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  1. See a lot of shite in the Guardian about the lack of Artic sea ice at the moment. They have a little ticker going very similar to the one they use for daily Covid numbers. It's interesting to read what the Guardian are reporting against the reality of the situation as reported on the 'Snow and Ice' thread on the Netweather forum. Seems there is more snow and ice coverage this year compared to last! Here is a link to the thread, you don't need an account to view it. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/95989-snow-ice-coverage-in-the-northern-hemisphere-winter-202122/page/7/
  2. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone know what happened to 5ocietyX. They made the 'Was Jimmy Saville a Wizard' documentary back in the day, with help from this forum and its members. I enjoyed the doco and was wondering if anyone here knows if they are still active and making stuff, maybe under a different name? Most recent vid of theirs I can find is this one. https://youtu.be/NshjHqGe-iY
  3. State of southern UK this morning.
  4. 8.45am this morning where I live. They've ruined a nice autumn day. Completely white sky outside as I write this.
  5. Singing from the same hymn sheet..
  6. He owns or part owns a holiday complex there from what I've heard from Mrs Doc. He's quite active on Telegram via Robin Monotti. I don't use telegram but Mrs Doc does.
  7. .My Mrs and kids have had 5 colds since this started, 2 heavy ones, coughing, mucous all over the place with the youngest, and a 1 month long mega cold recently. I've not 'caught' any of them.
  8. At this point who the hell actually knows what is going on. I'm not convinced by the Lab Leak idea (my actual experience tells me there was nothing out of the ordinary going on until the jabs appeared )but will look deeper into it for the sake of taking a balanced approach to try understand a completely unbalanced, twisted, cluster/headf**k of an epoch.
  9. Is this part of the 'Under the Skin' franchise?
  10. That's about the right number of people....
  11. Come on guys. We don't all see eye to eye on the minutiae of the situation we find ourselves in. There are many sub beliefs within the community. Surely we are in a position now where this stuff doesn't matter so much at the moment. It's getting hot out there. The one thing we all do have in common is that we know a concerted effort to remove us completely from all that is natural and wholesome is in 5th gear and motoring along. Im not looking for white hot news or revelations all the time here. I find the humour and camaraderie here comforting in this messed up time. I guess the forum has suffered membership decline since twitter took off but it's a corner of the web that I like, so I'm staying.
  12. Sorry, you are correct. I meant his mate, Toby Young.
  13. The idea of 'it' being a bioweapon has been talked about a bit here. I'm not going to say it isn't a bioweapon because I just don't know, in reality what's the hell is going on at this point. Only that we were told a highly contagious, deadly, respiritory virus was rampaging the globe killing on a massive scale. A novel virus against which we had zero natural immunity. The mortality numbers from last year just don't add up on that count. If it is a product of gain of function research which 'function' did they ramp up? The infectiousness? The lethality? Did they edit it to attack certain blood types? Certain genomes? Why not just take flu and ramp that up to 1918 levels? Why feed us the bat soup line? IF this is a Chinese bioweapon and political entities in the west know this, then we must be in a defacto war with China. Why keep this quiet, why not use it to stir up higher uptake of the jab? If you were told the jab was the antidote to a bioweapon you might have 99% uptake. I find it interesting that you say that this is where the cutting edge of debate is. It does seem to be where the debate is at for a lot of people now, I've noticed people like Clif High and James Delingpole diving deeply into this area of thinking but I find that the Chinese bioweapon angle is a narrative unto itself. It's a more publicly acceptable narrative that half truthers are more comfortable talking about as it still sits in the 'political' paradigm. Certain types of people (ex mainstream media like Brees and Toby Young) are much more comfortable talking about this as it's less controversial than talking about how a satanic cabal with global reach and a penchant for death turned the flu and common cold into a terrifying disease as a justification to inject people with experimental gene therapy. If anything is a bioweapon it's the jab. I'm not discounting this angle at all, the Chinese are neck deep in this, I'm gonna watch the vids in your link this evening, and if you've got some more info on this side of things you should post it here. I'd like to have a more in depth look and get more of a handle on this idea.
  14. It's the tip-toe tactics again. Drip, drip, drip. They've mandated it for 5-12 year olds in San Francisco. It will probably become a condition for kids to go to school. I will be home schooling soon I think. Also they've mandated the jab for NHS staff. 1.45 million full time staff must be vaxxed by next April in the UK. Notice they have waited until the end of flu season to do it. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/nov/03/covid-jabs-to-be-compulsory-for-nhs-staff-in-england-from-april
  15. I'm sure I've said it before Zig, but you are the same age as my mum. She knackered with severe arthritis and hates dr's. She told me today they are trying to kill her.
  16. Perverse is right. I have looked after myself alot better since exiting my 20's, last time I went to the Drs was mid 2019. Was given pills which, after a small amount of research, went straight in the bin. I Sorted my skin problem out myself, naturally without trashing my liver with poison pills . My family and I have been wary of Drs for some time now since my then 82 year old grandfather was left shaking on a hospital bed for want of intravenous paracetamol whilst the staff nurses drank coffee and had a laugh. You should have seen my mother stick it to them! He's no longer with us but I'm sure he would have been left to die that day had we not visited him just at the right time. When you get over a certain age hospitals seem to be death factories.
  17. The worst times most of us will have known. A long drawn out descent.
  18. Hope your not being fatist Nemuri He can have all the resources he needs if he's had the [email protected] If not, he can rot in hell like the rest of us.
  19. ONS all cause death data by vaccination status. https://twitter.com/FunTimeFred1/status/1455855638949638145?s=20
  20. They will die through neglect due to overstretched resources GR. The blame will be apportioned to the selfish anti vaxxers and the public will lap it up coz they are thick as..
  21. Anyone in the UK remember El Dorado? It was a 3rd rate soap opera set in an ex-pat haven in Spain. The acting in this is on a par with that.
  22. This is a good investigation into how many 'experts' in UK institutions are funded by Bill Gates.
  23. Put some Raybans on him and you've got Agent Smith from The Matrix.
  24. Never needed the ignore feature until the last couple of weeks....
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