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  1. Portland and Seattle protesters are fake.  Fake cause, fake, staged protests, temper tantrums.  If they really believed in any cause they would be armed with real weapons and ready to die for their cause.  They bring umbrellas and frozen water bottles and shit, it makes for theater, nothing more.  

    Meanwhile the shooting ranges are packed solid, guns and ammo selling out, classes filled months in advance.  The real fight is resisting the vaccines.  If the current stage 3 adverse reaction rate is 9%, that’s 27 million people in the US who will go down.  Our kids.  It’s close to fight or flight time.  

    The silent majority is laying low until pushed into a corner.  

  2. On 7/26/2020 at 5:15 AM, jack121 said:

    What do you think of the south american countries, would any of those be a good place to move to. They refused to do lockdown. Nicaragua's daniel ortega said the virus was a satanic devil.


    Nicaragua - a lot of American expatriates retiring there.


    Panama - only need $1000 or 764 pounds a month to qualify to live there.


    Other countries: Uruguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Belize, though they require $2000 monthly income 

  3. There appears to be a market expansion happening as there is likely an excess supply of lithium from various mines scattered across the globe.  

    Just like fluoride, the excess lithium is being marketed, usually at the municipal level across the west where they can fetch the highest sale price.


    Articles like the one above are merely marketing materials used by the salesmen to pitch the product.

    Just like fluoride, lithium impairs thyroid function.  Older adults in the US, especially women have been put on thyroid medication and will remain for life.  This will expand the pharmaceutical thyroid replacement market share.

    Long term use of lithium also causes severe kidney damage.  

    Abruptly stopping medically prescribed lithium causes a complete breakdown in manic depressive patients.  Saw this first hand.  

    “The mineral lithium is a powerful epigenetic factor. Key epigenetic mechanisms include histone modifications and changes in DNA methylation. Lithium works in both of these channels and has been shown to influence the expression of over 50 different genes.”


    Ok so they’re messing with gene expression in humans by mass drugging.  Without knowledge of interactions with other chemicals such as fluoride already existing in the water, as well as those unnamed chemicals they use to coat the pipes to reduce lead erosion.  

    Sounds great!  Pay off necessary officials and it’s coming to a town near you. 


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  4. 34 minutes ago, falmidiydu said:

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    Thanks a I’ll probably make more money than you cause my tits are bigger. 

  5. Elon Musk and the transhumanists  are weirdos but I was once curious about how they think, so:


    Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark


    Indeed, the MIT set is psychopathic.  It describes killer drones that will descend, slice and drill into a person’s head.   They also come across as extremely arrogant.  The book does confirm that they have no intention whatsoever of including anyone but themselves in their digital utopia.  Only people like Larry David will be seen flying around with AI wings and such stupidity like that.
    Elon Musk recommended this book when he was out telling the world to fear AI.  Turns out the real reason is that the author kisses his ass throughout the whole book. 

    The Singularity by Ray Kurzweil 

    Of course got this from that killer video game Black Mirror episode.  
    Ray has done some good in the world through technology, particularly for the blind, but in the end he is in the club.  He’s peddling the same utopian digital dream.

    His subsequent book,  Transcend, is supposed to be full of useful health info, but it repeats the same pipe dream and throws in some expensive supplements.  

    Analysis:  Transhumanists are absolutely petrified of dying. 


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  6. Hi Allymisfit.  
    Hope you’re feeling better.  I question the sanity of anyone not suffering in some way right now.  
    My baby and praying every day is helping me hold it together.  Never prayed before this but it really does work.  

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  7. Fuck everyone else too.  My next door neighbors are such assholes.  Amazon Alexa having, spying in our yard hypocrites.  They hate our garden.  The lady says things to me like “oh you’re so skinny!”  That’s how proper southern ladies hate and insult each other.  She snubbed us in public yesterday.  

    Went to the stupid bunko game when I first moved here and a lady told me if I don’t roll right she’d kill me!  These people in suburbia are sick.  



  8. 3 hours ago, Mr H said:


    And very recently at the end of last year in a spiritual and ceremonial setting I did Ayahuasca

    Do mind sharing what plants were in yours?  Did you fast beforehand?


    Had a friend go to Bolivia and do it on some yoga thing.  She ended up hooking up with some dude while on it.  Kudos to her.  I wouldn’t feel sexy while I’m “cleansing” out both ends at the same time.  


    Got a Banisteriopsis caapi, I think yellow variety, and a Psychotria viridis plant.  Heard sometimes they put an ingredient in that makes you vulnerable to suggestion.  Forgot what it is.  


    (Would hate to be out in the jungle with some weirdos and not know exactly what’s in it.  There are some brujos out there.)


    So I have some Syrian Rue and Mimosa tenuiflora sitting in the closet and a recipe for an analog.  May try if I get the time, nerve, and a babysitter (for me).  Have to be able to fast three days, too. 


  9. Whoever has the ability to stand up to it should do so.  


    I take it back I’m not a pussy.  I have to pick my battles. 


    I’ve got to live here in this small town.  My stylist has to wear a mask whether she likes it or not, so what am I going to do deny someone I’ve known for years money because I’ve got a revolution?  She has a kid to feed too. 


    When my husband returns to work he has to wear a mask on hot stages, get tested weekly and daily if the “talent” is on set.  Yeah it sucks but he has to put food on the table.  


    I can’t stomp around my town getting into mask confrontations because my husband doesn’t need reports of his wife getting into arguments all over town.  Same reason I can’t run around naked it’s just bad for business.


    Calling myself and others a pussy isn’t the way to go.  I don’t know what the stakes are for others and everyone has a line.  Some people have willingly given up their guns to their governments.  Do I call them cowards?  No.  I don’t know them.  

  10. I hate acid.  Did it in high school.  Last time I did it was during school.  Came home from school to find my mom had slit her wrists so I had to drive her trippin to the hospital.  


    This guy William Leonard Pickard got busted in 2000 for transporting his acid lab across Kansas.  He was in a ring that manufactured thousands of hits.  He just got out of prison.  



    So he poses like some guru, but he’s part of the elite.  


    Got his book he wrote while in jail, The Rose of Paracelsus.  It was fiction, but basically states his delusion that acid is made and distributed for the purpose of helping humanity raise its intelligence and consciousness.  Whatever. 


    Lots of literary references, etc. he is clearly highly intelligent, but has a high opinion of Harvard and all its spoiled, connected grad students.  It was a nauseating read. 


    He comes from the government sponsored acid tests and their ilk.  


    Because acid is a synthetic chemical it poorly mimics what is found in nature.  


    John C. Lilly was a sadistic bastard who did sick experiments on people and gave acid to dolphins.  His book, Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer was also very disturbing to read.  Just based on the title you can imagine his outlook on humanity. 


  11. 15 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

    I have tried mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) under my pillow .

    Some people  used to smoke it as a dream enhancer but I  just like the smell  of the crushedherb.

    It was few years ago  when I  tried so can't  remember  exactly what happened,  but as it is growing now in the wild I will pick some later and maybe try again.


    Article on mugwort here.

    https://commonwealthherbs.com/mugwort-for-dreaming/#:~:text=Mugwort%2C Artemisia vulgaris%2C is the primary herb I,and entirely reliable for its effects on dreaming.

    Thanks!  Just ordered a plant! 





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  12. Congratulations on getting off the pills!  My mom is still on them, don’t think she will ever get off.  Did research for her anyway.


    From the book: Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime by Peter Gotzsche:


    “Psychiatrists make more money than any other specialty.  Those who make the most money tend to prescribe to children most often.”(p. 191)


    You see the DSM, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is made up as they go along, to fit drug company agendas.  


    DSM 3 has 297 different ways to be mentally ill.

    The next publication, DSM 4, has 374 ways to be mentally ill! 


    For example, one disorder is called “Masochistic Personality Disorder” was  intended for women who are beaten up by their husbands.  Give em a pill that’ll solve it!


    “SSRIs have amphetamine-like (speed) effects”(p. 194)


    “ADHD drugs can damage the heart in the same way as seen in long-term cocaine addicts and lead to death, even in children.”

    “We also know that ADHD drugs cause bipolar disorder in about 10% of the children.” (p. 194)


    So a misguided parent brings their child into the doc office, usually at the recommendation of A TEACHER, gets the kid Dx for ADHD, gets the kid hooked on SPEED, the child develops bipolar disorder from the speed, and you can guess what happens next.  


    The parent brings the child back to the doctor, gets new Dx and now is on antipsychotics IN ADDITION to the ADHD drugs.  Next, they get on drugs to manage the side effects of the other drugs and you have totally pilled up, sick children.  Same for teens and adults. 


    More from the book:


    “The rate of depression in the population has increased a thousandfold since the days when we didn’t have antidepressant drugs.”


    “What’s coming down the pike for DSM 5?  Bereavement depressive disorder if it lasts more than 2 weeks!”  There’s a pill for that!


    Tapering off these drugs is so important because of their amphetamine like effects!!!


    (Though tapering off is not unproblematic, it gives you a lot of withdrawal symptoms too.) 


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  13. What I feel
    Is Different than the word love
    Love is for fools
    What I feel
    Isn't foolish
    We don't suffer fools, we out fool them.

    I look at you picture
    One day you decide
    To never age
    Save yourself
    Took yourself out of the picture
    Didn't you? Didn't you?

    Curiosity kills
    Curiosity kills
    It's what we're on
    It's a mean mean end
    Curiosity kills

    Could not keep
    Your mind off of it
    Wouldn't hear
    What anyone said
    You could run, make a new start
    Just hid yourself out in the backyard

    Curiosity kills
    Curiosity kills

    It's what we're on
    It's a mean mean end
    Curiosity kills

    I look at your picture
    One day you decide
    Never age
    Always late
    Couldn't make
    Our final date
    Now could you? Could you?

    Curiosity kills
    Curiosity kills
    It's what we're on
    It's a mean mean end
    Curiosity kills

    They said look away, look away
    But you couldn't look away
    Look away, look away
    Something made you stop and stare
    That day

    Curiosity kills
    Curiosity kills
    It's what we're on
    It's a mean mean end
    Curiosity kills

  14. 6 hours ago, allymisfit said:


    The bar and elevator scenes! I can relate to that also! How odd!

    Yeah they seem generic.  That’s why I think they’re traps.  Kind of like Pleasure Island in Pinocchio.  Pleasure Island is in both waking life and dreams.  

    6 hours ago, allymisfit said:


    Do you lucid dream or astral project?

    I can lucid dream sometimes but not on command.  I usually get placed in a setting and lucidity comes when I have to make a choice.  I was dropped in a field once and it was so real it freaked me out.  There were other people there.  I had to say “I don’t want to be here” three times before I was removed.

    Astral project yeah but I’m new so I suck at it.  Can’t do it in dreams but that’s a real good idea!  I need a thing and have only done it in ceremony.  For me it’s a feather.  Did it with a goose feather twice.  A hawk came and hung around my yard and left two feathers so I have those now.  

    It feels like being sucked up really fast.  I stayed in the sky and didn’t dare land anywhere.  

    Messing around with dreams and that stuff invites trouble so if you get into it be ready.  I’ve gotten my ass kicked a whole lot.  



  15. On 7/24/2020 at 3:49 PM, motleyhoo said:

    I had to wear a mask to get a haircut.  I avoided it for as long as possible, until my hair was down to my shoulders because I had not had a trim since December.   I tried to find a shop that did not require a mask and could not find one because social media and political correctness pressure is being used to force compliance.  Any shop that tries to do otherwise will get shredded on social media.

    Okay it’s confession time.  I wore a mask to the hairstylist too!!  I’m a terrible pussy and I’m vain.  I’m no revolutionary I’m a vain pussy.  I signed up for my gun classes, I grew a garden, but I can’t be looking unkempt!  

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