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  1. Wow Mac. That's some powerful shit. Seen some stuff about this on twitter lately..
  2. It's for you to find out out yourself. It has to be that way.
  3. I remember thinking it was all about money and oil and families back in maybe 2003..then I quickly discovered what we're really dealing with..... Something way beyond the scope of most peoples imaginations.
  4. Watch the small side light above the word 'Emergency' on the side.
  5. This I find interesting. I've been re-reading "The Eighth Tower" by John Keel and he talks about the "Superspectrum" which resonates with this. In it he postulates that 'it' knows everything about the future and past and has control over all matter in the universe and it's basically f**king with us for fun from a sub dimension. It's a good read, some bits I found we're excellent. I have always had a REALLY bad vibe from Musk. I have never liked the guy and always felt that his story doesn't add up somehow. I've spent the last 4 days on twitter, never had an account before. It's a hellish nightmare of a place. When Musk bought his share people were fawning over him like school kids. Anyone who makes this much money during a 'pandemic' stinks..
  6. @Velma shame it's not Sturgeon eh? Another classic from the Sunday Sport.
  7. How to find the truth in this world? This though, is horrible.. the hipocrisy of our brazen elites is unbelievable https://twitter.com/TJ0059/status/1507729642639265797?s=20&t=aM5Df4DjEktTrJ5quyjdXQ Sorry, can't embed for some reason.
  8. The DIY world is rife with it. Most drills seem to be blue, yellow, black or red. Check this one out, it's got the full Ukrainian fascist rainbow..(in relation to @skitzorat last post.) Sorry mods, off on a tangent. Will stop now.
  9. Drove past one of these the other day... Appropriate name eh? First thing I noticed were the colours,never given it a thought before all this. Clever bastards. Starting to see alot of pro Ukraine gestures around my way too. A few flags, signs and stuff saying support Ukraine.
  10. Ive been going back through the work of Chris Morris these last few days. I miss this stuff so much. Here's a pertinent clip...
  11. This world is a god damn show. After 25 days of this 'war' I am 100% convinced it's all part of the general ass fucking leading to Agenda2030. The narrative's at play all fit in so nicely, the Bio-lab tie in with the well established COVID fear, the fuel/energy crisis slotting nicely with the green agenda, the refugee crisis slides nicely into the Kalergi/replacement agenda. The cost of living/inflation crisis eventually resulting in CBDC and "You will own nothing". And still all the turkeys are begging for Christmas. I fucking despair.
  12. Look like prostitutes to me. All part of the plan. Death and fucking. That's all they want you to think about.
  13. Some plucky Brit decided to go to Ukraine at the beginning of this month and take a good look round. This is what he found... https://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=250835
  14. 'Experts' fear. So sick of this 'expert' shite. Why do you need an expert to provide bullshit conjecture on this? Here's a headline... 'Russians could launch "vicious and barbaric" sausage attacks from siezed butcher shops, experts fear'. Same thinking.
  15. Another 'masterfully written' piece from the g**rdian. Is this why we use terms like 'act of war' and 'theatre of conflict'? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/13/us-veteran-ships-film-set-military-equipment-ukraine
  16. There is definitely something about this lab story. It's a real puzzle. Pandemic 2? Surely it's too soon? Unless this is a protracted conflict and they use it later. They seem to be checking all the fear boxes, Nuclear, biological etc . I can't get my head around what's happening at the moment. All I know is that it stinks to high hell. I've seen a lot of war reported on TV in my 40+ years but the reporting and 'footage' from this one seem off to put it mildly. I've never seen such sanctions/corporate shunning either. Russians are being shafted on all levels. Putin has definitely pissed someone off. The Ukraine seems to be some sort of crucible for brewing up a shitstorm, that much is certain.
  17. Haha. I don't read it so to speak Morph. I look at it as I've become quite good at decoding the horse shit they spew. They are always the leader when it comes to promoting the agenda in a backhanded sort of way. I figure, if I take the opposite of what they report, it's usually quite close to the truth.
  18. I don't know what Putin is at this point. Are there factions amongst the scum at the top? Is that what we're seeing, some sort of power struggle between zio factions? God knows, but I dont.
  19. So many good posts here today. Lots of info to look at.. @oddsnsods I'm gonna need another go in the dip mate. Been on the Guardian again.. Here is an article about the BioLabs in Ukraine. Russia are taking their 'unfounded' claims to the UN. The article doesn't explain why Russia are claiming there are US funded biolabs developing race targeted pathogens in Ukraine, it just says they are 'unfounded'. This makes me think the whole purpose of the 'special operation' was about these labs. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/11/russia-un-claims-us-backed-biological-weapon-plot-kremlin-foreign-fighters-ukraine
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