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  1. I've seen some stuff on social media mentioning these two things Neem and Vitamin B17. 1. http://neemfoundation.org/about-neem/neem-and-health/ 2. https://reset.me/story/vitamin-b-17-the-greatest-cover-up-in-the-history-of-cancer/ I haven't had time to look at them in any depth but it doesn't seem like bunk. Lot of talk from the alternative health crowd in the 1970's about vitamin B17. G Edward Griffin did a documentary about it in 1974. https://youtu.be/tPADSv3XAv0
  2. The elite undoubtedly have access to advanced knowledge of nutrition/healing etc. Maybe not your average politicians but the higher ups and useful members of parliament. There are 5g blocking garments available to all, I have a couple of bits from this company. https://shieldapparels.com Can't be too careful . Bottom line is, the real bastards at the top have all the collected knowledge of humanity at their finger tips, Vatican library/ remains of Alexandria library for starters, plus the accumulated knowledge from the industrial/scientific/psychological research done over the last 150 years. They know what works and what doesn't.
  3. Me right now reading the last 2 pages of this thread.
  4. Mods! This thread has been derailed by paranoid Glowies talking about 5g.
  5. Yes of course. I don't mind looking into anything to weigh it up. Its what we're supposed to do as rational intelligent beings looking for the truth. What bothers me is when it gets to the stage that the 'theory' has been debunked by our peers in this community yet it somehow keeps coming back around again and again. I saw a quote that was supposedly from Klaus Schwab's COVID 19/Great Reset book where it basically said in plain English that the elites planned to exterminate us and exactly how. It's not from the book and it isn't a quote from Schwab. It's being shared on social media as legitimate proof that he's a bastard (we know that). The fact is it's a down right lie and people are reposting it as fact. It's so easy to debunk it, it makes me think that it's being done on purpose. Same with the AZ [email protected] monkey thing. It's daft, time consuming nonsense based on nothing but assumption and the mental connection between a chimp and a monkey. I'm not saying the two are not connected but if they are it's nothing to do with the chimp part of the juice. The sheep are back out in the fields for the moment. There are a lot of shepherds out there now on both sides for those that care to see.
  6. I like this. There is A LOT of bullshit coming from 'conspiracy theorists'. There needs to be more coherent, evidence based approach to uncovering the work of these bastards and less off the cuff pseudo science bullshit. The snake venom and Bluetooth nonsense etc. All it does is make us look like morons.
  7. This is something else ain't it. I knew they'd try something again but this soon?! I can't stop laughing about it all.
  8. My old mum has just told me that chicken pox is doing the rounds in her town at the moment...
  9. This is worrying Not 'you will be asked to self isolate'.. but 'you will need to be isolated'.... In a specialist hospital??!?
  10. Yes. I think someone did make it up. Even if the [email protected] did have some graphene or whatever in it a Bluetooth transmitter is complex and way beyond injectable. It's stuff like this that makes us look stupid.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/may/22/more-monkeypox-cases-detected-in-uk-on-daily-basis-says-scientist
  12. "Canada's entire population is susceptible" says top official. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/monkeypox-canada-global-outbreak-1.6461880 Is monkeypox mutating? There are two main strains or "clades" of monkeypox: the Congo strain — which is more severe, with up to 10 per cent mortality — and the West African strain, which has a fatality rate of about one per cent.
  13. I'm inclined to think the Bluetooth thing is utter nonsense. I know and work with 90+ multiple Vaxxed people and not a single one of them has a MAC address. Ive tested this hypothesis in real life and it fails.
  14. Really? Bloody hell. We're doing this again are we.
  15. A link to a Tass (Russian News Agency) article about the test. https://archive.ph/RiIXb
  16. Where the hell is this going? https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2022/05/20/russias-vector-research-center-announces-rapid-detection-bedside-test-for-monkeypox-vector-was-the-site-of-a-soviet-bioweapons-facility-vector-has-official-smallpox-store/
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