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  1. On pork produced by big agribusiness: 


     Book Foodopoly by Wenonah Hauter:

    “Hog operations are owned by multinationals and are located in mostly poor communities in the US.”  (Because the pollution and smell from them, is very intense)


    ”Smithfield, the largest producer of hog in the world sends old meat back to stores with new expiration dates, washes moldy meats to make them look fresh.”


    ”Enviropig” is the pig genetically designed for factory farms


    ”Pigs are cloned with high omega 3 fatty acid by blending a gene from earthworms with pigs’ genetic material.” 

    “The dirty secret about cloning is that the animals are more likely to have birth defects and health problems, and only 5% of animals survive.”

  2. I’d like to place a wager.  If JFK Jr. is alive he will opt to remain anonymous or in hiding.  

    The Kennedy family is just as corrupt as any elite family, and their wealth was created by just as nefarious means as the other elite families.  JFK was the first celebrity, overhyped president like his predecessor Obama.  Upon examination of their actual records, both were at most “just ok” in reality.


    This is just more celebrity/monarchy worship and looking for some kind of Superman to save the day.  

    No one is coming to save us from the cabal.  It’s up to us ourselves.  

  3. Wanna hear something gross about fake meat?

    From the book Foodopoly by Wenonah Hauter: p. 275


    ”growing meat in a Petri dish...NASA funded Morris Benjaminson who used strips of muscle from a goldfish kept in a liquid bath of blood from unborn calves to produce ‘meat.’”  

    p. 276 “If test tube meat hits the big time, we will likely know by its appearance in a Big Mac or when agribusiness buys the patent holder.”

  4. 9 hours ago, rideforever said:


    I find this message incredibly unhelpful.  We did something "wrong" did we.
    What exactly?
    The right wing and left wing could read this message all conclude that they are correct.

    This message just says you are cut off from the source because you are bad.

    Oh yeah ... well which bit is bad?
    Doesn't say.
    Doesn't say anything at all.

    This kind of spiritual BS is the degeneration itself.

    It's empty of any learning understanding or instruction.

    What is wrong exactly?
    People today on the internet mass produce empty garbage like this.

    It does nothing because it offers nothing.


    The techniques of meditation that come from India China and Japan are hard concrete techniques that require great skill and transform you.

    The practice of a traditional Christian church are concrete and transform you.

    The techniques of carpentry and all the trades are solid and concrete lead to real results.

    All these things are solid, require learning and skill and transform you.


    Real life is solid and concrete, it is not empty talk about somebody did something wrong sometime oh I got a message from an alien.

    No you got useless BS from an alien like a thousand other people today on the internet.

    Everybody got the same empty BS.


    Authority figures ?

    Two solid techniques to gain power are :

    1. Make plans and execute.

    2. Feel your pain honestly and let the full force of fear grief sadness roll through you.

    Make a task list and compete it.  Period.  Force yourself to complete tasks.

    Work with the body, the heart and the mind ... together.  Don't just sit in your head saving the "wurld".

    Make plans, small plans, and execute.

    This is how you gain power.

    These are answers.

    Without gaining power you are weak inside, and then you will be controlled and feel weak.


    It's a beautiful piece of music, but such things often lead to heart-masturbation when you drift off into a daydream of yesteryear whilst your heart is masturbated.
    This is not honest.

    You are dreaming in lala land.

    Feeling your pain and being honest is different.

    Such emotional masturbation is everywhere now.


    I’m obsessed with your response!

    Both the alien and what you’ve said resonated with me.

    From the spirit guide: 

    I agree there were deliberate efforts to suppress spiritual and material truths from humanity.  I think industrial society exploits and mechanizes nature and consequently, destroys it.  I think there’s more to life and death than the materialist, nihilist philosophies that dominate our culture. 

    From you:

    I agree that I’m sick of being portrayed as the culprit, like I chose to be born and conditioned into this culture.

    I also notice a lot of new-agey dribble has attempted to fill the spiritual void that industrial society has made.  That void was once filled by traditional world religions, but they are considered corrupt and their teachings devalued (maybe deliberately).  I guess the mediums try, but it seems like the blind leading the blind.

    I agree the alien provides no definite path to righting these wrongs.  Maybe the message was directed specifically at the medium and he knows what to do about it.  Suppose that’s why spirituality is such a personal thing. 

    I like your idea of working with body heart and mind together to accomplish something.  Something worthwhile, but without that competitive, materialistic, (succeed succeed succeed!) dogma that is drilled into us Americans from toddlerhood.  No wonder so many of us want to retreat into our heads. 

    Interesting about feeling your pain and letting it roll through you.  That must nave been a cathartic experience for you.  

    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration to look closer at the message. 


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    Monuments are like furniture to most Americans, as most don’t even know who the monuments represent or what period they are from.  The vast majority of black people in the US never cared about the monuments either or this would have been a thing prior to the Obama administration.  


    Of course many are appalled at the violent ripping down of monuments by roving hordes. There’s a civilized way of going about removing statues but it’s being done this way for psychological effect.  


    If a militia rolls up with guns to defend them they will be smeared by the media.  The ATF and the FBI will roll up to arrest them.  Why?


    The government is complicit in the cultural revolution because the government is behind it.  


    40 million plus Americans are jobless right now, including my family.  I’m personally too busy making raised beds for growing food that we may need because we may soon have to choose between paying our house payment and groceries.


    If the mayhem leaves the city centers and comes to us we will have no choice but to fight.  But for now, being that it’s another psychological demoralization exercise, it’s just not worth the energy. 

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  6. On 6/22/2020 at 7:18 PM, Jaquiby said:

    I was standing in a que yesterday, yet again, there were 2 ladies in front of me, the one at the front turned round and realised the lady behind her, was a friend or relative not sure which, (couldn't hear) but saw them say hi, and they looked so happy to see each other, the woman at the front of the que opened her arms wide to give her a big hug, but the other jumped back and shouted No don't, and waved her away. That was the saddest thing I've seen in a while. This has never been about a virus, it's just very sad people can't see that. 

    It is sad, Jaquiby.  I brought my son (4) to his grandparents house on Fathers’ Day and his Grandmother (step grandmother by marriage) wouldn’t hug him.  She was that paranoid.  She watches CNN and has always been a general nitwit, but it’s sad for my son that fear would cause this person to turn against him.  What else can CNN tell her to do if she would reject her own family.  Maybe they should tell her to take a leap off a cliff.  

    I feel bad for my son that he has to grow up in all this hating and stupidity.  He is so full of love.  He probably won’t remember how life was when people didn’t wear masks and weren’t afraid of one another.  


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  7. Just now, Truthspoon said:


    There is no confusion on the matter, there are just certain people here trying to sow confusion.


    They're not worth addressing because then you're following CIA psy-ops and diverting from the topic at hand.


    Don't feed the trolls.


    I can see Trump losing in 2020 and a Democrat party eager for total world destruction. They've already proved they're totally insane.. but then there are  a lot of insane people in America ready to vote for them and a lot of Conservatives who just won't turn up for Trump.



    Understood.  Haha I was starting to freak out.  YouTube generation  is freaking me out with this erasing history and all. 

  8. 17 minutes ago, motleyhoo said:

    Because I am educated in and worked in Engineering...

    Motleyhoo would you please give your educated opinion on whether nuclear weapons have or have not been detonated in WW2.  There seems to be confusion on this matter. 

  9. Food for thought:  US Military Industrial Complex Poisonings


    When I say the United States is sitting on a pile of shit and destruction this is what I mean.  


    We all know the United States government sponsors businesses that use our and other people’s land and water as waste receptacles.  But in fact, our American bodies are treated as nothing more than little toxic waste barrels by big business.  And we pay for it too! 


    Most people in the USA eat food that is grown in their own shit.  It’s called biosolids.  Sewerage sludge is not magically “treated.”  We like to think magical things happen to our shit in a sewerage plant but no. 


    Biosolids are not just human poo, but also anything attached to the sewerage systems including industrial outlets.  There is also lead, pharmaceuticals, and dead bodies that have undergone alkaline hydrolysis.  Biosolids aren’t only used to grow human food, but are scattered about in playgrounds, schools, and parks.


    Foreign Trade Zones” US version of free trade zones:


    There are over 500 now in the United States and they are technically NOT U.S. SOVEREIGN LANDS.  They pay zero taxes.  They are subject to zero customs inspections.  


    There is a foreign trade zone near my house.  It consists of multi-billion dollar multinational corporations manufacturing AI-operated industrial equipment and electronics of all kinds.  There are train tracks used to transport e waste from the industrial zone to be loaded on barges and shipped to poor communities in third world countries.   


    The manufacturing waste that is not transportable is buried here in underground tanks and recreational facilities are built over them.  There are four outdoor “sports complexes” within a 7 mile stretch within our industrial corridor.  How charitable of them.  

    Our sewerage treatment plant is in the foreign trade zone too, and the “recycling center” where they make the biosolids patties and ready them for transport.  When they do a burn it smells like hell. 


    How much military industrial poisoning is actually being marketed to us as life-enhancing products? 


    Cobalt 60 bomb material is used to “keep the bugs off our food.”  Rendering it devoid of all nutritional value and introducing a whole new, never before seen assortment of toxic chemicals.


    Agent Orange, or organophosphates are sprayed on our food and applied to our faux English manor lawns. 

    Phosphate, or chemical fertilizer, is mined with uranium.  It is sold to municipalities for water fluoridation.  There are traces of uranium in water supplies, too.


    Squalene, first tested on US military in the 1st gulf war in the anthrax bioweapon vaccine.  It caused Gulf War Syndrome. Now it’s sold to children in the gardasil vaccine and old people in the flu vaccine.  

    And, of course microwave weapons, sold to us as ovens that denature our food even more.  

    And the crowning glory, 5G: the rollout being paid for by every American in their monthly cell phone bill. 

    American society since WW2 is a byproduct of the war machine and the war has always been against humanity.


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  10. For people who read books:


    The Plutonium Files: America’s Secret Medical Experiments In the Cold War


    It relays the complete history of all nuclear testing sites, on the surface of earth and in space from the start of the dept. of energy and all it’s other names.   All the experiments on populations and how they concealed the truth.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki did happen.  There was a conspiracy to cover up and minimize the true destruction. 

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  11. I’m sharing something I am deeply ashamed of, but there was a lesson learned.  

    I do not wish to attempt to explain it from a materialistic or scientific perspective as it is not how I experienced it. 


    For twenty years I stayed strictly on the material plane because my experiences with the other realm were filled with demons that I didn’t know how to deal with.  I got into a situation where an (angel?) had to aid me as I was in over my head. 


    A year ago I read the book Phenomena by Annie Jacobson, and a couple Carlos Castaneda books (at the time I didn’t know the story of him going crazy and all).  So I thought I’d try my hand at divining.  

    In my ignorance I decided to “divine” numbers to play the lottery.  The numbers I got were just good enough to keep me trying, but never really winning.  

    Then one night I dreamt I was at a Latin American bazaar with food, gifts, etc.  My young son was with me.  He is never in my dreams and this was strange.  He went over to some sort of animals that were very colorful and had spines and was touching them.  I allowed him to play with them but something about them disturbed me.  


    For a week or so I continued to get numbers from a low voice alone in the dark.  I started to notice as time went on that my son took on a sort of pallor and got rings under his eyes.  Then I realized that I had unconsciously made a bargain with a demon or demons that involved my son! 


    I had checked out the book the I Ching from the library and knew it functioned as an oracle.  I went to the I Ching, opened it to a random page and read the prophecy.  It confirmed the date, said I was consulting with a malicious entity and to stop immediately.  I then asked the low voice if it intended on taking my son.  It said yes. It was game over or so I thought.


    Then one night, without any overlying illness, my son developed a very high fever.  He was literally burning up.  I had to put him in a bath of lukewarm water to break the fever.  It was the most horrifying night.  I knew it was a payback for severing the relationship I formed with the malicious entity.  I was lucky nothing further happened and my son is fine.  

    This was how I learned never to use my subtle senses for selfish reasons. 

    I now use my senses with the intentions of devotional prayer, reverence, and guidance from God, to be of better service to my family, and to further my spiritual practice.   

    It is not without glitches, and I still encounter demons occasionally, but now I know how to handle myself better.

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  12. 15 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    It's good that you're happy as who you are. Whoever considers you subhuman is an arsehole. Nobody can help the way they're born, but most people can control their behaviour, unless they suffer from a health problem of course.

    Thanks.  Took a long time to stop hating myself as I was conditioned to by my family.

    15 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    How do we stop the elite weaponizing minorities against white folks though? That's the hard question to answer.


    Hard question indeed.  Seems there’s no stopping the elite from destroying anything lately. 

    Ima go now and wash my own feet and bow to myself ?

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  13. Knarly shit y’all.  


    I’m biracial, (beautiful as fuuu) and don’t identify with either “race.”  I feel though, and when people use my “race” as the butt of a joke or consider me subhuman or wish me dead yeah it hurts.  But I’m a big girl.  I never ever want to censor anyone or force them to accept me or have them fired!  I actually rather people spit their vitriol so I can see who they really are.


    My husband (white) was in four riots in LA.  They just love to riot in LA it’s like a sport. He describes the process as such:  first there’s the tension , then all it takes is one asshole in the back to throw a bottle and shit just “pops off.”  Black, white, Asian people riot.  Altogether or alone.  It’s a phenomenon.  


    For every black knockout game video you show me I can show you ten white people’s photos who beat their children to death.  And I can show you a hundred white heroes who spread love and a hundred black.  PEOPLE are disgusting as well as incredibly beautiful and full of god.  Be aware of manipulation of the message. 


    The ghetto if left alone will take care of itself.  They are in a feedback loop, brainwashed into the lifestyle and reinforced by their surroundings.  The MAJORITY of black Americans (12-13%) of the population, are not only no threat to you, but are decent people and just want to live their lives.  Please remember that.  


    The ghetto, when weaponized to destabilize a country will create fear in white america.  This fear is used to turn ALL EYES away from the true enemy.  


    Remember?  The ones who ruined your lives, the ones who took your jobs away and told you you are a vector.  They ruined your kids lives and want you REPLACED by cheap, foreign and robotized labor.  They want to starve you out.  They are your local, state and federal government!  Let us fix our gaze again on the true enemy.  




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    The book The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr is about how the internet has gotten people accustomed to receiving only snippets of information about any given subject in stylized, neat little packages, just grazing the surfaces of subjects, not requiring any thought. 


    Examples are what passes for articles these days, twits, posts, memes and videos.  What passes for research (and this is by so called professional journalists) is a pathetic joke. 

    This created the short attention spans that have kept the public from 1. never demonstrating any in depth knowledge of anything at all, and 2. assuming what little they know about any given subject is sufficient to form an understanding and even base an opinion on it. 


    Terrible outcomes of this are:
        1.    people are walking around with stupid and superficial knowledge 
        2.    they are quick to jump to conclusions about something they know absolutely nothing about
        3.    they actually believe that they know all there is to know about any given thing and there is no need for further inquiry.   
        4.    It leaves more than ample room for misinformation and misinterpretation of just everything under the sun
        5.    A compulsion based on concern of missing out on the very latest developments 
        6.    Turns everyone into a journalist in their own mind, spreading even more shallow snippets of utterly butchered information


    I am fully guilty of this too! 


    It creates a mind prison.  What’s driving this is the idea that knowledge has to be delivered fast.  Faster than a pizza. 


    By following news feeds that churn out new shallow “content” minute by minute it is impossible to determine which topic is worth considering, let alone formulate a clear, thoughtful analysis before being swept away to the next topic.  So we go round and round on the merry go round as the clutter accumulates in our brains. 


    All it creates is a false understanding of the world and tragically, each other.  Surface judgements are made on individuals and whole groups of people based on nothing of substance at all.  

    And in the process of condensing our own thoughts for mass consumption, some of us even lose touch with ourselves.  How dehumanizing and how much beauty and awe of life is lost this way. 

    To counter this destructive force is to accept that everything and everyone is complicated, intricate, and infinitely mysterious.  That one can read twenty books on any given subject and perform experiments and still not fully understand it.  But one may develop an original thought here and there.   


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  15. Yes October may be too soon for the second lockdown.  Too many people will have just returned to work.  We are still out of work here, so we need at least three months of work or we will be in deep doo doo. 

    Esoterically speaking, if you consider the timing of the previous two major events that have unfolded:


    March near Vernal Equinox; human sacrifice of many lives to “covid” ventilators


    June near Summer Solstice; human sacrifice Floyd and subsequent riot deaths, and possibly, if George Webb is correct, white blood spilled in one or more antifa cities.


    September near Fall Equinox possibly another sacrifice of lives if there is a satanic cult at the helm of these events. 

    If this turns out to be true, whoever is spiritually inclined should attempt to counter the evil that is being done at these sacred times rather than just observe.  Defend yourselves on the physical plane well.


    5G, which will be “rolled out” by September may have a death count of its own in the US.

    Side note:  tarragon the herb, especially Mexican tarragon protects the brain.  I eat leaves of it every day and give it to my son.

  16. The above video has it wrong a little I think.  They state that the fires and kneeling have to do with the event to come in September, but they occurred in June, which is the month of Saint John the Baptist.  In Christianity, the events can symbolize a preparation for the coming Christ in September.  A repenting of sins (of which racism could be a front for other things) to get people on their knees.  And the washing of black peoples feet may be  reference to a sort of baptism or cleansing of the soul.  John the Baptist is the masons patron Saint.  

  17. 8 hours ago, alexa said:

    ‘Give us our eleven days!’ The English calendar riots of 1752.



    My math's isn't that clever but if this is the case then September 11th ( Jesus's Birthday) would take the real date to the 22nd/23rd September, wouldn't it ? :classic_unsure:

    Sounds right to me!


    8 hours ago, alexa said:


    I had a dream where by I was talking to Jesus and he happened to warn me of the number 5. I woke up thinking what could this number 5 mean ? First I thought about the film 'Five Alive' A1's.. but then it dawned on me, could he have meant  5G?


    Thank goodness I’m not the only one who is getting numbers in dreams.  Your conclusions are a real possibility.  

    Also 5 from book Signs and symbols

    According to Pythagorean’s, five is the number of man, who has 5 fingers, toes, and senses, and who has four limbs and a head, and can be divided into five equal parts.  The ancient Greeks identified five elements that make up man: his body , animal soul, psyche, intelligence and divine spirit.  The number 5 is both related to the pentagram and the “golden number” or divine proportion that is believed to create architectural harmony.   In Kabbalist the sephirotic tree of life contains five primary numbers, significant because they are divisible only by themselves and the number one, of whose unity they are also a part.  Pechard (justice) is the fifth sephira, signifies duty and strength.  In Hinduism, too the number 5 is symbolic, representing the five elements fire, air, earth, water, and ether (the quintessence), and it is a symbol of life.  Because it combines the numbers two (yin) and three (yang) in China we (5) brings good luck.  This is reflected in five felicitates: happiness, longevity, joy, wealth, and riches. 

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  18. For those into numerology

    I was never into numerology till the dreams came.

    September 23, 2020

    9+ 23+2020=2052



    Do your 9 multiplication tables and add the digits.  Always will reduce to 9.  
    333, 666, and 999 all reduce to 9. 
    It is indeed the most special of the sacred numbers.

  19. OK there’s a Masonic meaning to the date September 23rd.  September 23rd is 180 days after the signing of the 5G bill by Trump.   On this video found on David Icke around the 22 minute mark it states the significance of this date. 
    “September 23 The end of a Masonic ritual and beginning of the goat.”



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