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  1. Are they kids or dwarfs? Either way, WTF?
  2. Cheers for the translation Woodsman. The ramblings of an unhinged lunatic then...
  3. I'm not bothered Weedo. Just curious coz of the hack last year. Last thing we want is all this info getting trashed.
  4. Off topic but.. where have the rep counts next to our names gone?
  5. Just seen this on an Off Guardian comment.. Possibly you should know what is being proposed in France. For those of you who read French, here is the link: https://twitter.com/cab2626/status/1415642820074000387/photo/1 Basically it is to create a national platform to denounce the unvaccinated: to round them up in protests (the term used “rafle” has a particular connotation: it was used for the rounding of Jews in the 40s), to arrest them for 30 days, force on them all the vaccines, make them pay at least 25000 E, to as it is said, save “civilized citizens”. Anyone hear read French? Could use a translation of the Fecesbook picture in the link.
  6. Everything is the opposite to last year. Insanity.
  7. Apparently the big TV soaps are becoming compromised by their own jab 'hesitant' actors. They may have to stop filming Coronation Street.... Every cloud and all that... https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/15571434/coronation-street-emmerdale-covid-refusing-vaccine/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  8. On the new game he downloaded from the playstore in the hospital car park before he went in.
  9. I hope to achieve that accomplishment soon! But it was a link for the WHO. I mean, come on. It's their own sides info...
  10. Bit of a subdued affair .....for the French..
  11. Nice one Odds. Literally pissing myself now....which really bloody hurts as I've got a really bad back at the moment. I had to go on there, I couldn't resist... Boom, it was closed within a minute.
  12. Hahaha. I just got the guardian comments section closed for posting this link.. https://www.who.int/bulletin/volumes/99/1/20-265892.pdf Fucking outrageous!!!!
  13. Dunno if this has already been posted. We are definitely approaching the 9th level of hell.... This is a link to an advert by Heineken. I can't believe this is on TV. https://twitter.com/Heineken/status/1413172805852614661?s=20
  14. Bit more on the manipulation of cells using magnetic fields here in this article from 2017. It's from our friends at Rockefeller University no less. "Friedman’s team realized that they could use a genetically engineered virus to create doorways into a neuron’s outer membrane". Sick bastards. The article is titled 'Flipping a switch inside the head' https://seek.rockefeller.edu/flipping-a-switch-inside-the-head/
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