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  1. They're probably having a bit of a break Robin. It gets a bit much sometimes doesn't it.
  2. Sorry to hear this Bom. It's so sad that it has come down to this for people.
  3. Yes, I had noted the use of language in the Observer article. It's says he 'had liver cancer'. To be fair I should have clarified the hosts of the show appear thick. The kind of thick that only university educated people can be. Not the Dr, she's plain old satanic.
  4. What a clown show. These people are just straight up thick as sh*t.
  5. I used to rate Peterson before the whole COVID thing.
  6. Albert Bourla has just been awarded a Courage Against Hate award by the ADL. Can anyone else see the direction this is taking?
  7. Probably just your regular everyday sacrifice going on in the back room.
  8. Boris probably wasn't playing ball. Perhaps some men in dark suits had some strong words for him whilst he was in 'hospital'? He certainly wasn't at death's door with Covid. Whatever it was, it was all part of whipping up hysteria in the public. It worked too didn't it. Seems so long ago now.
  9. Just Stop Oil have £10 billion quid in the bank. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/14447655/filing-history
  10. Nice fancy dress outfit Elon....
  11. No doubt these will be mass produced at some point within the next 20 years. I can imagine that these might be used by military training contractors and such. This might even be the future of war or more sickeningly, the future of high stakes combat simulation games like Call of Duty. So many uses for this sick device in the future that seems to be unfolding. The thing that stands out for me is that the value of human life is being evermore trivialised.
  12. I just don't know what to say about this. https://futurism.com/oculus-founder-vr-headset-kills
  13. I really do hope so. It's nature's way.
  14. No such thing these days TH. The root of the problem IMO. The mechanisms used to hold people to account are under the control of the enemy.
  15. I haven't listened to this kind of music since I was a teenager but this song sums up how alot of us feel about living in England at the moment. My favourite line is.."Fuck this place, I hate it"
  16. I've been naughty. I've been watching the new Star Trek spin-off, Picard on Amazon. Loads of predictive programming in it, especially in relation to injectable metals...funny that isn't it. Then I came across this on Telegram, it's funny how the universe throws things at you.
  17. Come on Socky, I wasn't born yesterday. I know all about onions. There are rabbit holes to go down literally everywhere when you start looking. Been at this for 20 years. Choosing which ones to go down is the thing. No point going down holes when you already know what's at the bottom.
  18. Baphomet. I hate this guy so much. I even found him creepy and weird when I was a kid.
  19. Was it? It's been going on so long I'm beginning to forget the timeline of events. I don't care what Trump is at this point, I know you and a fair few others here rate him, so I'm not going to give anyone any grief. Just wanted to know how 'warp speed' messed up the elites plans. We'd still be in lockdown now if what you say is true? Got a link to refresh my memory?
  20. So is this you attributing the failure of the cabals plan to Donald Trumps 'warp speed' vaccine production schedule?
  21. So we're supposed to forgive and forget now are we? Years of life opportunities wasted for the younger generations, old people left to die alone in care homes and hospitals whilst the staff were dancing for a Chinese social media platform. Governments lying as policy. Billionaires getting richer off the back of small business closures and dodgy PPE deals. People losing their jobs, homes and everything they had spent years building up because of Vax mandates. Being called a threat to society for not wanting to take an experimental medical procedure with zero safety data. Being ostracized by family and friends for the same reason. The press actively encouraging hatred towards the unvaccinated. And now the ever so "mysterious" increase in excess deaths to above 'pandemic' levels?!? These people have the gall to talk about amnesty? If this all goes the way I fully expect it to now, a f*cking shit tonne of people are going to be dead in the next few years. Will their families want to forgive and forget then? Will they even have any family left to grieve for them? This cluster f*ck is just heating up IMO. I remember hearing a Delingpole podcast last summer, I can't remember who the guest was, but the guy was saying he thought that by 2025 the unvaxxed would be wading through the dead. I thought at the time it was a bit over the top but from what I've seen these last few days I'm not so sure.
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