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  1. This is their Winter 'campaign' against us. They've had their debauched summer hols , doing whatever psychotic authoritarians do on holiday and are ready for a good bit of killing again. There is a pattern forming in their actions. The [email protected] rollout has been one big age countdown to the kids. They're at age 12 now. How long till they hit the toddlers? Then the newborns? If/when kids start dying from it how long could they keep that hidden? Can they blame it on Rona, having spent the first half of their pandemic telling the plebs that kids were at almost zero risk? Their latest variant has supposedly been roaming the country all summer. People are mixing now, no mask mandates, it's a fucking jolly where I live, tourist's everywhere! The kids aren't dying from Delta now are they?..... New variant coming up. That will nicely explain the possible AD enhanced flu/cold/viral pneumonia deaths in the already [email protected] and the kids that may die as a result of the [email protected] I reckon they are aiming to get the [email protected] into all age groups routinely by 2025. That would tie in with the end date in them UN papers.
  2. Yeah, you are right. We certainly don't live in what I would call fascist enclaves. Authoritarianism can come from both the left and right like Odds said. We aren't dealing with fascists. We are dealing with rootless psychos with a boner for authority and some seriously sick habits.
  3. Yes EW. Rootless they may be, but they see themselves as a 'people' and they are putting the interests of their 'people' and 'state' above everything else.
  4. He's been busy wandering round local parks looking for people with 15 year old phones to hassle him on film ready for this winters shenanigans...
  5. Ultranationalism is "extreme nationalism that promotes the interest of one state or people above all others", or simply "extreme devotion to one's own nation" Hmmm.
  6. It's gonna happen one way or another mate.
  7. "Covid will find you" " It will go through windows if you don't stay home" A new level of bull. That bloke is definitely coming the raw prawn. He certainly ain't fair dinkum. What a tool.
  8. It's rinse and repeat Odds. If this was a real pandemic it would be done and dusted by now. Nature doesn't let pandemics rip on forever. 18 months on average from what I have learned. If the plebs can't smell the turd right under their noses by now.... People these days are obviously thick as shit. I just want an option to play this whole bullshit scenario at 2x speed, get the horror over and done with and see what's left at the end.
  9. What can you say.... This has all become so tiresome.
  10. Couple of images from a Twitter hashtag thread. Equating people who don't wear masks to KKK. They don't like us much.. https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/IGotVaxxedDidYou?src=hashtag_click
  11. Vectura board unanimously accepts Philip Morris’s controversial takeover bid UK health firm, which makes asthma inhalers, said the tobacco company’s bid was ‘fair and reasonable’ https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/aug/12/pressure-grows-on-vectura-board-to-reject-philip-morris-takeover-bid The Marlboro man is trying to get in on the big pharma game with a 'fair and reasonable' bid to become major share holders in a UK asthma inhaler manufacturer They make the cigarettes....then give you an asthma inhaler when you develope a lung condition. What the actual fuck will it take to make people realise the whole big pharma thing operates in this way? They profit from making you sick then profit from selling you the cure. Its parasitic.
  12. Not sure Fluke, probably Merica. Without a doubt its fear of the needle, not the contents, but it's a situation that should have been avoided. Kids shouldn't be having it.
  13. Messed up innit Odds. Back in 2002 when I woke up I thought I'd be long dead before things got like this. Ziggy, if your seeing this from exile. I'll say it for you. The kids parents need a scissor kick to the windpipe.
  14. The wrongness of this girls situation is beyond belief. This cannot stand.
  15. Whatever he is and whatever he's doing GR, it makes me laugh. If he is subversive he's is doing it from a very oblique angle. I don't take it too seriously. Boris Johnson makes me laugh, the entire country of Australia makes me laugh, Mel Brooks films make me laugh... This whole thing is totally hilarious when you know the reality but watch these 'Leaders' and 'Scientists' spouting total bullshit. This 'pandemic' is the longest build up to a punchline in comedy history...
  16. This is the same guy here. He nails it.
  17. Are they kids or dwarfs? Either way, WTF?
  18. Cheers for the translation Woodsman. The ramblings of an unhinged lunatic then...
  19. I'm not bothered Weedo. Just curious coz of the hack last year. Last thing we want is all this info getting trashed.
  20. Off topic but.. where have the rep counts next to our names gone?
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