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  1. Unfortunately, a lot of the destruction done to the mind is likely permanent. 1. The fact that you hearted my post and I hearted your posts is not helpful to the cause. Approval, however silly it seems, is a huge part of the hook. Being raised with the TV we are conditioned to want to be on TV. Social media says, “Look you are on TV!” And the little bits of acknowledgement received from others only feeds the delusion. 2. Existing in online communities in place of real communities contributes to societal breakdown and personal alienation. The people in your physical world need you more than your online group. Putting yourself out in your hometown will save the world. 3. A 30 day screen detox done periodically will not break the addiction entirely, but changes will occur. Observations: It sounds cliche but after withdrawals, energy greatly increases. Time is freed up for other pursuits and there is impetus to accomplish more. Ability to experience life somewhat uncorrupted. Seemingly mundane things are seen with greater resolution. Like individual droplets of vapor rising from your coffee. However, absurd behavior of other people becomes more starkly apparent. It is helpful to record changes and observations. I understand it is difficult for men because you feel a duty to be informed for reasons of leadership. Everyone looks to you guys for what to be done. But you also deserve to reclaim your lives from the hold these things have on you. Everything will be there when you return, and others will be more than happy to fill you in on the day’s atrocities.
  2. Unfortunately, nothing in the Bible will resonate with the “intellectual,” the proud, or the comfortable nihilist. In this age it often takes going “to hell and back” for the words of the Bible to make sense. This is why we hear transformation stories of addicts and prostitutes, thieves and liars. We have have been on the other extreme and it is not the place to be. We are allowing Jesus, through prayer and his word, to repair what we have damaged and are trying to become worthy of him. However lofty the goal, that’s the idea. It certainly doesn’t deserve as much vitriol as is being hurled at it. So many have died just to get the Bible into our hands, just so we can have a chance. This is meaningless to the numb, but it means everything to those who can see the gifts it contains. So much is revealed while on this path about ourselves and about what lies within the Bible. Prophecies, parables, and history are intellectually stimulating but the real treasure is spiritual development. It is really exciting to have found this treasure, and I wish there were more people to share it with.
  3. The internet is different from any other drug because it tailors itself to exploit each individual’s weaknesses. Users behave like crack addicted caricatures seeking dopamine hits of attention and approval, bits of information and entertainment. Even a comparatively light user experiences withdrawal symptoms of anxiousness, inability to focus, and a nagging urge to consume anything in the first days of detoxification. The culturally created need to consume is the driving force of industrial society. This post-industrial, virtual hybrid is consuming itself into oblivion. When one watches a movie or TV show, reality falls away in favor of the programming. A gap is created in the continuity of experience and is filled with sounds and images provided by the programmer. Memory is disoriented because although the viewer is able to recall the program, he usually cannot recollect the specific context in his life in which it was viewed. Multiply this effect by the number of programs consumed in a lifetime and you have complete mind fuckery. Because programs consist of dramatic and sometimes traumatic content they are associated with an array of emotions in the viewer’s subconscious mind. This is the goal of programming: behavior modification by eliciting emotional responses to stimuli: mass mind control. Disruption of continuity of experience correlates to disruption of thought processes. The internet blows to doors off this phenomenon and creates dependence upon itself for what used to be basic cognitive functions. The ability to focus attention, memorize, and problem solve have all been surrendered to screens. To the extent that clocks, calendars, grocery lists, and stores disappear from physical reality, so does the individual recede from the physical world. This half-functioning person is primed to invite all aspects of his existence to be uploaded. Work, education, commerce, sexuality, even family have all been surrendered to screens! The situation is grave. In referring to the internet, Tucker Carlson remarked, “Tech companies control the only speech that matters.” A woman rides her bike holding a phone in front of her face. Reality is debased in favor of bloated self-importance. These grotesque absurdities, along with the tyranny of the post-covid world manifest solely from our addiction to devices. The only rebellion is to break the addiction and regain perspective.
  4. Ooh here’s the sun in the Isha “The face of truth is hidden by your orb Of gold, O sun. May you remove your orb So that I, who adore the true, may see The glory of truth. O nourishing sun, Solitary traveler, controller, Source of life for all creatures, spread your light And subdue your dazzling splendor So that I may see your blessed Self. Even that very Self am I!”
  5. Could there possibly be more than one meaning? And can one give hope to the other?
  6. Tik Tok appears on the cover of the prophetic Economist World In 2021. There may be something happening in the future concerning this app, whether it is spying by its Chinese parent company, Douyin, applied mind control technology, or further denigration of the world’s youth through the seedier aspects of the app. The name Tik Tok may have been taken from a 1983 novel by science fiction writer John Sladek. The plot concerns a robot who inverts the Asimov laws. “So, instead of being an obedient and faithful domestic robot he turns his hand to child murder, gang murder, terrorist murder, broad-daylight murder, oh, and he likes to paint... and rob banks... and defraud, embezzle, extort, exploit and generally screw people over. And then things go from bad to worse, as he gets into politics.” The app’s sinister realities are coming to the surface. Already explored sexualization of youth. But add: Domestic abuse re-enactments https://www.insider.com/why-people-on-tiktok-are-acting-holocaust-911-abuse-victims-2020-8 Actual domestic violence resulting in burns https://nypost.com/2020/11/16/tibetan-farmer-lhamo-was-streaming-on-douyin-when-attacked/ China spying https://www.forbes.com/sites/zakdoffman/2020/06/26/warning-apple-suddenly-catches-tiktok-secretly-spying-on-millions-of-iphone-users/?sh=7e326acf34ef
  7. “Isha Upanishad verses 9-14 is what scholars call a ‘crux,’ or famously difficult passage. “ - Eknath Easwaran, translator. “In dark night live those for whom The world without alone is real; in night Darker still, for whom the world within Alone is real. The first leads to a life Of action, the second to a life of meditation. But those who combine action with meditation Cross the sea of death through action And enter into immortality Through the practice of meditation. So have we heard from the wise. In dark night live those for whom the Lord Is transcendent only; in night darker still, For who, he is immanent only. But for those whom he is transcendent And immanent cross the sea of death With the immanent and enter into Immortality with the transcendent. So have we heard from the wise.” The problem, in this advanced industrial society, is that neither the immanent nor the transcendent are readily apparent. What sort of darkness is this in which we dwell? To avoid syncretism, I won’t offer my explanation of the immanent and transcendent. How do you interpret the crux?
  8. The Upanishads, a part of the Vedas, were written down during the Vedic Period of c. 1500 - c. 500 BCE, but probably are a lot older than that. From the introduction by Eknath Easwaran: “The Upanishads offer a very different version of what religion means. They tell us there is a Reality underlying life that rituals cannot reach, next to which the things we see and touch in everyday life are shadows. They teach that this Reality is the essence of every created thing, and the same Reality in our Real Self, so that each of us is one with the power that created and sustains the universe. And finally, they testify that this oneness can be realized directly, without the mediation of priests or rituals, or any of the structures of organized religion, not after death but in this life, and this is the purpose for which each of us has been born and the goal toward which evolution moves.” God and the Self are far beyond the comprehension of the materialist, consumptive mindset, in which we were born and raised. How does one go about realizing the Self in 2020?
  9. Anyway...it’s about preparing the heart and mind. How to do this? One way is to follow this advice, and maybe copy it and place it somewhere prominent as a reminder. Philippians 4:8 “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”
  10. I never understood the point of meditation, but tried it anyway. Some funky stuff happened when I did it a year or so ago. For one thing I got doodle bopped either by a disembodied being or my own subconscious. Can’t say it was terrible. Once I listened to some guided mediation lady on a YouTube video and a tiny flaming chariot led by lions came out of me and rode around the room. I wasn’t even totally into it. Another time I was transported to some class where others were meditating together and the teacher saw me and spoke to me. Then I went to some Indian guys house where he took a broom and swept me with it. Guess he thought I was filthy. So the moral is if you’re going to meditate have some objective because if you go in aimless just anything will happen.
  11. This world is evil. Once you understand that you will see it everywhere in most things coming out of industrial society. If you were a TV kid like me, raised in front of a TV everyday your mind will be shattered, your thoughts shards. Images of death and sex will always dwell in your subconscious mind. All this is on top of your own human natural tendencies of pride, jealousy, etc. Even as an individual residing in the lower tiers of society it is a tremendous struggle to do right. To think right. Now imagine you come from this same evil world and have all this to deal with personally, and also have power over many people’s lives. Kings have power to kill or let live. They are flanked with treacherous Machiavellian courtiers at all times whispering flattery in their ears. They have their own authority to defend. How much easier do you think it is for them to become fully evil? TPTB are interested in keeping control, maintaining faith in whatever currency they have control over, using the masses as livestock to serve whatever motives they have at the time. The vaccines are as dangerous as statin drugs that are proliferated all over the US and Europe, killing and maiming. Third world human livestock and prisoners serve as test subjects in countless trials. Money is being made, power is being consolidated. The end of this mess is inevitable. The leaders who give their lives to doing evil are going to be destroyed, just as everyone else who does the same.
  12. (I don’t personally believe in praying to the dead either.) Just with the telepathy thing, meaning communication between one person’s mind and another: It could so easily go off the rails when you’re dealing with voices. I have had a hard time with voices at different times in my life. Only once was I able to verify one voice as coming from a living human. Otherwise, for a young person, it was very torturous. The problem was distinguishing delusions from reality, and there were a lot of abusive and intrusive voices. I experienced a loud voice at times when I was in immediate danger. In messing with it later in life, I was able to listen more objectively? And was able to detect glitches in one particular voice, like a broken record briefly skipping. That served as verification of that one particular voice being a delusion. As far as my religious experiences, it is very clear, now that I completely trust in Jesus as my Lord and savior, which voice is from the Holy Spirit. If I’m seeking Him, I am never deceived. Matthew 7:7-10 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened. Or which one of you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a serpent?“
  13. You only need three people to do a telepathy experiment. A sender, receiver, and a neutral who has the correct information for later verification. The sender must be gifted at projecting thoughts, the receiver good at detecting. The neutral should be trustworthy.
  14. I lack manly strength and stamina. Another token of wisdom: only try to reseal a resealable package once. If it doesn’t seal the first time, it clearly doesn’t work.
  15. Yes you are correct. Sorry I was having a moment, being irritated at certain individuals on here who make prayer look like a silly joke so they can undermine it and pitch their own brand of pop spirituality.
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