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  1. Indeed. They like their numerology too. Wonder what will occur on 12/12/21 or 21/12/21... I read somewhere that the events portrayed in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut we're set on 21st December. The winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. Right in the middle of Saturnalia.
  2. Couple of interesting links to the name Omicron in relation to astronomical stuff here. Omicron Puppis (ο Puppis) is candidate binary star[6] system in the southern constellation of Puppis. It is visible to the naked eye, having a combined apparent visual magnitude of +4.48.[2] Based upon an annual parallax shift of 2.30 mas as seen from Earth,[1] it is located roughly 1,400 light years from the Sun. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omicron_Puppis Darth Vader’s Galaxy, also known as NGC 936, is a barred spiral galaxy located in the constellation Cetus, the Whale. It lies at an approximate distance of 50 million light years from Earth and has an apparent magnitude of 10.2. https://www.constellation-guide.com/tag/omicron-ceti/
  3. Dunno if this has been posted already, but the WEF were talking about this new variant back in July. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/07/how-scientists-detect-new-covid-19-variants/
  4. Because Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth. Jesus is the only figure in any organised religion who sought to make people aware of and fight against Satan, their 'god'.
  5. No he shouldn't. This kind of talk is not for this forum. Good call Mac. Alf has not been here long, maybe he doesn't realise this forum has rules, same as any forum, incitement to violence is against them. He has 2 posts and one of them is the above. Suspicious activity IMHO.
  6. We'll have to wait for the comments section to fill up Alexa, that'll give us a better idea of the general feeling about it. There seems to have been a change in people the last few weeks.. Whatever people say, this is the variant that will be blamed for the deaths that are coming.
  7. They are going full spectrum with this Botswana Variant malarkey.. It's the top story in the Griftian. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/25/what-do-we-know-about-the-new-worst-ever-covid-variant
  8. The UK gov are hunting for midazolam again. "in preparations for further waves of Covid 19 in Winter 2021/ Spring 2022" https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/notice/3fa6e964-4d36-4c72-a4cd-23156df726d4?origin=SearchResults&p=1
  9. Gold. Sorry for the Instagram link..it's worth it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CWtTQQgqLdT/
  10. Me and the Mrs got some Bitcoin back in May when it was relatively cheap. Why not. It's worth a punt. We've doubled our money, but the mantra is.... 'Never invest more than you are willing to lose'. We didn't. All currency€¥$£ is fiat, it's backed by a promise, unless it's gold or silver and even then those things only have the value we attach to them. I do struggle with the complexity of the Blockchain and it does feel like it's too big to be a grass roots thing but...people go to the bookies every day a throw their money at the outcome of a horse race and football match. Everything on this earth has the cabals fingerprints on it at the end of the day. If the Bitcoin goes to shit...so be it.
  11. So she's fighting to stop the jury seeing important evidence. Something tells me this is going to be a sham trial. Swept under the carpet, and if it's not, somebody gonna get Clinton'd.
  12. Sensational and impure. That's what the public love FFS. They watch Squid Game, not exactly wholesome and pure is it...
  13. Lots of talk of her being dead on the telegram etc. She has moved into a new phase. Whatever that means... I guess it means she's shuffled off.
  14. We are the Ark Morph. You are helping build it.
  15. I sleep like a baby Sheepy, was just a figure of speech.
  16. Yes. I don't know what to believe anymore but it seems like this is all one big experiment with many different things all at once. To much of a coincidence to discount. The 5G theory is there with evidence to back it up. Nano particles can be injected and controlled with remotely transmitted RF energy. We live in a soup of EMF already. It meets all the requirements of the transhumanist agenda. This combined with Mark Zuckadicks Meta make for sleepless nights.
  17. We must all be psychic Zig. In ancient time they would have called us Sages or Seers or Oracle's. Imagine the ridiculous amount of money we could all have made..
  18. I don't know anything anymore mate.
  19. I was just about to mention that Velma. I wish it had been, another for the collection.
  20. That poor lad at the end. . I'm fu*king fuming right now.
  21. Sorry for the DM link but this HAS to be posted. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10238113/New-Botswana-variant-32-horrific-mutations-evolved-Covid-strain-EVER.html Scientists warn the variant could be worse 'than nearly anything else about' Only 10 cases of the strain, which could eventually be named 'Nu', have been detected so far. But it has already been spotted in three countries, suggesting the variant is more widespread. It carries 32 mutations, many of which suggest it is highly transmissible and vaccine-resistant, and has more alterations to its spike protein than any other variant. Professor Francois Balloux, a geneticist at University College London, said it likely emerged in a lingering infection in an immunocompromised patient, possibly someone with undiagnosed AIDS.
  22. I just don't know what to say about this. Self assembling nano structures initiated and powered by an external energy source, graphene nano particles detected in some [email protected] vials, 5g rollout. Difficult to ingnore this combination of things.
  23. Feels like we're all already in hell Zig. But you're right. They will receive their karma, one way or another.
  24. Welcome to the future. One of the most sickening images I've seen during this
  25. When you've got as much on your plate as Boris you're going to start acting a bit strange. He's shitting himself. He's got the British public on one side and a satanic cabal on the other....
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