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  1. Yeadon laying it ALL out for the normies. https://odysee.com/@PlanetLockdown:6/Michael-Yeadon-full-interview:8?src=open
  2. What a lying shit heeled grifter.
  3. The pets thing isn't new on here. Some here were talking about it last year right after the massive mink cull. It's just a logical next step guess. The MSM have been dropping stories about pets getting the bug since last summer. I'm sure the site is probably monitored occasionally by 77 and other agencies but I don't think this will be their first stop for the hottest conspiracy news! We are all just preaching to the converted here.... The PTB have millennia of experience in creating 'reality' and an unimaginably powerful AI system that will trawl through web traffic for them.
  4. Good point. People generally know that a pandemic can't go on forever. How long can they drag this out?
  5. “The next threat may not be flu at all. More than likely it will be an unknown pathogen that we see for the first time during an outbreak. As was the case with SARS, MERS and other recently discovered infectious diseases.” https://www.scientificamerican.com/podcast/episode/bill-gates-announces-a-universal-flu-vaccine-effort/ Yeah, nice one Bill. Is that what we are seeing being pumped into everybody? Did they create a pandemic to try out Bill's Universal flu vaccine coz they knew no one would take it if it was just flu?
  6. I fucking hate woke people, shame they aren't woke to the massive insidious destruction of society that they are enabling .... Tossers.
  7. Filthy non-human scum. Disgusting.
  8. Nice. I like PKD. I've read a lot of his books. The man was definitely able to channel an understanding of the future. 'Flow my tears,the Policeman Said' and ' The Penultimate Truth' are certainly prescient. Valis is mind bending. Especially given the circumstances of its conception. He'd definitely be on my 'dead' dinner guests list. I've also recently read Anthony Peakes 'The Hidden Universe'. Very interesting concepts and similar to 'The Eighth Tower' by John Keel. I'd like to have a look at Icke's book collection and see if there is any PKD in it....
  9. This is a recent comment from OffGuardian, just a little summing up of the vax situation. Pretty much a good way of explaining to 'the clueless' why you don't want jabbing. No theories, just the hardcore facts. Hit that normie HARD with the scary truth then show them the proof on the government's website. This tactic has worked for me on a couple of colleagues. They woke up FAST! Maybe a bit too fast! Paul Apr 20, 2021 6:28 PM The propaganda campaign around these gene therapy treatments masquerading as vaccines is nauseating. From reading the information on the trials my understanding is that these jabs are based on gene therapy treatments and not vaccines. As has been covered extensively they have emergency approval and are not fully licensed. They claim to be producing antibodies to fight the spike protein of a Sars Cov 2 virus. The elephant in the room is this spike protein is from a computer generated version of the spike protein as no virus isolates were available. How does anyone produce antibodies against a computer generated spike protein? The manufacturers make no claim that they stop you getting ‘covid’ or transmitting it. They allegedly reduce symptoms of severe disease. The claim that they reduce transmission is utter bilge. There is no empirical evidence of this. Just because there has been a drop in positive PCR tests does not mean these jabs are effective in preventing transmission of the ‘virus’. And in any case a positive PCR result for traces of the ‘Sars Cov 2 virus’ and a clinical diagnosis of covid 19 disease are 2 completely different things even going by the official narrative. As the manufacturers refuse to accept any responsibility for their product and there is no empirical evidence of their efficacy or for long term safety it seems completely insane for anyone to take this bloody thing. In the UK there has been over half a million adverse reactions and almost a thousand deaths. These figures are likely to be significantly higher as not every reaction will be reported. There is clearly no interest in the medical establishment following up on any of the adverse reactions. They aren’t interested. Integrity is long dead. If anyone wants to take it that’s their prerogative but there is absolutely no reason why anyone under 50 in reasonable health should even contemplate this in my opinion. This is my understanding. Please feel free to correct me
  10. Quiet in here tonight....All at the pub....
  11. Latest Gov stats on adverse reactions are out... Bloody grim stuff. https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/04/17/shocking-11th-report-adverse-reactions-covid-vaccines/
  12. I know Odds. This should be all over the headlines.. When I tell people about the yellow card adverse reactions and deaths some are shocked but some just see it as an inevitable consequence of the roll out!!! Their minds have been ruined and conditioned to think death by jab is preferable to death by imaginary virus. It's like repeatedly smashing your face into a brick wall trying to talk to most people.
  13. Jesus. If this situation we're in wasn't so dangerous for humanity this shit would be laughable. They are priming the dumb public for getting kids vaxxed. We are heading into the BIGGEST shit storm this Autumn. This needs sorting before September or WE ARE COMPLETELY FUCKED. How many kids will have to die from the jab before people wake the fuck up?
  14. The "South African variant" effects the vaccinated MORE than the un-vaxxinated... https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-health-coronavirus-israel-study-idUSKBN2BX0JX
  15. Find a place that will let you in and give them your service.
  16. NZ is the bolt hole for the scum. They don't want mutants roaming around. When we win, and we have to win. I have a proposal. When every one the perpetrators, collaborators and enablers of this are found and come to trial and all the required information on ALL their sordid crimes comes to light. We punish them by doing to them as they want done to us. They can live in a smart city (created especially for them) eating insects, watching endless propaganda, drugged on monthly vaccines against imaginary variants, constantly observed and broadcast 24hrs a day for the purposes of educating future generations about how evil can take root in society and overwhelm it. I'd have the story of this last year taught in every school on the planet.
  17. I just went through and upvoted all the comments I agreed with, there were lots. Made me feel a bit better..
  18. I'm having a hard time of things today Darian. Feel like we are all fucked. Is there anything we can do apart from keep saying "NO" .Feel like I need to get wankered later....
  19. Jesus. It's going to be carnage.
  20. Just been to Sainsbury's with my 5 year old son. No mask, obviously. Worker by the self checkout points at me, then gestures to her colleague who responds "I know, we had 4 in one hour the other day". They count us as we go in. I hope when they finally realise what has been done to them they lose their tiny little minds. Fuckers.
  21. Honestly, this is just bloody ridiculous. "In the week ending 19 March, 10,311 deaths were registered in England and Wales. Every one of these events is a cause of sadness and mourning. But, from a statistical perspective, this is a remarkably low total, the lowest since 2014 for that week. Furthermore, 740 registrations had Covid-19 as the underlying cause and the remaining non-Covid deaths are running below every year in the past decade. So why are there so few deaths?" Article goes on to mention 'mortality displacement'. Meaning those that died last year of 'Covid' would have died this year and that this year's deaths are lower coz last year's deaths were stolen by 'the bug' from this year?!?! It's a goon show out there. https://www.theguardian.com/theobserver/commentisfree/2021/apr/04/how-is-it-possible-that-the-number-of-deaths-is-now-so-low
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