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  1. The trial begins on 29th of November. Will she survive until the trial begins? Will she die of Covid during the trial? Or a heart attack? Will the media report on the trial? Are we facing some sort of false flag to cover up the outcomes (think Billy Gates and his smallpox prediction)? Lots to think about here. The ramifications of this could be massive. Thoughts? Here's a start. A list of the defendants. Big names on here Jay-Z (Sean Carter), Beyonce, Kanye West + more. https://t.co/NzYwcdZS8y?amp=1
  2. The links to your Flickr page are great PA. Thanks. I'm having a bit of a dig into the Freemasonry/Luciferianism aspect again at the moment so these are great.
  3. The virus mutated itself out of existence? Wow. That's definitely a new one. Let's hope it does that everywhere .
  4. Indeed. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" Aleister Crowley. We are dealing with Luciferians from top to bottom.
  5. I found this through Twitter this morning, never heard of this guy before today. He won the Aussie X- factor in 2010. This vid is 5 hours long and contains alot of what most here will already know but it's 5 thoroughly researched and well explained hours about the who, the what, the how and the why of the current shitstorm. There is a heavily religious slant to the vid but therein lies the point. The info is solid gold, especially for someone who is starting from the beginning of trying to understand why the world is the way it is (open minded normies). I don't think there is now a necessity for this forum to have any other threads. All the others tie into the Covid narrative now. It's all one big web. This video wouldnt be 'off topic' in any of the threads here. The next year or two are the final showdown guys. Things are going to get apocalyptic. Anyway, here is the link. Check it out of you have a spare 5 hours. It's taken me 9 to watch it all.
  6. If people accept the 'Green Pass' as a norm, the world as we know it is done. It's a gateway for them to implement everything they have planned for humanity. I'm noticing a lot of what I call 'fishing' articles in the Leftie/Globocap rags. Mostly about the future of homes etc.. they all follow the 'by 2030 you will own nothing' mantra. This one is, in places, a particularly sickening example. They also seem to be implanting the idea that there will be a group of people who choose to live 'off grid'. "Imagine, if you can, a small, bluish room. Wires, screens, sensors. A few keepsakes from the old world. The room’s fleshy inhabitant, confined indoors by a zoonotic pandemic, greenwashes a data-mining company from her bed. The government has made it illegal for her to step outside." "There is a communal kitchen down the corridor, which she shares with a few strangers she met online, but mostly she orders her meals via an interface and eats them here. Microphones record her interactions. A motion sensor on her wrist reminds her to optimise her performance. Filled with saudade for the dying world outside, she has bought a few rainforest plants to brighten the space. Her pocket surveillance device reminds her to water them. She catches the news: the world’s richest man has just left the Earth’s atmosphere." “It may be that there is a highly connected class, a bumbling-along class, and a set of people who choose to live totally off-grid,” says Rachel Coldicutt, director of Careful Industries, which researches how technology interacts with humans. Those who do wish to keep their home as a private sanctuary will not find it easy, she warns. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/nov/14/houses-of-tomorrow-a-more-hopeful-vision-of-domesticity-or-a-dystopian-nightmare
  7. Darren of Plymouth just got cancelled.
  8. Haha. The tweet was just deleted..
  9. More disturbing developments in Oz. https://twitter.com/DarrenPlymouth/status/1458424806609674244?s=20 The link could not be embedded coz Twitter won't allow it.
  10. Interesting tweet here. Talks about chemical tagging.. tag (tag), 1. 2. A small outgrowth or polyp. 3. In magnetic resonance imaging, a band of saturation that can be followed to detect tissue motion. tag (tăg) n. 1. A small outgrowth or polyp. 2. A label or marker. v. 1. To label or identify with a tag. 2. To incorporate into a compound a more readily detected substance whereby the compound can be detected and its metabolic or chemical history followed Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012 https://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/tag
  11. Cindy is making a packet during Covid.
  12. Ardern is such a prick. She's almost as bigger prick as the one in her....skirt.
  13. I gave up on ALL the people I spoke to about it. At my workplace I did a straw poll back in November last year. All of them said " I'm not having it" , 94% went and had both. They just don't have the minerals to understand what's going on. They are literally blind to even the possibility that they are being imprisoned by their own actions. They just wanna see tits in the paper, talk about the footy and watch murder mysteries and Love Island. Day of the f**king dead where I live.
  14. Should start a 'Wanted for Crimes against humanity' thread GR. Pics of the enablers and perpetrators and a short blurb about why they are there.
  15. Alice Roberts is a real zealot for the kids getting jabbed. She is establishment through and through. She used to present 'Coast' with Neil Oliver.... they're on different paths now
  16. History repeating. Except this time its perfectly acceptable?!
  17. Reckon that's on purpose G.O. They are counting on people not doing ANY independent research. Same with everything these days.
  18. I reckon it's part of creating a public desire for the 'passport' . They will be pushing the idea that they just don't know who is inside the nightclub/event when these 'attacks' happen.QR codes will be needed to ascertain who goes in and out of these events. It also serves the purpose of worrying people into not attending public events. Clubs and pubs are traditionally a place where people gather to have a chat. Can't have people talking to each other with no middleman to intercept the conversation. Why not just meet up in the Metaverse? It's much safer...
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