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  1. Haha. I don't read it so to speak Morph. I look at it as I've become quite good at decoding the horse shit they spew. They are always the leader when it comes to promoting the agenda in a backhanded sort of way. I figure, if I take the opposite of what they report, it's usually quite close to the truth.
  2. I don't know what Putin is at this point. Are there factions amongst the scum at the top? Is that what we're seeing, some sort of power struggle between zio factions? God knows, but I dont.
  3. So many good posts here today. Lots of info to look at.. @oddsnsods I'm gonna need another go in the dip mate. Been on the Guardian again.. Here is an article about the BioLabs in Ukraine. Russia are taking their 'unfounded' claims to the UN. The article doesn't explain why Russia are claiming there are US funded biolabs developing race targeted pathogens in Ukraine, it just says they are 'unfounded'. This makes me think the whole purpose of the 'special operation' was about these labs. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/11/russia-un-claims-us-backed-biological-weapon-plot-kremlin-foreign-fighters-ukraine
  4. I got called a "fascist cunt" at work the other day for suggesting that Putin might not be the 21st century Hitler. It was like a switch was flicked in their tiny minds, went from laughing and joking to all out insults in a heartbeat. I'm surrounded by meatheads, shitlibs and brain-dead morons. "Zelenskiy is a legend, such a great statesman".... he's an actor for fucks sake so he's going to be a pretty good speaker eh?!?! This war is quite plainly part of the overall agenda, I would go so far as to say it is a massive part of their 'Net Zero, You Will Own Nothing/ Depopulation' plan. They are using it as an excuse to fast forward the asset stripping of the Western nations. All I'm hearing is "rising price of fuel, rising price of food". Fuel poverty, food poverty and poverty in general is coming to the west at full speed. And that will help people to die faster.... People will slowly start defaulting on debts and we know where it will end don't we. Massive financial meltdown and the buying up of real estate by our friends at BlackRock and Vanguard. All of it will be squarely blamed on Putin/ Russia. It WAS the reds under the bed all along, and we know who created them don't we.... Oy vey!
  5. My 6 year old has been coming home from school shitting himself about Ukraine. The school just keep banging on about it. To say I am pissed off is a huge understatement. Wtf does a 6 year old need to know about this? The school system has been co opted by think tanks and social engineers. Home schooling is starting to look like a necessity.
  6. EMP blaster should do the trick. Get yours here https://www.amazing1.com/emp.html
  7. The horse looks flustered. The protests are getting to her, or rather her handlers are losing patience with her... She's going under the bus with Trudeau. Not long now...
  8. Hehe... https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/feb/20/queen-tests-positive-for-covid
  9. Lots of fences going up around government buildings in the West. Part 2 incoming. Most likely a massive financial crash and recession/depression, let that roll for a year or 2 and then drop the CBDC and digital hellscape. Alot of pissed off hungry people equals civil unrest and rampant criminality, the like of which we've probably never seen in the West.
  10. Yeah, a decade give or take a year usually but the last 2 years of bullshit should tell you that the poison will breeze through the licensing process. They do what they want, there ain't an institution on the face of the planet they don't have the ability to press.
  11. Indeed mate. But....they will wait until the jab has been licensed and approved (which it will be) in 2023/4 before they start with this..
  12. Have gone through the document and can find nothing that says section 124 applies only to those in custody Morph. The section in question is titled 'The case for reforming UK human rights' with this as it's summary... Summary The government wants to strengthen the UK’s long tradition of protecting human rights. It supports the fundamental rights set out in the Convention but believes that the framework for the application of human rights has proved flawed. In particular, we have seen: the growth of a ‘rights culture’ that has displaced due focus on personal responsibility and the public interest; the creation of legal uncertainty, confusion and risk aversion for those delivering public services on the frontline; public protection put at risk by the exponential expansion of rights; and public policy priorities and decisions affecting public expenditure shift from Parliament to the courts, creating a democratic deficit. This section sets out how these problems have distorted the proper protection of human rights in the UK, and undermined public confidence It's a general overhall and doesn't go into specifics as far as I can tell. The document lumps prisoners and civilians together. The rights of prisoners are still human rights but obviously they forfeit certain rights by the very nature of their situation. Apparently Germany have done similar reworking of their 'human rights' relatively recently....
  13. Indeed mate. Very ambiguous language.
  14. Possibly Morph. But nothing on the official site distinguishes this. I'll have a dig and get back to you.
  15. I know. They are relentless, the parasitic elite. People need to know about this. There are a few people pushing the info on twitter,but the gov will try and keep this quiet. It'll pass without even a whisper unless we start shouting about it.
  16. Afternoon all. They may have dropped the mandate for NHS workers in the UK but they are working on a flanking manuever which will allow mandatory jabbing of anyone and everyone in the UK. They failed to get through the front door so they are going round the back. They are using their new 'Human rights act Reform' to enable this. It's bad news for us all in the UK if this goes through. They can use this to force medication on you or enter your home for 'the greater good' This fight ain't over at all. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/human-rights-act-reform-a-modern-bill-of-rights
  17. Not everyday you get to listen to David talk for free in your home town
  18. Not sure Rolandson, it said part two was coming later...
  19. Just seen this about the new prisons being built in the UK. Disturbing is not the word. "HMP Five Wells is a new establishment that will begin receiving patients from January 2022" "Practice Plus Group were recently awarded the healthcare contract at HMP Five Wells and will begin delivering services in January 2022. We are the Health in Justice market leader, providing healthcare services to offenders across the country. Our model of care is our Wellbeing Approach – an integrated, comprehensive approach in recognition of the fact prisoners are a socially-excluded group with healthcare needs which are complex and often associated with poor outcomes. It adopts the premise no single health or wellbeing factor can be taken in isolation of other motivational issues which might impact a person’s care." https://practiceplusgroup.com/our-jobs/healthcare-divisions/prison-healthcare/hmp-five-wells/ Shit is getting really real now.
  20. Andrew Neil was a frequent flyer on the Lolita Express...need we say more...
  21. True. I'm not discouraging others. I just don't fancy it. I don't trust this forums security I'm afraid. I get enough spam in my Inbox, most of it started after I had a confrontation on here with Ween Dwijler.....just a coincidence I'm sure.
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