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  1. Jesus. It's going to be carnage.
  2. Just been to Sainsbury's with my 5 year old son. No mask, obviously. Worker by the self checkout points at me, then gestures to her colleague who responds "I know, we had 4 in one hour the other day". They count us as we go in. I hope when they finally realise what has been done to them they lose their tiny little minds. Fuckers.
  3. Honestly, this is just bloody ridiculous. "In the week ending 19 March, 10,311 deaths were registered in England and Wales. Every one of these events is a cause of sadness and mourning. But, from a statistical perspective, this is a remarkably low total, the lowest since 2014 for that week. Furthermore, 740 registrations had Covid-19 as the underlying cause and the remaining non-Covid deaths are running below every year in the past decade. So why are there so few deaths?" Article goes on to mention 'mortality displacement'. Meaning those that died last year of 'Covid' would have died this year and that this year's deaths are lower coz last year's deaths were stolen by 'the bug' from this year?!?! It's a goon show out there. https://www.theguardian.com/theobserver/commentisfree/2021/apr/04/how-is-it-possible-that-the-number-of-deaths-is-now-so-low
  4. Don't let nae weans kick it in till you're done with it Velma.
  5. Add to that 5g, WiFi, radar and all the other EMF's we've been bathed in for the last 100 years. I've been reading 'The Invisible Rainbow' and in my opinion the subjects covered in it have a strong correlation to what we are seeing now. The 5g grid is a 'kill two birds with one stone' kind of thing if you ask me. We know that it can be used as a weapon, to make people ill with respiratory like illnesses and it just happens to enable the IoT and the enslavement of humanity. Did a quick check up on Musk's satellites today too. They are everywhere saturating the whole planet in EMF's. Here... https://satellitemap.space/?fbclid=IwAR0_lvzYBl4qjsY--QCU8HK-1apRIy2XvnD_OX_iLTdVpVfrbwBL2AQBAbo
  6. Didn't see this first time around.
  7. https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2020-02-07-the-familiar-old-virus-that-kills-thousands-of-south-africans/
  8. Here is the answer to your question. The annual flu epidemic originates in Asia... https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn13724-revealed-the-asian-source-of-the-annual-flu-epidemic/
  9. And burnt the library at Alexandria, totally subverting the direction of the human race. Fuckers. Didn't A.H end up in South America though Zark?
  10. It does feel good doesn't it. I told my old Dad about this clip earlier (he's unjabbed and knows whats going on) and he insisted I forward it on to him. He experienced the miners strike here in the UK and loves it when 'the governments private army' as he calls it, get it stuck up them.
  11. I think I know what you mean EW. I tried to find the map but navigating the Pandata site on a phone is a nightmare. The map is shown somewhere in this vid which has been removed from YouTube after 500,000 views. The guy takes the whole thing apart using their own data. https://odysee.com/@PANDA:3b/TimeToReopenSociety:7 Apologies if this has already been posted.
  12. According to the data map on Pandata.org the 'pandemic' is a majority western phenomenon. It's Westernised countries, with the exception of Brazil, that are getting pummeled by this op. The countries not effected by the Rona are mostly third world Africa and Asian countries. My theory behind this is that in Africa and Asia the standard of living is low for ordinary people. They want to lower our standard of living to be more in line with those countries. China has massive influence over Asia in general and their kind of society is basically where we are headed over here. So not much 'recalibration' needed in these areas of the globe.
  13. Looks like they are trying to kill off a lot of NHS workers. Massive amount of sickness after jab. Ties in with my experience at work.Every bastard has at least 3 days off after it. https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/04/04/exclusive-hospital-medical-director-says-level-of-sickness-in-nhs-staff-after-covid-vaccination-is-unprecedented/
  14. Out of likes. Exactly this. When I meet up with 'normal' friends I always think "right, this time I'm going to convince them" then I think "where do I start?" You have to experience the knowing. It's not something you can be told.
  15. Looks like you are right Perp. Clown world. Did you here the background music in the top video? Honestly sounded like something you'd here in Gardener's World during a 'how to re-pot pansys' segment, this bastard is ushering in facism to the soundtrack of a gardening show. We are fucked.
  16. If I make the track, you can download it for free. There is beauty all around us, just filter out the human side of it all, coz some humans are pretty good at being evil.
  17. Was he singing about reality? The world also consists of an overwhelming majority of good people who do not get involved in scamming and paedophilia etc. Where is all the rap music about going for Sunday lunch at Grandma's with the family. Where is that side of life represented in the music business... It's not is it. The music industry is heavily weighted towards promotion of base instincts and having a lack of control over our animalistic side is portrayed as virtuous. The video didn't deeply effect me. I acknowledged the feelings it gave me and moved on. I found it disgusting, so what. It wasn't representative of reality, it was representative of a reality but not REALITY. Reality is something taken for granted but rarely actually experienced.
  18. I'd like to believe that we would do better if we evolved organically, socially and mentally but there will always be psycho's, sociopaths and narcissists that will pop up to try and shit on things. What's playing out now is a part of the human condition. The struggle between objective reality and our mentally created reality. We are a magical species (consciously), it's the fact that we are magical that has allowed us to slip into this turmoil...plus the fact that humans have been eating, drinking, inhaling, injecting and watching shite for decades.. and are generally fucking stupid.
  19. Interesting. But whatever he is or turns out to be, he is talking sense......at the moment. We need to get the FACTS out and we need all the assistance we can get. Until he starts talking about alien DNA splicing or archon possession I'm with him.
  20. Yeadon's blazing a trail. He is now, I believe, putting himself at considerable risk. He said it himself. He is laying it all out and sounds like he's more than a little exasperated and desperate. I sense we are running out of time friends. Time to knuckle down.. Keep it REAL. And if there are any raw recruits or seasoned veterans of the 77th or other intelligence agencies reading, which I'm positive there are, you are aiding and abetting the most heinous crime against humanity. I don't know how you can sleep at night.
  21. Not sure what to make of this. Just sit back wait for the variants? A little pause for a year before.......the side effects kick in?
  22. Well they bloody should take it further. This is an unnecessary, invasive procedure. As we all know, the virus is highly infectious, spreads like wildfire, simply breathing on the swab should be enough to get a 'diagnosis'
  23. Why the hell did she allow it to go that far....into her head?
  24. Yeah maybe, but no one knows what is going to happen in reality. We will have to wait until 2nd doses have been administered and people have come into contact with wild coronaviruses to see the results of this experiment. These are dark and dangerous time we are living through.
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