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  1. What's it for though? That's the question. Is it all theatre? What the hell are they spraying? Dettol? Or is something else going on we don't know about. I've seen a couple of channels on Telegram that make me think there is something else going on with all this spraying from land and air.
  2. Mrs Doc just pointed out that the carnivals,parades and parties that have taken place for the Jubilee and will take place during Pride month are perhaps not the best idea during an outbreak of a supposedly sexually/intimacy transmitted pox. I'm not being funny but LGBT+ types tend to be pretty full on in the intimacy department. ++=
  3. Westerners were made to eat meat, milk, cheese, butter etc. Animal protein and fats. It's science fact. Here is a map of lactose tolerance levels geographically. More red = more lactose tolerance.
  4. "Anyone who imagines that the suspension of Covid-related measures in much of Europe means that those measures, and hence the C-19 vaccination campaign, are things of the past should have a look at the recent pronouncements on the subject of the European Commission, starting with Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s April 27 statement on the “next pandemic phase.” While acknowledging that the “emergency” phase of the pandemic is over – but apparently not, on her account, the pandemic as such – von der Leyen warns that “we must remain vigilant. Infection numbers are still high in the EU and many people are still dying from COVID-19 worldwide". https://brownstone.org/articles/after-summer-europe-to-target-the-unvaccinated/
  5. I'm not up for crunching through bugs and the fecal matter thats still inside them when they cook them. But you tuck in Darian. "The presence of endospore-forming bacteria in edible insects is another major food safety concern, as the heat-resistant spores may withstand the common processing methods adopted for edible insects, such as boiling and deep-frying. Spore-forming bacteria such as Bacillus cereus sensu stricto, B. cytotoxicus, B. weihenstephanensis and Clostridium thermopalmarium have been found in processed edible yellow mealworms, locusts and house crickets. Improper cooling after the heat treatment of insects may therefore facilitate the germination of spores that allow B. cereus s. s. to multiply and produce toxins. Other lethal toxin-producing, spore-forming bacteria such as C. sordellii have also been identified in edible insects." https://www.farmersweekly.co.za/opinion/by-invitation/the-possible-dangers-of-eating-insects/
  6. Interesting piece on terrain/germ/virus theory. Could explain many of the new illnesses that have cropped up.
  7. Listen to this croaking goon. This is embarrassing
  8. What went on? Have I missed something. This time last week you and Bombadil sorted that problem I had as moderators?!?
  9. Nah. The cheaper it is the more people he can get it into. Fills you with confidence doesn't it..
  10. So is he speaking masterfully?
  11. Healing and living longer aren't the same thing. You can be healthy all your life and die of old age. I said they have access to a lot more info/knowledge of nutrition than average people, but it's only an educated guess on my part. Maybe they don't and tuck into fray bentos and chips with coke and not organic thorough bred Aberdeen Angus beef and organic vegetables with 3000 year old glacial melt water.
  12. Yes. He said "reduce the number of people in the world who cannot afford our medicine's by 50%". He talking about making their 'medicine' cheaper.
  13. More f**kery by nefarious idiots. No one with half a brain cell would believe he said this out loud at Davos.
  14. Everyone dies eventually Bam. You can't stop ageing by eating well. Why would they live to be 200?
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