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  1. Hehe. The UFO thing is a major distraction IMHO from the jab deaths, mass immigration, CBDC's, digital ID's, surveillance state, Ukraine meat grinder, grooming gangs etc. We're living through the end times folks. Stay focused, we're fighting for our lives here.
  2. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1730207/gchq-emergency-Gloucestershire-emergency-services-medical-episode "Medical episode" near GCHQ...
  3. I'm coming round to thinking that the attack that we are under is a multipronged assault and I think it is an officially designated military operation. I think the Vax, the aerial spraying and 5G/ EMF are killing people. Along with a bit of good old fashioned malnutrition and poisoning from the slop they call food these days. I watched the below presentation earlier today and it brought together a lot of threads in my mind. I think its a strong possibility that they have a new type of weapon that is based on the manipulation of cells/mitochondria/RNA/DNA using EM/Sonic frequencies. The world's first digital virus. If you watch the whole the video below you will see what I mean. It's quite long, and techy in places, but well worth the watch. It quite 'out there' but all based on published research. Towards the end of the video it is postulated that DNA could be remotely altered via certain frequencies hidden in pop music. It's a wild ride... A lot of the research appears to have been done in Russia Second video is the full length. https://home.solari.com/future-science-the-wave-genome-with-ulrike-granogger/
  4. I will say that I'm old enough to have had a 'walkman' in the mid 1990's which I listened to Nirvana and Sepultura on...but I'm not old enough to remember Betamax.
  5. Hehe. I'm still in my prime Socky. I started early. Earlier than I would have liked. I'd have liked to have had a few more years of blissful ignorance as a normie, but, alas it wasn't meant to be.
  6. Noob. I was getting prepped in 2003.
  7. They'll be happy with whatever EW. The West is lebensraum for the NWO.
  8. You hear those drums?.... https://www.gbnews.uk/news/putin-issues-chilling-nuclear-warning-to-uk-as-russia-runs-out-of-troops-deliver-more-weapons-and-face-catastrophe/428759
  9. War drums.... https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/jan/22/ukraine-is-fighting-for-all-of-us-now-europe-must-fight-putin-too
  10. Lot of effort to go to to exterminate a few rats. Drip, drip ,drip. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2023/jan/21/rentokil-pilots-facial-recognition-system-as-way-to-exterminate-rats
  11. Anyway, not wanting to derail the thread... As I said earlier, I like a bit of Buddhism. I'm of the opinion that the same thing happens to everyone when they die. We all go to the same place if you like. I don't know what that is and I don't know what that might be like but for me its all about how you have lived. Human life is unavoidably dualistic and with dualism comes choice, your choices create karma. Which in turn presents more choices. The knowledge that your death is near must have profound effects on the psyche. A loosening off whereby you finally find out if you lived your life right or not. I have read many tales about what people think just before the moment of death. For some death comes as a warm satisfying relief. For others they realise what an asshole they have been and experience a deep soul crushing disappointment at themselves and the life they have wasted. Judgement if you like. But in reality I think the situation after conscious death is akin to a rain drop evaporating before it hits the ground as it falls into warm air. We don't remember our birth and we don't remember our death. We transition, like the rain drops, from form to non form +potential. A form of never repeating Universal recycling until all potentialities are exhausted. Luminous emptiness. So basically, it's the living that counts, not the dying. The people in charge at the moment are against us knowing what we truly are and what we are capable of. They are doing whatever that can to create some bad karma. The chaos they are spreading pervades borders of morality and nationality, sex, race and religions and all forms of spirituality. They don't favour one race or skin colour, all the above things don't matter to them. They are artificially stimulating wars between followers of the false ideology they have forced on people on every front. They've hijacked universal laws and are going to have to reap what they sow at some point.
  12. I find great solace in Buddhism. For me it is the only 'religion' (it's not a religion) that makes sense. It's not an easy path to follow and offers little reward but is also the easiest path to follow with great rewards.
  13. This is why things never get anywhere EW. The connections go unnoticed, the agenda is ignored when it suits someone's ideology to focus on the small stuff and not the bigger picture. The 'conspiracy' world has become a buffet. Take what you like and forget the rest.
  14. This is an absolute hoot. I can't take anything seriously anymore. We live in an insanely messed up place. As far as I'm concerned this whole Trump, Kanye, Nazi, weird shit could be escalated to become the reason for something nobody wants. I can't trust anyone with massive platform anymore. I feel that we are reaching the point in the game when if someone publishing this sort of stuff is not massively disgraced or dead, they're probably cuck'd.
  15. This is the crux of the matter ain't it Velma. We refused to obey COVID rules and we were painted as assholes by all and sundry. The climate thing is the clincher. No one can be allowed to go against the very survival of the human race can they? What sort of psycho would do that??? Imagine the sh*t we're gonna get when we start blowing the whistle about the climate and trying to mind our own business and just carry on like during the 'pandemic'. They know the climate has multi millennial cycles that normies can't be bothered to comprehend and they also know that what they are doing in the skies is messing the weather up. In all honesty, who doesn't want to live in a clean natural environment, free of toxins, breathing clean air? I certainly want that. What I don't want is to be made a slave to the NWO in order to have that. If you follow the logic, it's them and their dealings over the last 250 years that have polluted the sh*t out of the planet and they've made a f**king killing whilst doing it. Now they are going to make a killing ( literally and metaphorically) cleaning up the intentional sh*t that they took in our bed. Left to our own devices and without the interference and 'progress' forced on us by the ruling classes over the centuries, we'd almost definitely be in a better place now
  16. Hehe. The guy loves this idea doesn't he. And who wouldn't, it's such a normal thing to have a carbon tracker for everyone on the planet.
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