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  1. If, if, if that makes me an arse. The clue was in the IF. I wasn't suggesting you had already called me an arse... I was merely giving you the choice to decide whether you thought I was an arse and also letting you know, in a passive aggressive kind of way, that I don't care either way.
  2. I'm not offended. I'm not new to this either. Do we all have to be on exactly the same page? So to answer you, yes I believe there is a virus, I also believe said virus has been circulating, possibly for years and up until now has been undetected because it's just another coronavirus. The difference with this one is that 'they' have decided they are going to use it to bring in a fucking totalitarian control system. If that makes me an arse to you, so be it.
  3. Hi Aalob , that's a very personal question.
  4. Some work has gone into this. From another forum, working in the premise that there are 2 distinct strains of Covid. The Wuhan (slightly dangerous but hard to transmit) and the Euro-American ( not dangerous, but easy to transmit). It's a long read but some hard work has gone into it. Very interesting.. http://www.preearth.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1184
  5. This is proper news. It's awesome. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/sep/22/the-old-telly-that-brought-down-a-welsh-villages-broadband
  6. Nice. At least it's not C:V on the mug EW. Just a bit of code. Still a bit odd with the 'nasty cold'... Surely it is modelled on Gates.. Maybe it's South Park Gates..
  7. Yesterday my son was given a few packs of Lego cards by his nan. I had a look at them with him and this is in there. Bill Gates. Is that C:V on the mug? Wtf is this?
  8. I heard that too Banjo. It was on Radio 4 last week. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
  9. At the end of the video from the bus you can see the front car with its boot open and a rozzer going through the stuff in there. What are they looking for? Does the virus hide in the boot of cars to get through police checkpoints now too? Things are moving too quickly . They are trying different elements of the whole plan individually in different locations (a check point in Ireland, a curfew here, a local lockdown there, qr codes on the doors of shops) before bringing them all in everywhere in lockstep as cases rise. I feel a national lockdown is definitely on the cards soon. A Gov announcement around midweek maybe, warning about 'rising cases, therefore the need for blah blah..' There will be the need for some more deaths though.. Or Joe public might start to smell a rat. Where are the deaths going to come from? It's too early in the year for a significant amount of flu/pneumonia deaths isn't it?? Are we going to have to endure a long, protracted campaign of fear from the media/government/police until winter proper arrives and starts killing the elderly and infirm again?? ...Which is when the S will really hit the F.
  10. The Sun were saying the protesters were an "anti mask mob protesting against the Covid 19 vaccine". No mention that they were actually protesting against the vaccine being made mandatory. Pure wizardry with the wording , well done you at the Sun. Giving Joe Soap the new enemy in the Galactic megabattle against a made up virus that hasn't been proven to exist... The 'anti mask mob' who are protesting to stop you getting the jab you'll be begging for in... Ooooh about 3 months... The lines are being drawn.. Choose your side.
  11. I'm feeling like you too Zig. The more I think about the complexity of their plan and the sheer amount of years they have spent poisoning and brainwashing us the more I feel we are fu*ked. I've been awake to the real state of the world for 20 years, half my life. I've been called a 'crackpot' and worse by some of my closest friends (they're not friends anymore). I've been told to seek psychological help. I've spent many years angry that people cannot see what I seem to be able to. I don't get angry anymore but I do feel very despondent and sad for my children who are way too young to be exposed to the horror unfolding before them. I can't see a way out of this at the moment but I will do everything I can to protect my wife (she knows what's going on) and kids from these parasites.
  12. I was just thinking earlier that curfews will be the next thing they roll out. I think they will be reluctant to do this until they have trialled it somewhere, a smaller city or large town. If their 'cases' keep going up, which they will, they will try it on sometime around the first half of October. Look to the MSM to see if they start reporting on curfews around the world. They like to soften us up gradually before they play the full hand.
  13. She'll get there with WW2 stuff if she keeps digging, find out how Prescot Bush and others backed AH financially etc. . I get the impression she is quite new to the whole alternate reality that we all live in. She's probably only been at it a couple of years. She gets the main points across in an easy to understand way though, which is good for oldies and yummy mummys
  14. Ill have a go when the dumbphone arrives pirate Don't know if this has been posted, I don't get much time to go through the thread at the moment.. This woman used to be on dragons den. She bloody nails it on this vid. Worthy of a watch. Good one to send to your parents...
  15. My smartphone is going under the hammer, literally, at the end of the month. Back to wired ethernet in my house too. I hope 'they' have pushed it too far this time. Can't believe how bad this has gotten.
  16. Honestly, I despair. These two sock puppets think they can make valid comments about world events and slag off a British music legend on the basis of what? The 'music industry' is full of snivelling creatures like these two pricks and the general public listen to them? Ian Brown is an artist and by all accounts has a perfectly good grip on the situation. Those two make me feel very uneasy, always have done. I'm sure they were grown in a test tube... Let's not get drawn in to Twitter feud horseshit. It's a distraction.
  17. Nice. Hazelnut season is here, likewise sloes, elderberries, hedgerow fruit. Done a bit of scrumping last month. There are a couple of community orchards where I live too. They won't last long. Lots of cycle paths running along side fields full of sweetcorn Getting a nice stock of long life/ tinned veg and fruit etc.. in our understairs cupboard. Max Igan has been talking about food shortages for a good 2 months now.
  18. They are slowly implanting the idea of weekly tests for the whole population. Here, straight from the Gates foundation mouthpiece.. The Guardian. Jeremy Hunt says. “I think this mass testing could potentially be linked to an app on your phone so that you could show people on your phone the last time you got tested.” https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/sep/02/mass-weekly-covid-19-testing-of-population-to-be-trialled-in-england
  19. I'm sorry but what a bunch of wankers. Australia seems to be a fascist shithole.
  20. Me neither mate. The sort of music I play ain't popular and is never likely to be. I don't do gigs anymore, just record stuff with a couple of mates. Make a few quid off TV work but it's pocket money. Got no desire to be any kind of famous..
  21. So ' they' are doing their utmost to equate us to fascists. Even tiny little blogs are covering the flag thing. https://zelo-street.blogspot.com/2020/08/anti-maskers-bring-out-nazis.html?m=1 This is a concerted effort by malicious actors.
  22. Been looking into why Piers Corbyn was arrested, so I put his name into Google, hit the news tab and this is the first article that pops up. Nothing really about Piers Corbyn in the article at all. DI is making enemies is bad places... So yeah, is odd they took Corbyn and not Icke.. maybe they were using their new powers to arrest and fine organizers of illegal raves? I think P.Corbyn is financing StandupX to some degree. He also has another website Stopnewnormal.net.. Where does his money come from? Selling weather forecasts? Good call Nobby. We don't know much about these people really... https://www.thejc.com/news/uk/conspiracy-theorist-david-icke-cheered-by-thousands-at-anti-lockdown-demo-1.506085
  23. I posted this before the hack I think but here it is again...I was barely in my teens when this came out. Altern-8 were well ahead of their time in their choice of attire
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