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  1. Fuck Gmail. I hate it. Not much point anyway as we are all spread out over the world. Better of writing an actual letter....Who to trust on here anyway? No way of knowing what type of degenerates you lot really are .
  2. I thought the forum was gone this morning. I kept getting a cloudflare response saying there was an error from the server. I like what you're suggesting GR but Nemuri is right. It's not safe to share personal email even in private messages. What about a Telegram or Signal group?
  3. So, it's work from home, jab passports for nightclubs and gigs and face masks at the cinema here in the UK. Witty, Valance and Boris have been giving a nice little slide show again. Let's take a look at this one... These are "cases presenting to emergency care within 28 days of a positive test resulting in overnight inpatient admission" So you could be unvaccinated, asymptomatically positive 3 weeks before before breaking your arm, spend the night waiting for xrays and a cast to be done and go down in the figures as a Covid hospitalisation? They are laughing at us..
  4. Twitter Suspension The Free Press Report Dec 8 Comment Share I woke up this morning and the @TrackerTrial account on Twitter was suspended. All the other accounts that I have made in the past were also suspended. This was the only note that I received. The @TrackerTrial account was the largest account on Twitter that specifically tracked the Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein trial. According to Twitter’s rules, apparently the account was “artificially” amplifying information. I am not sure what I was “amplifying” and how I was doing that. The account got insane engagement, which by the way, was all organic. There was not outside amplification. The people wanted to hear the truth about the Ghislaine Maxwell, and Jeffrey Epstein trial and the engagement numbers showed that. There were hundreds of millions in impressions and an account that went from zero to over 525,000 followers in a couple of weeks. All we did was report information from the trial that the mainstream media was failing to do. Going forward we will continue to report on the trial and all forms of big government and corporate corruption. This is just the beginning. We have appealed to Twitter for a possible lift of the suspension, but it is likely we will never hear from them. Big tech has gotten too powerful, and they can silence us anytime they want. As we wrote earlier in the week in an article titled, The Global Media Industrial Complex: Local blogs and websites are suppressed by big tech algorithms. If you write one thing out of line Google can institute a site wide ban, making sure you never show up in search algorithms again. Facebook restricts what is posted on their website. Twitter suppresses any outside links, to keep users on their own site. The year is 2021 and big brother is watching. The only thing I am asking is for everyone to share this article to get the word out. All information pertaining to this trial will be exclusively written here. I also have a Gab account if anyone is interested in a more informal route of communication. Finally, if you want to support the freedom of speech and press, consider becoming a paid member of The Free Press Report. The only way for us to stay independent and provide coverage of corruption indefinitely is to be a reader supported publication. We need to go back to the old school days where the PEOPLE supported and funded the free press. The Founding Fathers believed in the freedom of press. The right to report on news and circulate opinion without censorship from the government. Today this censorship is from big tech, another powerful arm of a tyrannical government. You can help support the freedom of the press by becoming a paid subscriber to The Free Press Report. For the cost of only one coffee per month, you can help liberate knowledge and support the right to a free press. You can help keep The Free Press Report internally funded by the people, for the people. The Free Press Report is a reader-supported publication. To support the freedom of press, consider becoming a paid subscriber. For the cost of only one coffee per month, you can make a difference in censorship from big tech.
  5. Maxwell trial tracker has been taken down from twitter for "artificially amplifying information" about the trial... https://nationalfile.com/twitter-bans-account-posted-updates-ghislaine-maxwell-jeffrey-epstein-trial/
  6. In fact just send this to James Delingpole. It needs to be done quick before Boris introduces passports and then gets the boot. There was no party, this is a ploy. Johnson brings in the Vax passport then gets the boot all the plebs cheer and we get an even bigger cunt as PM if that's even possible.
  7. Very good spot JellyBean. Is anyone on twitter here? Be worth sending this to Maajid Nawaz, James Delingpole, Toby Young or Bernie Spofforth. They all have quite wide reach. Definitely funny business going on here, they're going to depose Johnson with this.
  8. That video is a banger Dale. Needed a refresher. We are dealing with a sick bunch.. the cattle are stirring.
  9. I think the PTB will use the length of this trial to their advantage, string it out over the winter. If the kids end up getting jabbed and dying they may very well start pointing to the trial as a distraction, "hey look, your leaders and cherished celebs are BAD people". It would cause massive cognitive dissonance and confusion leaving people with no clue who to trust. If they want to collapse society as eluded to in Inks link, they aren't going to want to do that too quickly as it would seem... unnatural, for want of a better word. Imagine the shitstorm that would be unleashed if the public found out that their governments had murdered their kids with dodgy jabs and that alot of them were involved in human and child trafficking/pedophilia. Add to that the known agitators such as Antifa etc.. who will jump on the chance to throw more of Soros' bricks. Could be carnage.
  10. Christ Ink, that covers one of the scenario's I've thought could happen. Dark stuff. Explains all those bunkers in NZ. Maybe they will blow the trafficking thing wide open to aid the anarchy. It's going to be a long trial.
  11. I think there is more than one faction in the PTB too Morph. Its like sibling rivalry, they're cut from the same cloth, but there is still infighting. They agree a destination but can't agree on the route to said destination. Maybe they've found some other assets to carry on the trafficking? Maybe they had them all along? If Epstein and Maxwell became a liability to the PTB then they had to be replaced? Fuck knows.. I'm open to anything at this point. It's all conjecture. We're gonna get told off in a minute for derailing the thread.. take it to this one?
  12. It's taken them a while but I would say they have 'people' in every NGO, Government department, Tech company, Pharma company Educational institution etc. They've got this shit sown up after 100+ years. They wouldn't have been able to pull of any off it of they didn't have assets in the places they needed them. The swamp is deep and more full of filth than we can contemplate. It will take another 100 years to extricate the filth from the system if somehow we can win this.
  13. It has to happen Morph as they want the story finished one way or another. If she gets off that nails the lid shit on Pizza Gate and all the fuckers get to sail off and carry on with whatever sick shit they get up to. If she is convicted it will be on lesser charges and she'll take one for the team and do a 2 stretch in a Butlins camp. I think Maxwell is more powerful than we realise, if GR is right and she's Mossad that would explain what her job has been these past 30+ years. To lure leaders and other elites into a peado ring and blackmail them to carry-out the orders coming out of Israel. As Mac says...follow the money. The pandemic, big pharma, climate change, BLM.. anything you can think of is brought into the world by the people behind Israel.
  14. A retrospective following the recent NYC Chief Coroner’s Resignation: The Free Press Report On November 29th 2021, the first day of the Ghislaine Maxwell, ABC reported that NYC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Barbara Sampson would be resigning. It had been over two years since Sampson had ruled Jeffrey Epstein’s prison death as a suicide, determined by process of “careful review of all investigative information, including complete autopsy findings”. The autopsy was performed by Kristin Roman, MD. This ruling was heavily scrutinized by several observers following Sampson’s announcement (reported by ABC at 2:30am the morning of August 17th, 2019). Several medical professionals provided their perspective to journalists in efforts to explain the specific assessment of available information pertaining to Epstein’s death and the peculiar events that had proceeded it. Dr. Michael Baden provided his medical opinion during a 60 Minutes special, focusing on collective evidence to determine if it was feasible for Epstein (at 6 ft, 185 pounds) to asphyxiate himself using a thinly torn bed sheet strip that had been rigged from the lower bunk bed in his cell. Baden also made reference to Epstein’s Autopsy report specifically noting several abnormalities to previous alleged suicides he had conducted, or reviewed such as a broken hyoid bone, an injury which Baden claimed was typically sustained from blunt trauma or force related strangulation of the neck (suggesting another individual may have been present). It is important to note that Epstein sustained injuries only weeks before his death when found semi-unconscious in his cell with bruising on his neck. In the interest of disclosing Baden’s professional history of medical testimony, he has been criticized in the past by government officials for “sloppy record keeping, poor judgment, and a lack of cooperation” although it is unsure if political posturing played a role in Baden’s unfavorable treatment, as he had worked on many high-profile cases during his time with Brooklyn M.E’s office (including a case involving the death of one, Nathan Rockefeller). This does not invalidate present inquiry into Epstein’s cause of death but is indicative that Baden may have established a reputation of failing to unquestionably take direction from government officials. Several medical experts agree with Baden’s assessment of questioning the cause of the broken hyoid bone in Epstein’s neck. The National Association of Medical Examiners has stated: “If, hypothetically, the hyoid bone is broken, that would generally raise questions about strangulation, but it is not definitive and it does not exclude suicide by hanging,” National Association of Medical Examiners President Jonathan Arden told The Washington Post. Although a suicide note was found in Epstein’s cell, Rolling Stone reported that Epstein had specifically stated that he was not suicidal in the days leading up to his alleged suicide. Epstein had been described as being “in great spirits” during his last interaction with his legal team hours before his death. According to a source acquired by the New York Post, “What he (Epstein) really wanted to do was get bail so he could cooperate”. This suggests Epstein was willing to cooperate with authorities to identify individuals that were implicated within his operation, leading to further scrutiny of the irregular events that allowed Epstein’s death. Epstein had requested to be moved to the Special Housing Unit for higher security. When stating the reason for requesting a cell change, Epstein stated that he was aware of “many members of MS-13 in his current cell block” and believed he was unsafe. According to CNBC, “on July 23, Epstein was found semiconscious on the floor of his cell with marks on his neck.” Epstein’s cell mate (Nicholas Tartaglione; charged with 4 homicides) was transferred out of his cell in the facility's Special Housing Unit following Epstein’s being placed on suicide watch. It is believed that Tartaglione was relocated to another cell within Special Housing Unit lock up. After this time Efrain Reyes was housed within Epstein’s cell, but was relocated days before the alleged suicide. The New York Times reported that Epstein "was supposed to have been checked by guards every 30 minutes, but that procedure was not followed" the night before his death. It is also important to note that CBS reported shrieking was heard from Epstein’s jail cell the morning of his alleged suicide, which occurred mere hours after the release of over 2,000 documents from Epstein's prior lawsuit, including testimony from alleged victim Virginia Giuffre. Two separate cameras were located outside of Epstein’s cell however, these recordings would not be made available, with prison guards reportedly recording and saving video feeds related to another portion of the prison all together. Prosecution described this as “deeply troubling” but has been criticized for failing to seek harsher legal punishment for such an egregious error. Guards Michael Thomas and Tova Noel testified under oath to “willfully and knowingly” falsifying prison inmate wellness check records. It is still unsure as to why further inquiry into these procedures was not pursued. Both guards received a deferred sentence, it is unknown why such leniency has been granted. Questions remain, one particularly Throughout Epstein’s time at Metropolitan Correctional Centre, where was respect for due process? Blame cannot be cast at those that question overt proclamations that “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” However, when honestly reviewing the series of coinciding irregularities in the days leading up to Epstein’s death, it becomes painfully obvious that conjecture only arises from believing that a 6 ft man (who denied he had attempted suicide and was described just hours earlier as “in great spirits”) knotted a thinly ripped bed sheet around his neck, leveraged it underneath (then rigged it on top of) his bunk bed frame and proceeded to generate enough force to break his hyoid bone. Couple this alongside subsequent mishandling of fallout related to Epstein’s death, serious questions are posed as to the respect for due process throughout Metropolitan Correctional Center and existing United States legal institutions. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? Was it a coincidence that NYC Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson had resigned the morning of the Maxwell Trial? Unlikely is an understatement.
  15. Epstein's Vast Network of Financiers and Politicians The Free Press Report Nov 28 Summarizing the relationships held by Jefferey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell is a troublesome undertaking. It seems far too bizarre a situation for most to ponder. Perhaps that's why assessment of the situation is often relegated to a "wildly irrational conspiracy theory" by those that are unfamiliar with the horrific details of this child sex trafficking operation; traversing the worlds of high finance, elite science, covert intelligence, and international politics. When looking deeper; the specific network held by both Epstein and Maxwell is nothing short of globally impressive and significantly influential. It is important to stay mindful of the history sowed by the Maxwell family; alongside their billionaire media empire. The leverage gained through access to, and subsequent blackmail of, highly influential individuals provided Ghislaine, Jeffrey and conspirators with the tools to enable the abuse and trafficking of minors on an international scale. As shown by a now deleted biography web page made by the Edge Foundation: Epstein is a former member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York Academy of Science and a former Rockefeller University Board Member. How did this person from Long Island access and develop such worldly, powerful relationships? How did he amass such wealth? How did he maintain these relationships; especially after becoming a convicted sex offender in 2008? Examining his extended network may provide further context. We must first understand the specific relationships that enabled Maxwell and Epstein (alongside individuals who ignored the pair's troubled pasts for financial gain); exploring this far-reaching network helps to illustrate how this operation perpetrated atrocities with legal impunity. It may be a surprise to some; but the name Jeffrey Epstein is well known throughout "power broker" circles. It would be accurate to describe him as a friend of royalty, and Wall Street mainstay (even more so it seems, after serving time for child sex crimes and registering as a sex offender in 2008). It's important to preface; these relationships have been organized to demonstrate the capacity in which Epstein and Ghislaine interacted with the individual. Efforts have been made to present all relevant information with respect to the level of implication/incrimination; it's understood that certain relationships of Epstein's and Maxwell's may have been business-like in nature. However, there are several individuals that are directly implicated, (after Epstein's 2008 conviction) and at best neglectful of the serious illegal activities undertaken by Epstein and Maxwell. It is simply impossible to capture the broad scope of this complex network without meticulous deliberation. Think of this as a central depository of information that can be used to demonstrate the far-reaching access and influence of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. An introductory piece, that acts as a bird’s eye view of the network in question. This will be three-part article. This article will focus on the financer and political connections Epstein and Maxwell had. The second part of the article will focus on the influence the duo had within the International and Public Policy circles. The final article will focus on celebrity connections. Demonstrating Epstein and Ghislaine's relationships: Finance, Royalty & Politics Jes Staley Former VP of J.P Morgan; Most recently CEO of Barclays Staley is present in Epstein's black book. Staley visited Epstein during his 2008-2009 prison stay, while working as Jamie Dimon's V.P. at J.P Morgan; Staley and Epstein made contact regularly. Staley has recently stepped down from his recent role at Barclays, following an internal investigation that also found he sent over 1,200 emails to Epstein, some containing the term "Snow White", possibly referencing an often-used colloquialism for cocaine (or prostitutes). Staley is seen alongside Epstein, Bill Gates, Boris Nikolic and Larry Summers in the photo heading this NYT article linked below: Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P Morgan During Epstein's prison stay in 2008, he received a call from then U.K Cabinet Minister Lord Pete Mandelson; who was in pursuit of a meeting between himself and one Mr. Jamie Dimon, current CEO of J.P Morgan. It's important to note that J.P Morgan has also had a history of mysterious deaths at their firm. $1.3B of cocaine was seized from a freighter ship owned by J.P Morgan, demonstrating that their boats have been used for illegal trafficking purposes in the past: Larry Summers; Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve and Former President of Harvard; Current Harvard Professor Summers is present in Epstein's Flight logs. Larry Summers has been photographed with Epstein several times, alongside other fellow Ivy League science professors, such as Steven Pinker and John Brockman. Lynn Forester De Rothschild: Founding and Managing Partner of The Council for Inclusive Capitalism, Independent Director of E.L Rothschild Family Investment Office (which holds majority ownership of The Economist Media Group) Seen in Epstein's flight logs before her marriage to Sir Evelyn, is displayed as "Lynn Forester". Lynn and Epstein flew out of the same airport that would eventually become the stage for his 2019 arrest; Teterboro, NY. According to the NY Post and New Yorker respectively; Lynn was responsible for introducing Epstein to Maxwell and Alan Dershowitz: She also sold her NYC townhouse to Epstein for 80% below market value. Peter Soros, Manager of Soros Management Fund, Nephew of George Soros Present in Epstein's black book. Glen Dubin, Founder of Highbridge Capital Management, Founding Member of the Robinhood Foundation charity Glen was found in Epstein’s black book. Glen Dubin and his wife, Former Swedish model Eva Andresson-Dubin (who also formerly dated Epstein) are both implicated heavily in Epstein's operation. Their family butler has testified that he witnessed a 15-year-old girl (then employed as a baby sitter by the Dubin’s) admitted to being forced into having sex with Epstein by Maxwell." Epstein and Maxwell had physically threatened to harm her and seized her passport to keep her on the island, according to the butler’s statement." A Miami Herald article outlines Dubin's (and others) involvement in Epstein's operation. According to Vanity Fair, Glen Dubin introduced Epstein to then JP Morgan VP, Jes Staley: According to the New York Post; Epstein had told the Dubin's he "wanted to marry" their teenage daughter. Donald Trump, former U.S President As per Business Insider's detailed timeline, Donald Trump maintained a relationship with Epstein and Maxwell spanning decades. Epstein child sex trafficking victim Virginia Guiffre was recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell at Trump-owned Mar-A-Lago, demonstrating that at least one of Donald's businesses participated in (and failed to protect staff from) child human sex trafficking and abduction. Trump eventually banned Epstein from Mar-A-Lago in 2005 for harassing a members underaged daughter. A profile written by Maximum Golf Magazine reporter Michael Cochran, illustrates just how friendly the former president and Epstein were. Epstein and Maxwell both traveled on Trump's private plane with a younger woman described by Cochran as appearing "between the ages of 15 and 20 years old". According to journalist and author Michael Wolff, Epstein disclosed that he believed a plea deal could be reached with prosecutors by offering to reveal secrets about former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Ten years later, Trump told New York Magazine that he’d known Epstein for 15 years. “Terrific guy,” said Trump. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” Trump’s name appears on the flight log for Epstein’s plane, and Epstein’s brother claimed that Trump flew on the aircraft “numerous times” A sex crime complaint was filed against Donald Trump and Jefferey Epstein in 2016, alleging a 1993 child abduction and rape (concealing the identity of the victim for safety reasons). The judge subverted due process and refused to grant a trial for either complaint attempt; an unsettling trend in the handling of many accusations that attempted to seek justice for the victims of Epstein's operation. Trump has also denied knowing Prince Andrew (established Epstein sex trafficking conspirator), despite speaking fondly of him in the past. Trumps brother; Robert Trump is also present in Epstein's black book along with his wife Blaine. When asked about Ghislaine Maxwell, Trump responded "I've met her numerous times over the years, I wish her well; whatever it is". Trump's late lawyer, Roy Cohn, had previously assisted Epstein and Les Wexner in legal matters and provided legal guidance for MEGA Group (among other high-profile clients and organizations). Perhaps in an effort to get ahead of the narrative, Trump suggested he had knowledge regarding abuse on Epstein's island perpetrated by Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton in 2015 at a CPAC convention; but has failed to address troubling details surrounding his long-time relationship with Epstein. It's extremely concerning that (at least) 2 former U.S presidents have decades long relationships, and apparent implication within Epstein's child sex trafficking operation. Edgar Bronfman Jr. of the Seagrams fortune, Father of Claire Bronfman; who was charged for her role in the NVIXM sex trafficking cult sting of Kieth Raniere and conspirators Seen in the black book. Edgar's daughter Claire participated in NVIXM's "sex trafficking pyramid scheme" that employed tactics common to human trafficking, also used by Epstein; where victims of trafficking are encouraged or forced to recruit others. Claire was photographed with Richard Branson (also in Epstein's black book) during a conference held on his private Necker Island. This article highlights how NVIXM used established manipulation techniques intertwined in "spiritual teachings" in aims of encouraging an increase of openness to suggestion in their followers; a known cult strategy. Leon Black; Former CEO of Apollo Global, Former Board Member of The Museum of Modern Art Black loaned Epstein $158 Million. Currently facing a lawsuit accusing him of rape; Leon Black's connection to Epstein is damning for both Apollo Global and the Museum of Modern Art, of which Black sat on the board of. Mort Zuckerman; CEO Boston Properties Zuckerman is present in Epstein's black book. Mort Zuckerman has been accused of sexual assault by Guzel Ganieva, Mort has received a subpoena to provide testimony in the trial of Leon Black to explain his own involvement: Lord Anthony Bamford, CEO of J.C Bamford Bamford is present in Epstein's black book. Here is a detailed account of Bamford's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Evelyn De Rothschild, British Economist, Financier & Media Mogul Evelyn is present in Epstein's black book. According to the NY Post, Epstein and Maxwell were first introduced to each other by Lynn Rothschild at Evelyn De Rothschild's birthday party in 1999. Prince Andrew, Duke of York Andrew and Epstein had a relationship spanning decades, originally meeting in 1999. The Duke of York is implicated in Epstein's child trafficking operation and has been accused of child rape by Maxwell accuser Virginia Guiffre. The royal family has made an effort to bury this story and protect Andrew; adding to an unsettling pattern, that reveals a systematic failure to seek justice for the victims of Epstein, and co-conspirators. Richard Branson; Financier, Founder of Virgin Airlines Branson is present in Epstein's black book. Branson is also a Co-Founder of Storm Management Modeling. Branson also served on the board of the International Centre for Missing and Abused Children (alongside Hilary Clinton) and owns a private island himself (Necker Island). Now deleted "Who We Are" ICMEC webpage that displays a photo of Hillary Clinton. In Scott Picken's YouTube video, he is filming from Branson's Necker Island, during a trip he spent with Branson and friends. He mentions that Branson has another "very private island, so private, no one even knows about it" called Mesquite Island. 1 minute and 43 seconds through this video Picken also states: "and that's the temple, what's interesting about the temple is Nelson Mandela, Desmon TuTu, Jimmy Carter and many, many other important people come together here to solve global issues". Epstein's island also had a temple that many prominent global leaders visited. At the end of this video, when Scott goes up to the roof of the estate; two massage tables and two girls in a small hot tub are seen. Picken mentions that "guys are getting massages" and then appears to be asked if he'd like a massage from one of the girls (which he declines): Michael Bloomberg, former New York Mayor 2002-2013, Founder of Bloomberg Bloomberg is present in Epstein's black book. Bloomberg is seen here pictured with Ghislaine Maxwell. Andrew Cuomo, former New York Governor 2011-2021 Cuomo, alongside Kerry Kennedy, is present in Epstein's black book. Cuomo has been accused of several sexual harassment and abuse crimes and has a history of attempting to deny justice to victims of sex crimes. According to the NY Post, Kerry Kennedy stated she "slept in the bathroom" to avoid Cuomo's abuse. His accusers (Charlotte Bennett, Lindsey Boylan, Ana Liss, Alyssa Mcgrath, Virginia Lematis, Anna Ruch, Karen Hilton and several anonymous victims) and their accusations are summarized here. Bill Richardson; former New Mexico Governor Richardson is present in Epstein's black book. Richardson himself has recalled at least one occasion that he visited Epstein's Zorro ranch. Epstein's now infamous "Zorro Ranch" mansion is located in New Mexico. Richardson is directly implicated in Epstein's operation. George Mitchell, Oil Family Heir, former Disney CEO and Politician (served under Clinton and Obama, also a Senator for Maine, 1980-1995 and Honorary Knight of the Order of the British Empire) Mitchell is present in Epstein's black book. George Mitchell and Bill Richardson have been accused of direct involvement in Epstein's child sex trafficking operation by Virginia Giuffre. This is particularly troubling as Mitchell oversaw the Philadelphia Archdiocese compensation fund for victims of clergy sex abuse back in 2018. Mitchell is directly implicated in Epstein's operation. Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman Epstein flew to visit bin Salman on the eve of 2016 U.S Election. Bin Salman visited Epstein's home "many times," as was disclosed in a 2018 NYT interview with Epstein, conducted in Epstein's NYC apartment by James B. Stewart. Bin Salman manages the Saudi Sovreign Wealth fund; a large investor in both Tesla and Amazon (among a range of other financial products). Epstein had an Austrian passport, listing a Saudi Arabia address. It was found in a locked safe in Epstein's home along with over $70,000 in cash and loose diamonds, court papers revealed. Elon Musk In this same article linked above, Stewart reported: "I’d never met Epstein before. I had contacted him because my colleagues and I had heard a rumor that he was advising Tesla’s embattled chief executive, Elon Musk, who was in trouble after announcing on Twitter that he had lined up the funding to take Tesla private. Epstein may have been attempting to establish the impression of a business relationship with Elon Musk; it's unknown if Epstein was in fact advising Tesla or Musk in any capacity, it's possible he was merely another Wall Street Tesla investor (with access to a lot of capital) from Musk's perspective. However, according to the Business Insider, Epstein and his entourage were provided with a private tour of Musk's Space X facility in Hawthorne, California, in 2012. It appears Epstein was indeed trying to gain access to Musk; and had hoped that Kimbal Musk's relationship with one of his ex-girlfriends would provide opportunities of access to Elon. Musk and then spouse, Talulah Riley also allegedly visited Epstein's house during a busy day of several business appointments. It is also of note that Bin Salman's Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund purchased a significant stake in Tesla shortly after it was reported that Epstein was "working in some capacity" with Tesla. It appears that Epstein may have been responsible for sourcing this investment on Tesla's (or possibly his own) behalf. Jeff Bezos, Founder of Blue Origin, Former CEO and Current Board Member Amazon Bezos attended a dinner with Epstein (after Jeffrey was a known sex offender). Bezos also attended a book reading where Ghislaine Maxwell was also present. Bezos was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to meet with Crown Prince MBS (bin Salman) on the eve of the 2016 U.S Election. "On November 9, the day Epstein's jet returned to Paris, MBS held an unrelated meeting with Bezos, several Amazon executives, and two Saudi ministers. The Saudi Press Agency said they "discussed fields of cooperation and investment opportunities available according to the Kingdom's Vision 2030," the crown prince's signature economic initiative." Epstein was also in Riyadh on this date. "Kingdom's Vision" is constructed alongside the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" and efforts made by the "Council for Inclusive Capitalism" (a strategy by financers to expose people of poverty to higher debt exposure, and subsequent debt slavery). All three aim to complete their goals by the year 2030. All three organizations possess overlapping circles; many of whom possessing a relationship with Epstein or Maxwell. Similar to Musk, Bezos may have been engaging with Epstein to gain access to investments otherwise out of reach; such as bin Salman and Henry Kravis of KKR (KKR is a major Amazon investor and has inked multiple real estate deals with Amazon since 2011). Bill Clinton, Former U.S President Clinton is Present in the Epstein flight logs. Bill's wife, Hillary, held a campaign fundraiser at Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick's house; located next door to Epstein's NYC apartment. As mentioned earlier in this article Donald Trump used this very same location for his 2016 campaign fundraiser. Clinton travelled to Africa alongside Epstein, Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker in 2002. As confirmed by this 1995 copy of a Trilateral Commission ledger; Clinton also served on the Trilateral Commission alongside Epstein, Henry Kissinger, George Soros and David Rockefeller: Bill has denied traveling to Epstein's island (although victim testimony suggests otherwise). Trump and Clinton possessed a strong relationship prior to the 2016 election; and Trump has donated multiple times to the Clinton Foundation: Al Gore, Former U.S Vice President (Serving under Clinton) Al and his wife Tipper Gore are alleged to have visited Epstein's Island. Lord Mandelson U.K politician and Blair's Cabinet Minister Mandelson is present in Epstein's black book.Mendelson made contact with Epstein during his 2009 prison stay (after being found guilty of sex crimes/child sex trafficking Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel Barak is found in Epstein's black book. As reported by the Daily Mail, Barak was seen entering Epstein's Penthouse attempting to shield his face; shortly after, he was followed by multiple "younger girls". Charles Spencer, Princess Diana's Brother Present in Epstein's 2nd Black Book, dated 1997.
  16. Intimidation from the accused. She's not worried at all. She knows nothing will come of this trial. If she gets acquitted we'll know how deep the rot goes.
  17. Searching Epstein's House: Day 5 of the Maxwell Trial The Free Press Report Dec 4 Comment Share Following a week of extensive deliberation from prosecutors pursued in efforts to provide further context to the jury, the public and journalists alike would shuffle into overflow rooms fitted with live video feeds once more, on the morning of December 3rd, 2021. Day five of the Maxwell Trial would commence with prosecution establishing the noted relevance of school girl outfits owned by Epstein and Maxwell to establish consistency within previous alleged testimony given previously. Cross examination of Epstein’s former house manager would follow. Juan Alessi; a witness that had authenticated Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous black book the day prior. Prosecution proceeded by questioning Alessi as to the whereabouts of $6,300 and a handgun. Both of these allegedly stolen from Epstein. It was at this moment the Defense would make an incredulous regression. The full legal name of witness known as “Jane” would be repeated aloud for the Jury and public to hear on two separate occasions, shocking observers within the overflow rooms. Judge Nathan firmly reminded the Defense of their obligation to abide by the rules of the court. After this stern warning the defense would scrutinize a previous 2016 deposition under the premise that it contradicted Juan’s identification of Jane made the prior day. Further request for Alessi to explain the extent of his own awareness pertaining to Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation was also requested by the defense (as he had given testimony recalling the cleaning of massage tables and sex toys of Epstein’s used in criminal child sex acts, implicating him directly). The defense asked “Mr. Alessi, at Mr. Epstein's direction you called women and set up massages, correct?” He responded “yes”. Questioning proceeded: “And when you cleaned the massage room, you had seen signs of violence, right? No one complained to you about that?” Alessi proclaimed that he was somehow oblivious to the child sex trafficking operation he had enabled and assisted, responding: “No. but I wish they had. I would have done something.” It was reported that observers within the overflow rooms responded to this assertion with laughter, as it was difficult to believe Alessi could stay ignorant of such clear signs of child sex abuse during his tenure of employment. Alessi was excused by the Defense. Officer Gregory Parkinson of Palm Beach PD would take the witness stand next. Parkinson was requested by prosecutors to verify a video of an FBI walk-through conducted in 2005; along with several items that were seized as evidence from Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion following his arrest. Throughout this testimony Officer Parkinson would authenticate a photo of Pope John Paul II blessing Epstein and Maxwell during a trip to the Vatican in 2003. Four other individuals appear in photo (but only one is identifiable), a woman in a burka can be seen in the background over the right shoulder of Epstein with two other individuals at her sides, there is also another Vatican official seen above the Pope. Parkinson would continue verify several other personal effects of Epstein’s including a massage table. An extremely brief cross examination from Maxwell defense attorney Everdell mistakenly guided Parkinson to identify photos owned by Epstein that were allegedly stored openly on his desk, where Ghislaine would have been able to witness them. Officer Michael Dawson, Palm Beach PD would take the stand as the final witness of the week’s proceedings at 4:38pm. Dawson would proceed to describe the disturbing array of personal items seized from Jeffrey Epstein during the 2005 raid on his Palm Beach Mansion. When asked “What were you looking for, during the search?” Dawson responded: “Massage tables and oil, sex toys. There were a lot of photos of nude females. We seized a phone book, a massage table, photo of a nude female, and a sex toy called the torpedo.” This testimony now adds specific scrutiny of the legal proceedings that followed such findings in 2005. Overt failure to follow up by law enforcement officials should be noted. The week’s proceedings concluded following a cross examination of witnesses Dawson and Alessi; as the defense desperately attempted to shift the jury’s focus to the aforementioned theft of Epstein’s personal effects with little success. Judge Nathan adjourned proceedings at SDNY courthouse at roughly 4:59PM Friday afternoon. Day six coverage of the Maxwell Trial will return on Monday the 6th of December, as focus turns to further scrutiny of Epstein and Maxwell’s network.
  18. I like this idea too Nobby. Anyone got a link or PDF of the WEF "Welcome to 2030" article? I can't find it for toffee now. I'm sure if you printed that out and put it through enough doors people would soon wake up. Use their own words and methods against them. If only that article was still online. A QR code linked to that would be awesome coz people would see it as being authentic. Their website is very professional
  19. This thread has some good info. You can't mandate this jab based on the FDA'S own documents
  20. But that is just straight up illegal GR. They can go fuck themselves.
  21. Well I never... look at the symbol behind her left shoulder. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/nov/29/ghislaine-maxwell-sex-trafficking-trial
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