackson's extended LOTR films are where the 'franchise' ends. The Hobbit movies were a very meh, but a good entry into the world of middle earth for younger viewers I guess. So to sum up, The Rings of Power is shite. Not exclusively because it has BAME Elves and Hobbits but because it feels forced and shallow. The inclusion of BAME actors doesn't feel organic at all, it's straight up positive discrimination and only serves to alienate viewers. Tolkien's work is an extension of North European dark age/medieval mythos and should be treated with historical accuracy in my opinion. It's not about race, it's about authenticity. This has no authenticity at all and that is the root of the problem.
  13. Saw this earlier...You and I must follow very similar channels EW.
  14. Good way of spreading something though ain't it...
  15. Seeing a growing body of work on various Telegram channels which is pointing to parasites playing a substantial role in the way the world has become. Especially in relation to sexual promiscuity and immoral behaviour.. this, combined with various videos showing parasite like forms in the vax, has got me thinking....
  16. Not photography but here's a couple of paintings by Ivan Shishkin and Caspar David Friedrich. Good old fashioned landscapes.
  17. It is interesting EW. Lots of convergences happening with political thinkers and the truth community at the moment. A head is forming on the boil so to speak...
  18. Do not eat ze bugs! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6613697/#:~:text=Parasites were detected in 244,were potentially pathogenic for humans
  19. My wife and I are like this EW. Can't do TV, Movies, Radio, pop music. If we watch a movie it's an Artificial Eye (foreign) or pre 1997 dvd. If we notice an agenda in anything it gets switched off. Don't do streaming (music or movies) cancelled all that shite way back. I still buy CDs of music I really like. Almost exclusively instrumental jazz fusion or ambient soundscape stuff. The last 3 years have made us completely based.
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