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  1. Has anyone considered that something is planned for September 2020?  Following the 3, 6, 9 sequence as in March lockdowns, June George Floyd psyop, September...

    If you do, can you offer a guess as to what it may be?  If you don’t think anything special will occur, can you guess at the conditions in that month anyway?  
    I’m really glad I found this forum and truly appreciate all of your observations and opinions.  Thank you.  

  2. Mass mind control and Tavistock’s Social Dreaming Matrix


    Tavistock has been holding social dreaming events since 1982.  The purpose is not to interpret individual dreams but to draw associations between the dreams of different people.

    Here is the background and description of the program:






    Here is the Tavistock Social Dreaming archive during the “pandemic.”




    Why are they so interested in our dreams?  Perhaps because they are in the business of influencing the subconscious minds of people through electronic media and electromagnetic devices. 


    Have you ever been able to control your dream setting?  

    I’m going to disclose something personal here.  In January 2020, well before this mess, I had two dreams that referenced Black Lives Matter.  Look.  Consciously, I had zero thoughts on BLM last winter.  I never identified with their cause, nor did I have any reason to be reflecting on that movement at that time.


    The first dream was remembered after the fact and the second was lucid, meaning I was conscious within the dream.  


    1st dream I was on an overpass on an interstate highway in a traffic jam.  I was out of the car, speaking to a young black female and male protestor, telling them to not go further because I thought they were going to get run over by a car.  The woman replied “I have to go,” and carried on. 


    The second dream was more compelling.  I was instructed by a voice to throw down my sword, my shield, and my goddamn dagger.  I was (placed) in the middle of a black lives matter protest.  I wasn’t carrying a sign and I had no idea what I was doing there.  It was nighttime.  As soon as I realized where I was a truck either drove into me or came within an inch of hitting me.  Out jumped a man and he was yelling something unintelligible at me.  First thing I dropped to my knees and threw down what I perceived to be my weapons and a dagger with an eye on the handle.  In waking life I would do no such act of surrender. 


    Point is I went on my knees...at a black lives matter protest in a dream in January. 
    I am not psychic.  


    From the article Dreams, Time Distortion and the Experience of Future Events:  A Relativistic, Neuroquantal Perspective:

    “There is experimental evidence that the application of physiologically patterned magnetic fields can affect the experience of time.”




    OK maybe too deep.  


    Could the subliminal messages experienced through electromagnetic pulses, which are aimed at the subconscious mind, manifest themselves in some people’s dreams?


    Not many people remember their dreams, so is it possible that the subliminal messages function as a sort of priming for events to come?  Or, in especially pliable people, influence their future behavior when the events for which they were “primed” occur?  This is a plausible explanation of why so many people are acting mechanically and submissively.  


    Neuroscientists Successfully Control the Dreams of Rats.  Could Humans Be Next?



    This robotization of humanity is occurring on many fronts.  In the book Tavistock Institute, Daniel Estulin states “people are creating the reality they see on TV.”  

    If we learn the methods of control we can protect ourselves better.  Perhaps the next battle front is within your own mind, maybe even through your dreams.  Breaking social conditioning could occur by controlling the dream setting.  



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  3. From the book Brainwash by Dr. David Perlmutter:


    (Page 58)”One area in the brain affected by smartphones is the anterior cingulate, a region of the brain that has a unique connection to both the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex.  It helps moderate impulse control. Research has revealed that the anterior cingulate is smaller in size among internet addicts than it is in other people.  Internet addicts may have weaker connections between their prefrontal cortices and their anterior cingulates.  You don’t have to qualify as an internet addict to suffer the consequences.”

    When Graham Hancock asked a South American shaman basically why our society is so fucked up, he replied that our minds are cut off.  When the animal, fight or flight brain is severed from the higher functioning prefrontal cortex people can be easily manipulated. 


    From Grain Brain by Perlmutter:

    ”What we eat threatens our ability to access the prefrontal cortex.” 
    Grain Brain claims and backs with scientific studies that the (standard american diet) lowers empathy, increases narcissism, causes more hedonic and less restrained behavior, and increases impulsivity.

    So between the irradiated garbage that is put in bodies 3-10 times a day, smart devices, water, and EMF it’s really no wonder we are surrounded by this madness. 



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  4. For the mass mind control theorists:

    If there are mind control devices capable of manipulating the masses into doing stupid, illogical shit like what is on constant display all around, what is the delivery system?  Are talking heads and politicians really that persuasive?  Is everyone except us really that irredeemably dumb?  Don’t answer that. 

    Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous systems

    We all know about the crowd control apparatus but...

    Do you think this device or one like it can be put in your TV?



    Method and apparatus for translating the EEG into music to induce and control various psychological and physiological states and to control a musical instrument


    So it’s not the (hip hop) music that compels the youth to action but what is added into the music that controls minds.


    Both of the below owned by Sony:

    Method and system for generating sensory data onto the human neural cortex


    Method and system for forming an acoustic signal from neural timing difference data

    It’s coming from the screens.  Literally from the screens.  


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  5. From the book Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own by Neil Sanders:


    ”Dr. Andromache Puharich, inventor of the tooth implant also experimented with ELF (extra long frequency) waves beamed directly at people.  He discovered that certain wavelengths resonate with specific resulting effects on the subject. “

    “ Our brains are extremely vulnerable to any technology that sends out ELF waves, because they immediately start resonating to the outside signal by a kind of tuning fork effect.  Puharich discovered 7.83 Hz (the earth’s pulse rate) made a person feel good, producing an altered state.  

    10.80 Hz causes riotous behavior and 6.6 Hz causes depression.”

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  6. About a month ago Truthstream Media put out their video: The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual



    Premise was that the covid lockdowns took on the aspects of shamanic and occult rituals using

    disorientation, isolation, sensory deprivation, and masking to initiate the population into a new way of life.  

    Just focusing on the psychology of mask wearing:


    It is possible that the push to wear masks by medical authorities like Fauci after first denouncing them as unhelpful was to encourage the mob behavior we witnessed in the riots.  The anonymity of masking may serve the dual purpose of emboldening ones who normally wouldn’t behave aggressively and destroying individual thought in a group setting.  

    One study claimed that the under 30 segment of the population was most adversely psychologically affected by the lockdowns.  They of course make up the majority of the protesters and rioters.  Was the covid lockdown a priming of the population to let out aggression that is leading to both distraction from the economic reality and to bring about change in the structure of society?  


    Tonight Tucker Carlson and others likened the BLM to a religion.  Is mask wearing a precursor to the bowing and submission we see now?  



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  7. It is really hard for me to believe this wasn’t planned and executed just like the covid. The American attention span is shorter than a two year old’s.  


    The media was trying to incite riots in May using footage of Ahmaud Arbery’s death way from February!  It wasn’t hard hitting enough to spark the outrage they desired. 


    Is it coincidence that this video, perfectly serving their agenda, surfaces right when they need it?  Or is police brutality so widespread and rampant that it was just a matter of weeks before they hit the mother lode?  Maybe so.  The timing supports the idea that it was a planned execution with the purpose of spurring orchestrated rebellion.  How hard really is it to issue an order to execute a man in broad daylight and carry it out?

    American agencies specialize in destabilizing countries, especially in Latin America and the Middle East.  It’s what they do best!  Destabilizing is used to usher in regime change, but the regime change isn’t superficial like the presidential election.  

    They don’t want our guns.  Our guns are a joke to the U.S. government’s arsenal.  This isn’t 1776.  We wouldn’t stand a chance in hell!   And they clearly could care less if we murder each other.  


    Mandatory vaccinations are probably off the table, too.  The money has already changed hands.  The manufacturing contracts have been signed and that’s what it’s all about.  There will be too many dill holes lined up with sleeves rolled up for them to bother with the ones who don’t want the shots.  


    They have to have predicted white America’s reaction to the lawlessness of the cities.  Many won’t go to cities anymore, and many of the ones living in them will flee.   Business will leave.  People will stop commuting there, and people with families in surrounding areas will no longer want to risk visiting.  The economies of many cities depend on support from surrounding areas.  

    Fear of disease and fear of violence both support the UN sustainable development agenda.  The imposition of fake white guilt is as demoralizing as fake climate guilt.  


    As the economy continues to spiral downward there will be more social unrest.  People will become more localized out of necessity and fear.  David Icke’s hunger games society will reach fruition as many cites are gutted Detroit style, leaving the poor to deal with the fallout.  


    Is this all for the good of the environment?


    If the great second wave of covid comes rolling through and lockdowns ensue, how many people will risk breaking lockdown and face US military instead of city cops?



  8. Ignorance is no excuse for complicity this day and age.  We are sitting on a big pile of shit and destruction.  That is the USA top to bottom.  Exploitation of third world countries, poisoning them with our toxic waste.  Our toxic systems have been imposed on the real good people.  Simple farming villages were turned into toxic dumps all over the world because our leaders think they are too good to sit in their own filth.  Only differences between us  Americans and the nations under our boot are that we are in a narcissistic daze and we pay for our poisoning.  

    Decentralizing food supplies, decrease in consumerism, and turning off all the screens would be steps in the right direction.  



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  9. Tavistock wants to keep us TRAUMATIZED.  People are just barely sticking their heads out of their holes and they get slammed with images of fire and chaos.  No matter who you are images of fire and violence affect humans at a visceral and SUBCONSCIOUS level.  This is the M.O. of Tavistock mass mind control.  They are even gauging the outcomes of their handiwork with their Social Dreaming Matrix.  

    What does intense psychological trauma cause people to do?  We need only to refer to Brave New World.  When Lenina Crowne felt a tinge of anxiety she took the soma.  And that is exactly what this is designed to do.  Fat lady eat your Oreos.  Young man play your video games.  This theater of fire and destruction isn’t for the purpose of anything other than traumatizing us into further infantilism.  

    Let’s not play along with the script of argument/counter argument about what THEY tell us to think about, when they tell us to think about it.  They flip a switch and suddenly everyone is either a racist or defending why they aren’t a racist...Again.


    What is happening that we need to be asleep or distracted to?  What became of that second stimulus check?  What happened to the rest of the small business relief loan money we were promised?  What is being implemented in airports?  What is being downloaded into your phones without your knowledge?  During the covid traumatization Trump signed the bill that guaranteed the rollout of 5G in 180 days. 

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  10. This is a hard question that has been torturing me since this @$&**show began.  First thing I cancelled my cellphone line.  Took forever to extricate myself.  Threw away my SIM card and got a kit to dismantle it and remove the battery.  Ridiculous.  


    I am blessed (for now anyway) to have a backyard in which I planted my garden.  Got a couple permaculture books, committed to reading 10 pages a day and implementing what I can.  It’s doing well so far!  


    I’m in Georgia, US so we “opened” early, but when we were closed I  did my part to cut caution tape at the nature area and go sit in it.  No one bothered me though.  Too bad I was ripe for confrontation at that time.  


    Trying to get my husband up to speed about the brainwashing screens and temper his addictions to them.  He’s a heavy user.


    For the last two new moons I have recommitted myself to renewing some kind of spiritual practice, overcoming fears and strengthening in that regard.  


    I own a few guns.  There is a gun range near me where I can take lessons...


    My plans are to expand the garden and the homeowners association can kiss my rump I’m getting chickens.  Had the book Chickens for Dummies for a long time.  Going to crack that one open.


    I see a lot of sad, distressed, and disoriented people when I go out.  I try harder now to make eye contact, smile and speak to them when possible.  

    This thing is largely about dehumanization.  The best way to counter that is to find the best qualities of my own humanity and bring those forth.


    Limitations are my husband is the breadwinner and he’s been out of a job for quite some time.  Other is I have a small child whom I have thus far successfully protected from the evil empire and honestly don’t know how much longer I can hold out.  #$&* their vaccines. 

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