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  1. Invesigative journalism is dead EW, but I know what you are saying. It's fascinating watching us being defamed daily in the press. Likened to the very kind of people we are the opposite of. It's all like water off a ducks back to me now and I no longer get angry. I know who I am and what I stand for, I'm not racist, sexist, homophobic and never have been. I stand for human decency and respect of traditional values. Defending yourself against attack is not anti Semitic. Highlighting different views and opinions is not anti Semitic. The so called 'press' should be ashamed of themselves. They stoop SO low. It's repulsive.
  2. The Wokian has brought out the big guns. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/12/far-right-covid-conspiracy-theories-fuelling-antisemitism-warn-uk-experts
  3. And they call us weird...
  4. Their saying they've given out 6.27billion jabs so far...
  5. Killing a stag in the 1500's would have got you your head cut off if you weren't royalty. In the 1800's you'd have been hanged or sent to... Australia! "Poaching Laws In the 1500s, killing deer meant death to anyone but royalty [source: nationmaster]. Between the mid- 1700s and the first half of the 1800s poachers were hanged or sent to Australia, especially if guns were used or a gamekeeper wa­s injured in the crime [source: Scribd]." https://adventure.howstuffworks.com/outdoor-activities/hunting/traditional-methods/poaching3.htm
  6. Found this article from 2008 about a White Hart that was killed. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-514249/How-magical-white-hart-inspires-legends-thousand-pubs.html In the article it says..."Those who killed this stag, however, may have got more than they bargained for. Like many legends, those surrounding the white hart come with their fair share of curses and prophecies of bad luck to anyone who crosses the creature. For the ancient Celts, the white hart was a harbinger of doom, a living symbol that some taboo has been transgressed or a moral law broken. To come across a white hart was to realise that some terrible evil or judgment was imminent".
  7. Sounds like a banger. Looking forward to this on the 29th on YooToob.
  8. Greta giving the old 'one eye' a go. Covered in black goo.
  9. Just want to raise a point from the Max Igan/John O'Looney vid. John said that "millions of people" will get ill and start dying end of Oct/Nov and cause civil unrest due to people realising what's been done to them. By that, I guess he means they will realise that the [email protected] was causing the deaths. He then goes on to say that the gov will use the civil unrest as an excuse to mandate the [email protected] and start the "manhunt" and marshal law using EU soldiers. Who will they be rounding up if it's anarchy on the streets and the people know what's causing the deaths?! No one will want the vax by that point, so they will be potentially trying to round up the 5.5million UK folks who haven't had it at all and the 50 odd million who won't want a booster coz they know it's bad news. Just doesn't make sense and I've listened to it 4 times now. The PTB don't have to hurry at this point. I don't believe they want millions of people dying in a short period of time. It'll be long,drawn out chronic conditions from the [email protected] that finish people off in most cases in my opinion. TPTB work slowly. Unless, of course, they are going for a quick apocalyptic end to this whole thing? They will put the squeeze on people through economic means first, they've already started here in UK with the fuel/energy/food business. I honestly don't know what to make of the vid after repeated listens.
  10. Oh yeah. Forgot about those boys and girls fresh in from Afghanistan. Perfect timing...
  11. @bamboozooka @whatthefoxhat Sorry for having a pop at you both. This shit is taking its toll on me at the moment. I have listened to Max Igan talking to John O'Looney just now and its about as bad as it could be. I still don't believe the [email protected] rollout will stop though and I really want it to stop before my kids mates start dying. The fact that these c*nts in parliament might know what coming is horrendous. We are living in the darkest times. Once again, my apologies. You know how it is when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Im having one of those days.
  12. Hope is the knot at the end of the infinite rope. Jam tomorrow.
  13. I heard what he put out a few weeks back, yeah. I don't doubt it at all. Haven't listened to today's offering yet. Will do that when the kids have gone to bed. I'm sick of all the fucking talk BZ. The waiting. The hoping something good happens. I'd rather the shit was on the fan now instead of this war of attrition.
  14. It's all hopium. An ex cop and an undertaker aren't going to stop the NWO.
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