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  1. Interesting. So is this why ivermectin seems to work?
  2. It's a cool logo though ain't it. F S stand for F**king Sh*tstirrers.
  3. I'm inclined to say that the cost of living crisis is nowhere near breaking most people yet. In my job i see the amount of crap that people order online and I'll tell you it ain't the bare essentials, unless dvds, wireless speakers, gaming keyboards, dildos and wizard costumes are essential?
  4. This is gonna sound funny mate, but if you think you've got COVID or whatever it is that is called COVID peanuts are your friend. I had what would be called COVID back in June, it wasn't at all like flu. I've read alot about what 'Covid' might be. There is clearly something going about that's not flu or a cold. There is a theory that COVID is actually free heme detoxification or arsine poisoning. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15917143/ Peanuts are high in sulfur which helps bind and expel stuff in the body. I craved peanuts when I was unwell this summer. I ate a shit tonne of them and I'm sure they helped. Plus, you can't beat liposomal vit C and zinc. Quercetin will help the body to maximize absorption of zinc. Also set yourself on fire with my ginger tea recipe somewhere above. Nature has all the tools we need.
  5. Now you're talking. I've got an unhealthy addiction to ginger. I have ginger tea (read rocket fuel) most nights. I like it strong. I take 5 thumb sized pieces, scrape off the skin with the handle of a teaspoon, grate them then steep it in boiling water in a teapot for about an hour with a tea cosy on. Sweeten with honey and and a bit of lemon then drink. Woosh. It's so strong it gives the Mrs hiccups immediately. Good for digestion, blood sugar levels, its anti viral, anti parasite, anti fungal and all sorts of other stuff.
  6. What, Sean O'Grady or me?
  7. There's a twisted irony somewhere there... Bizarre photos, how do you burn 30,000 chickens but not the wooden framed barn they are living in? Once the fat in the birds had rendered down, the place would be well alight. Bloody weird.
  8. Saw this and thought here we go. This might be the start of something special, they must have a damn good picture of the conspiracy community by now. Our type must be getting to them. I'd be a bit freaked out if I were DI. I'm sure he's probably been a bit more shrewd than AJ while talking about Sandy Hook etc, it's not something I have looked into so wouldn't know tbh, but guilt by association etc.. Plus if the spotlight swings his way it'll be Wogan mkII. The press are basically one arm of a multi tentacled war machine now.
  9. You've gone in too dry mate You're right about anger though.
  10. It feels like Canada is stuck in 2020. I'd bet money on the medication being some sort of anti depressant. Imagine living there. Maybe they haven't moved onto to financial apocalypse phase yet.
  11. Hehe. We all need psychotherapy and medication. Canada's gone ain't it. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/ontario-college-of-physicians-recommends-medication-and-psychotherapy-to-encourage-covid-vaccination/
  12. Doc


    I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
  13. Doc


    This made me laugh...
  14. Ok, so basically we agree. Although I don't necessarily see the crown as a separate entity from the elite or PTB or whatever you want to call them. The crown is the ceremonial head of state. For them and us. I don't know about the power structure or heirarchy of the elite class. That would be an interesting thread...
  15. It doesn't tell me anything. It might infer something, however.
  16. Read my posts about the rot. I'm not naive about politics. This is why honest politicians quit or die in mysterious circumstances. The rot will not allow good men to succeed.
  17. This is what I meant about 'the rot'. What kind of scientific/research organisation makes Neuroweapons a priority? A rotten one. What kind of government allows that kind of research? A rotten one. What kind of educational institution strives to produce scientists who want to create Neuroweapons? A rotten one. The rot is everywhere. It's ancient, it's evil and it's literally everywhere. Think of any modern corporation, business, government, scientific, educational or religious institution...if you look you will see the rot.
  18. If by system you mean the pool from which these 'politicians' are elected, then yes, the system is the problem. They are bought and paid for, groomed, if you like, before we even know their names. The current capitalist system is far from ideal but could be adapted and made more ethically and morally sound if incorruptible men of integrity with high moral values were to take power. The rot is so, so deep in all quarters now that this seems impossible.
  19. There is no solution to our predicament in politics of any kind. If anger and pitch forks don't come out soon it's game over in my opinion.
  20. The separation isn't by choice Zark, in my opinion. It's been a gradual process and by design. I truly believe that the general population feel and know that their lives are seriously lacking something. I think this is why people are always spending their money on useless stuff. They are looking for meaning but lack the intellectual tools to recognise what's missing, again, by design. It's very sad.
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