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  1. Yes, misleading headline for a behind a paywall article. The fact remains - decline. Everywhere in Europe.
  2. Hello all. Been a while. https://medium.com/@omnigod066/italy-achieves-unthinkable-world-record-no-child-births-in-3-months-9b41149be4eb
  3. Hi Mac. You got a link to that interview please?
  4. If I was on twitter I'd give you a follow, but I'm not, so I've bookmarked your page
  5. No, not the twitter thread, the General political thoughts thread Seems like no one else is interested in the most important, pertinent thread on the forum...
  6. Saw this earlier, fu*king disgraceful savagery. This your thread now EW?
  7. The posts are in the bank Bam, they'll cash them when they need to,we should all know that by now. There are plenty who'd be with us and that number will increase the longer this goes on. We're in a death spiral now, nothing is going to stop them getting their way, by hook or by crook they WILL have their way. This isn't a black pill rant. It's a positive thing, a change is gonna come. A chance to make things better.
  8. Asha Logos new video. Pay attention people. It's all well and good making a few posts online about how bad things are, Q drops and how Trump will save us but what are YOU going to do about it in the real world. Make some more posts until they're knocking at your door? The time to get real is here. We can't stop this now. It's time to move forward.
  9. To be honest EW I couldn't give a shit what Mike Adams is. It's more about the mouse experiment than the fact that it's on his website. I'm way past caring who is controlled, who is a FED or 77th and I no longer look into conspiracies. None of it matters. You never get to the bottom of anything, the truth never comes out and no one ever goes to prison. It's time to detach from the entirety of the system, find like minded people and start to build the world we want to live in. I'm not giving conspiracy theories or theorists any more of my time or energy. Taking positive action at a local level is what matters. I am a good, honest person, I wish no harm to any other human. I just want to raise my family in a wholesome, safe, authentic world where your life has meaning.
  10. If you vote for Leftwing political parties you are aiding and abetting the terminal decline of civilization. If you vote for perceived Rightwing political parties you are aiding and abetting the terminal decline of civilization as well. There is no such thing as left or right in politics in this day and age as both sides are effectively controlled by the same amorphous blob, a faceless,rootless, globally ubiquitous power. To see how it all ends read this article. The parallels to what happening right now are chilling. Develop a dissident mindset. Watch some Jonathan Bowden, it might just save your life. https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-11-28-calhouns-mouse-utopia-experiments-are-now-coming-true-for-humanity-self-annihilation.html#
  11. Hehe. The UFO thing is a major distraction IMHO from the jab deaths, mass immigration, CBDC's, digital ID's, surveillance state, Ukraine meat grinder, grooming gangs etc. We're living through the end times folks. Stay focused, we're fighting for our lives here.
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