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  1. @bamboozooka @whatthefoxhat Sorry for having a pop at you both. This shit is taking its toll on me at the moment. I have listened to Max Igan talking to John O'Looney just now and its about as bad as it could be. I still don't believe the [email protected] rollout will stop though and I really want it to stop before my kids mates start dying. The fact that these c*nts in parliament might know what coming is horrendous. We are living in the darkest times. Once again, my apologies. You know how it is when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Im having one of those days.
  2. Hope is the knot at the end of the infinite rope. Jam tomorrow.
  3. I heard what he put out a few weeks back, yeah. I don't doubt it at all. Haven't listened to today's offering yet. Will do that when the kids have gone to bed. I'm sick of all the fucking talk BZ. The waiting. The hoping something good happens. I'd rather the shit was on the fan now instead of this war of attrition.
  4. It's all hopium. An ex cop and an undertaker aren't going to stop the NWO.
  5. If it's going to end up like Oz here in the UK its going to need a lot more police. The future police are arriving daily by boat across the English channel btw...
  6. All this smoke and mirror bullshit ends up going nowhere just like Reiner Fullmichs circle jerk. You can't fight the system using the system. It's a rigged game. Who is this Mark Sexton, what are his credentials? Same with the O'Looney bloke. These people keep popping up and months later fuck all happens! Feels like a load more Q bollocks. Twitter is full of paid up greenies that like hanging out under bridges... Some of the BIG names in the anti covid game are without a doubt controlled op.
  7. Yeah, I think he was neck deep in some stuff involving all that. Eyes Wide Shut. Man, that's a movie. Love to know what was in the missing 20mins. I can guess... https://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/the-hidden-and-not-so-hidden-messages-in-stanley-kubriks-eyes-wide-shut-pt-i/
  8. Not this bunch then?! https://predatorsecurityanddefense.com/ Clowns. Might be photoshopped predator logo on that cop photo.
  9. Is that the house where Kubrick filmed Eyes Wide Shut? This one...? Nah. It's not.
  10. Just read up on this Velma. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cumbre_Vieja Apocalyptic in my neck of the woods if it went. I'd better buy a boat.
  11. You are right Zark. They want 'Bob' eating 'Impossible Burgers' so he grows tits. https://nationalfile.com/doctor-burger-kings-impossible-burger-has-18-million-times-more-estrogen-than-regular-whopper/ They want the men with tits and chicks with dicks.
  12. So they are likening us to Nazis coz we won't take the jab? Jesus Christ, the depths are being plumbed..
  13. So when is the Covid narrative going to fully blend with the Climate narrative? Seen some stuff on twitter (can't find it now) about a credit card that is somehow linked to the carbon footprint of the purchases you make. So you can have thousands on credit but can only buy up to a certain amount of carbon credits! The driving license going digital too, looks like all this will be combined into one APP. Linked to the jab. Jabby Dodgers like us will have nowt. I also just found out that I live in a UNESCO biosphere?!? They are moving fast. Things are going to get pretty fucking hot for us by Christmas. The plebs are thick as a brick and won't be waking up anytime soon. LBC, Talk Radio and GBnews are grifters, not opposition.
  14. Is this why there is a shortage of blood test bottles in the UK? Don't wanna see gravy coming out of your arm really do you?!?
  15. Midsommar is a pretty sick movie yes. It did a good job at bastardising white ethnic culture... I'd say that was its main purpose. Like all Hollywood movies it's job is to hollow out any remaining cultural niches. Sorry mods, off topic but I had to say.
  16. This is for you Velma, your favourite person.
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