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  1. Lots of fences going up around government buildings in the West. Part 2 incoming. Most likely a massive financial crash and recession/depression, let that roll for a year or 2 and then drop the CBDC and digital hellscape. Alot of pissed off hungry people equals civil unrest and rampant criminality, the like of which we've probably never seen in the West.
  2. Yeah, a decade give or take a year usually but the last 2 years of bullshit should tell you that the poison will breeze through the licensing process. They do what they want, there ain't an institution on the face of the planet they don't have the ability to press.
  3. Indeed mate. But....they will wait until the jab has been licensed and approved (which it will be) in 2023/4 before they start with this..
  4. Have gone through the document and can find nothing that says section 124 applies only to those in custody Morph. The section in question is titled 'The case for reforming UK human rights' with this as it's summary... Summary The government wants to strengthen the UK’s long tradition of protecting human rights. It supports the fundamental rights set out in the Convention but believes that the framework for the application of human rights has proved flawed. In particular, we have seen: the growth of a ‘rights culture’ that has displaced due focus on personal responsibility and the public interest; the creation of legal uncertainty, confusion and risk aversion for those delivering public services on the frontline; public protection put at risk by the exponential expansion of rights; and public policy priorities and decisions affecting public expenditure shift from Parliament to the courts, creating a democratic deficit. This section sets out how these problems have distorted the proper protection of human rights in the UK, and undermined public confidence It's a general overhall and doesn't go into specifics as far as I can tell. The document lumps prisoners and civilians together. The rights of prisoners are still human rights but obviously they forfeit certain rights by the very nature of their situation. Apparently Germany have done similar reworking of their 'human rights' relatively recently....
  5. Indeed mate. Very ambiguous language.
  6. Possibly Morph. But nothing on the official site distinguishes this. I'll have a dig and get back to you.
  7. I know. They are relentless, the parasitic elite. People need to know about this. There are a few people pushing the info on twitter,but the gov will try and keep this quiet. It'll pass without even a whisper unless we start shouting about it.
  8. Afternoon all. They may have dropped the mandate for NHS workers in the UK but they are working on a flanking manuever which will allow mandatory jabbing of anyone and everyone in the UK. They failed to get through the front door so they are going round the back. They are using their new 'Human rights act Reform' to enable this. It's bad news for us all in the UK if this goes through. They can use this to force medication on you or enter your home for 'the greater good' This fight ain't over at all. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/human-rights-act-reform-a-modern-bill-of-rights
  9. Not everyday you get to listen to David talk for free in your home town
  10. Not sure Rolandson, it said part two was coming later...
  11. Just seen this about the new prisons being built in the UK. Disturbing is not the word. "HMP Five Wells is a new establishment that will begin receiving patients from January 2022" "Practice Plus Group were recently awarded the healthcare contract at HMP Five Wells and will begin delivering services in January 2022. We are the Health in Justice market leader, providing healthcare services to offenders across the country. Our model of care is our Wellbeing Approach – an integrated, comprehensive approach in recognition of the fact prisoners are a socially-excluded group with healthcare needs which are complex and often associated with poor outcomes. It adopts the premise no single health or wellbeing factor can be taken in isolation of other motivational issues which might impact a person’s care." https://practiceplusgroup.com/our-jobs/healthcare-divisions/prison-healthcare/hmp-five-wells/ Shit is getting really real now.
  12. Andrew Neil was a frequent flyer on the Lolita Express...need we say more...
  13. True. I'm not discouraging others. I just don't fancy it. I don't trust this forums security I'm afraid. I get enough spam in my Inbox, most of it started after I had a confrontation on here with Ween Dwijler.....just a coincidence I'm sure.
  14. Fuck Gmail. I hate it. Not much point anyway as we are all spread out over the world. Better of writing an actual letter....Who to trust on here anyway? No way of knowing what type of degenerates you lot really are .
  15. I thought the forum was gone this morning. I kept getting a cloudflare response saying there was an error from the server. I like what you're suggesting GR but Nemuri is right. It's not safe to share personal email even in private messages. What about a Telegram or Signal group?
  16. So, it's work from home, jab passports for nightclubs and gigs and face masks at the cinema here in the UK. Witty, Valance and Boris have been giving a nice little slide show again. Let's take a look at this one... These are "cases presenting to emergency care within 28 days of a positive test resulting in overnight inpatient admission" So you could be unvaccinated, asymptomatically positive 3 weeks before before breaking your arm, spend the night waiting for xrays and a cast to be done and go down in the figures as a Covid hospitalisation? They are laughing at us..
  17. Twitter Suspension The Free Press Report Dec 8 Comment Share I woke up this morning and the @TrackerTrial account on Twitter was suspended. All the other accounts that I have made in the past were also suspended. This was the only note that I received. The @TrackerTrial account was the largest account on Twitter that specifically tracked the Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein trial. According to Twitter’s rules, apparently the account was “artificially” amplifying information. I am not sure what I was “amplifying” and how I was doing that. The account got insane engagement, which by the way, was all organic. There was not outside amplification. The people wanted to hear the truth about the Ghislaine Maxwell, and Jeffrey Epstein trial and the engagement numbers showed that. There were hundreds of millions in impressions and an account that went from zero to over 525,000 followers in a couple of weeks. All we did was report information from the trial that the mainstream media was failing to do. Going forward we will continue to report on the trial and all forms of big government and corporate corruption. This is just the beginning. We have appealed to Twitter for a possible lift of the suspension, but it is likely we will never hear from them. Big tech has gotten too powerful, and they can silence us anytime they want. As we wrote earlier in the week in an article titled, The Global Media Industrial Complex: Local blogs and websites are suppressed by big tech algorithms. If you write one thing out of line Google can institute a site wide ban, making sure you never show up in search algorithms again. Facebook restricts what is posted on their website. Twitter suppresses any outside links, to keep users on their own site. The year is 2021 and big brother is watching. The only thing I am asking is for everyone to share this article to get the word out. All information pertaining to this trial will be exclusively written here. I also have a Gab account if anyone is interested in a more informal route of communication. Finally, if you want to support the freedom of speech and press, consider becoming a paid member of The Free Press Report. The only way for us to stay independent and provide coverage of corruption indefinitely is to be a reader supported publication. We need to go back to the old school days where the PEOPLE supported and funded the free press. The Founding Fathers believed in the freedom of press. The right to report on news and circulate opinion without censorship from the government. Today this censorship is from big tech, another powerful arm of a tyrannical government. You can help support the freedom of the press by becoming a paid subscriber to The Free Press Report. For the cost of only one coffee per month, you can help liberate knowledge and support the right to a free press. You can help keep The Free Press Report internally funded by the people, for the people. The Free Press Report is a reader-supported publication. To support the freedom of press, consider becoming a paid subscriber. For the cost of only one coffee per month, you can make a difference in censorship from big tech.
  18. Maxwell trial tracker has been taken down from twitter for "artificially amplifying information" about the trial... https://nationalfile.com/twitter-bans-account-posted-updates-ghislaine-maxwell-jeffrey-epstein-trial/
  19. In fact just send this to James Delingpole. It needs to be done quick before Boris introduces passports and then gets the boot. There was no party, this is a ploy. Johnson brings in the Vax passport then gets the boot all the plebs cheer and we get an even bigger cunt as PM if that's even possible.
  20. Very good spot JellyBean. Is anyone on twitter here? Be worth sending this to Maajid Nawaz, James Delingpole, Toby Young or Bernie Spofforth. They all have quite wide reach. Definitely funny business going on here, they're going to depose Johnson with this.
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