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  1. Never if Reiner Fullmich is the driver.
  2. I do like watching this thread periodically. Im almost completely in the dark on Q stuff. It's so bloody convoluted and confusing. Does seem to create large divisions in the 'truth community' though doesnt it.....
  3. Swallow the Jazz Pill....you know you want to... There are 3 drummers...
  4. There must be some poor people out there who's grandad wasn't like Compo Morph. Must've been awful for them. To be honest if you had a grandad like any of these legends you were lucky.
  5. Ah, the good old days. I used to love watching that on a Sunday evening. My grandad was the spit of Compo. Christ I feel old now .
  6. Interesting chat here between three right of center chaps about the current state of politics in the UK. One guy is an ex Tory party member and author and Morgoth is on the panel too. Lots of thoughts about why things are happening, WEF etc. It's nice to see the different perspectives from people of the same political leanings. I don't think Morgoth is much of a conspiracy kind of guy but he knows what's going on. You can't really call it all politics anymore. Its more an organised systemic corruption framework. Anyway worth a watch if you have the time and are interested in the minutiae of current British politics.
  7. Exactly what the news and political commentary is for. Distraction. Getting people involved on a very shallow emotional level when the devil is in the detail. It's a case of 'watch this! ...while we secretively and quietly plot to screw you some more..... and...... also, we're going to sh*t in your bed and convince you that it was the right thing to do'. Tiresome it is. It's a clown show for psuedo intellectual lightweights and the mass of unwashed plebians.
  8. You can lie, cheat, murder and maim these days with no consequence if you are 'in the club'. Welcome to the new normal.
  9. See this. Need a nice digital ID to tie all this together now. The chaos we are apparently witnessing is no accident and imo isn't chaos at all.
  10. Truss is gone! Haha. The circus needs a new ringmaster.
  11. I've followed Deagle and their forecasts for quite a while now. I first heard of them in around 2015 from a mate. They are quite shady organisation and I'm still none the wiser about who or what they actually are or where they get the info for their forecasts from. I suppose you could call them defense analysts? They don't seem to be very forthcoming about how they reach their conclusions. What could cause that level of depopulation within 2 years? A cataclysmic natural disaster or a nuclear war seem like the only two viable options when looking at those numbers. I can't see the jab doing this much damage in such a short time and it's surely too early to play the pandemic card again isn't it? Anyway, it's all fear again and again and again. With a website as aesthetically sh*t as Deagle.com I would take it all with a massive pinch of salt.
  12. https://dossier.substack.com/p/the-cdc-will-vote-thursday-to-permanently
  13. It's obviously aimed at keeping the plebs in a state of panic,but's it's all just a movie to me at this point. I'm not really bothered if they happen or not. I suppose if you are addicted to electronic gadgets and have no imagination then blackouts might worry you but I live in the actual (in its truest meaning) world and basically couldn't give a toss if the power goes out. I can see that people who rely on stuff like CPAP , dialysis machines and other life support stuff might be more than a little worried by all this talk though. The media are scum.
  14. The article gave the impression that the potential blackouts would be predictable and planned. So my money is on the latter.....at the moment. There is a bit of chatter lately about Putin's cyber warfare unit and their attacks on Ukrainian servers so they might be priming slowly for the Russian cyber attack angle. Like everything these f**kers do there will be a conflation of reasons, true and untrue to untangle when the time comes. If it's a cyber attack then say hello to the big digital ID push. If that happens they will hit hard with the "national security" angle knowing that almost 100% will buckle so they don't loose out on Instagram and Faecesbook, all the streaming services and internet banking. This is all about digital ID imo.
  15. I'm not sure Mac. Can the UK government send messages to phones with no network coverage? Haven't looked into it but they probably can, and that in itself is sus. It says in the article..."The scripts, seen by the Guardian, set out how the corporation would reassure the public in the event that a “major loss of power” causes mobile phone networks, internet access, banking systems or traffic lights to fail across England, Wales and Scotland." I guess this just applies to how the BBC would deal with the situation.
  16. Kahn is a w**ker. This is what the modern world is all about. Telling lies knowing full well you can get away with it. We live in the age of zero accountability. War is peace, peace is war, less is more and yes is no.
  17. Fear the melting ice.... https://www.theguardian.com/science/2022/oct/19/next-pandemic-may-come-from-melting-glaciers-new-data-shows
  18. The BBC have secret scripts that they may broadcast in the event of "major power disruption" this winter https://www.theguardian.com/media/2022/oct/18/bbc-prepares-secret-scripts-for-possible-use-in-winter-blackouts
  19. This all has a lot to do with morals and willpower as well as all the good points made above. Right willpower is something the PTB would like to see gone from the general population imo. Being on a smartphone looking at the most banal shite all day when your kids are crying out for a parent who is present and available is morally wrong and a responsible adult should have the willpower to recognise that and put the phone down. This is where wokism and rampant individualism comes in. The smartphone mom has been told it's ok to be on your smartphone all the time and it's ok to be selfish and that kids are a massive inconvenience and you have to put your life on hold because of them!?!?. People have been made to see their own lives as compartmentalized (the work you, the parent you etc, you see it all the time in TV shows and advertising) instead of one, all encompassing experience. Like Mac says, it's all intentional on the part of the PTB. For the record, I f**king hate tech. I do have tech for music stuff and I do have and use a smartphone but I use it as an adult should. As said earlier in the thread by @Ethel it's a tool and yes, it is almost as dangerous as a chainsaw. Except a chainsaw will only mess you up physically if you don't pay due diligence but a smartphone can cause untold damage in ways that we are only just beginning to find out.
  20. These f**kers need to stop. The 'scientists' and the media that reports on their experiments. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11323677/Outrage-Boston-University-CREATES-Covid-strain-80-kill-rate.html#article-11323677
  21. Pretty sure you're dead right zArk. I've read alot about parasites lately and the effects, mental and physical, that they can have in the host. I think the PTB probably know a lot about parasites and what they can do. I'm sure they find them very useful. Hence the smear campaign against ivermectin.
  22. Not caught up with Mike Williams channel lately but I'm really starting to hope there will be some sort of new stuff to come out about all this. I feel like I actually want this to be true. Whoever Paul McCartney or Billy Campbell is, they have definitely 'changed' in some way. That might be literal or metaphysical and apart from the Viv Stanshall thing and the latex face talk, this is one of my favourite conspiracy theories. It's also a relatively harmless but useful one. It's a great one to introduce 'normal people' to conspiracy stuff. It's got it all, celebrity rock stars, death, pop music, hidden messages you can find for yourself, drugs, secret societies, the occult. It's fun and easy to engage them in getting round to looking at things differently. It's almost like the Buddhist sutras. It points to something without naming it. Good training.
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