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  1. Dunno, but I’m reading this book right now about HAARP and electromagnetic weapons and weather control. Any differences you may be noticing may have to do with the space fence.
  2. @Given To Fly hey you’re the one playing all that emo shiat! Haha ?
  3. Absolutely right Motleyhoo. The banks and those gaming the system made mad money off the deal and we got our little pathetic pittance. Oh and all the dead people who got paid! Surely the same dead will be voting come November. But who cares about that when there’s fire and people are breaking statues!
  4. Alcohol is a stupifier drug. Widely accepted because it’s users don’t threaten the elite agenda. Like burgers and fries, keep them fat and stupid. That map to me represents millions of livelihoods destroyed by the government during lockdown.
  5. Haven’t been able to verify that Trump hijacked the Federal Reserve Bank in March. Only that the Fed injected $6 trillion into the economy in March. Fed chairman Powell is still running the fed.
  6. How can the nature of reality be found through examining concepts like in a classroom setting anyway? Especially when there’s no teacher. Seems like an exercise in what reality is not rather than what it is. Then there’s parlor tricks. Hold a feather up to your third eye and you may get sucked up into the sky, even go where you want. Cool, but without being of service what’s the point? Are all thought intrusions, auditory, visual, and other “hallucinations” to be ignored? Are they all demons? TV fuzz? They’re there for a reason, maybe to be faced. Who’s to say? My knowledge of ancient initiation rituals is embarrassingly crude and distorted, but they seem to have involved going into a cave, maybe taking potent hallucinogens, and undergoing a terrifying death and rebirth experience. Only afterward is the nature of reality revealed to the initiate. Or finding the nature of reality may involve having what people call a nervous breakdown or going full on psychotic. My shoe broke and I fell down one Spring day in the year 2000. That kicked off a full blown 3 day, very intense psychotic episode. Maybe I fell into a vortex. Who knows, it was Arizona. The real reality may have been revealed while I was completely wallpaper licking manic! At the time I didn’t understand what I was experiencing and couldn’t handle the sinister aspects of the experience. Without medical intervention or pharmaceuticals, it took 6 months for the residuals of those three days to fully subside. I went full on materialist from then on. A week of exclusively handling business and household matters leaves me extremely anxious though. A part of me wants another crack at being nuts, what was for me a first hand peek behind the veil. Having to be normal and function “normally” doesn’t seem conducive to finding the nature of reality. It’s not a safe endeavor and could even be torturous to some. On the other hand, “normal” seems to be crumbling all around us, isn’t it?
  7. So true. In fact, not only the healthcare, school, and emergency professionals, but our insane State and city governments are drooling for another chance to break the public. And break them they will. This summer they are letting the sheep out to pasture. They will be herded into the barn again come fall, just in time for the election (by mail). They are already ramping up propaganda. “Covid affects the entire body system, causes blood clots, can be passed without symptoms, etc.” After witnessing the complete fear-based obedience of almost everyone in the first go round I have no doubt they will be switched on and off at the elite’s will, whenever they want. Lockdowns, riots, rinse and repeat. I agree there is probably something in September, as it coincides with esoteric numbers, timed to the next equinox, and coincides with the rolling out of 5G.
  8. Haven’t found the definite source of that nor how to overcome it. I have a theory though. It could be what is called “the trickster.” I’ve done a fair share of drugs and still haven’t encountered the one consciousness thing. So there’s everything, like the Hindu God Shiva. One prayer to Shiva begins like this: “O mighty Shiva, worlds are indeed indebted to you. So also gods and demons and all life in the universe. Even Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver.” So when I think about or meditate on God who encompasses all; both good and evil and just everything everywhere, that is the closest I can get. Though I am a part of the whole, I still feel separate from the divine. The Upanishads states that only the enlightened can see true reality. The rest of us can only catch glimpses from time to time. To relinquish all desire is the key. I tend to agree.
  9. Damnit I’ve got nothing! Brrrrrrrrrhhheeee! ee.
  10. One way to explore the nature of reality is to explore within your own mind. Like what makes you operate the way you do? I picked up this book by Ivo Dominguez Jr. called Keys to Perception: A Practical Guide to Psychic Development. I’m not down with all the exercises in the book, and the title is a little silly, but... When you get past the regular meditations, the ones that involve simply observing thoughts and letting them pass you by, the author claims you can begin to slow your thoughts down. Once you have slowed them, you can examine how they arise. For instance: I noticed my thoughts occur kind of like a slideshow. One after the other, and I can flip through them at will. But when I have a (schizophrenic or intrusive?) thought I notice that I cannot flip through that. I cannot change the slide and the thought/presence persists independent of my control.
  11. Oh true THAT! I’m sitting here waiting for my kid to fall asleep trying not to bust out laughing!
  12. True. And ya know, a lot of people in general aren’t very nice, but the wealthy have that extra level. They like to think they can impress you by talking about what they’ve got. So they brag on and on but never hand over the dough! Just give me your money and be gone. Oops I’ve said too much. I married for love, but sometimes when I’ve just finished cleaning the house and still have to cook dinner I have selfish thoughts. Was independent most of my adult life. It was overrated for me.
  13. So true! When I was dating my my now husband he got an English Bulldog puppy. He was divinely cute. He could not get 3 feet without some broad running up squealing at him. I was so disgusted. But yeah. Smush face puppies even better.
  14. On pork produced by big agribusiness: Book Foodopoly by Wenonah Hauter: “Hog operations are owned by multinationals and are located in mostly poor communities in the US.” (Because the pollution and smell from them, is very intense) ”Smithfield, the largest producer of hog in the world sends old meat back to stores with new expiration dates, washes moldy meats to make them look fresh.” ”Enviropig” is the pig genetically designed for factory farms ”Pigs are cloned with high omega 3 fatty acid by blending a gene from earthworms with pigs’ genetic material.” “The dirty secret about cloning is that the animals are more likely to have birth defects and health problems, and only 5% of animals survive.”
  15. I’d like to place a wager. If JFK Jr. is alive he will opt to remain anonymous or in hiding. The Kennedy family is just as corrupt as any elite family, and their wealth was created by just as nefarious means as the other elite families. JFK was the first celebrity, overhyped president like his predecessor Obama. Upon examination of their actual records, both were at most “just ok” in reality. This is just more celebrity/monarchy worship and looking for some kind of Superman to save the day. No one is coming to save us from the cabal. It’s up to us ourselves.
  16. This is all hurting my feelings! (runs away crying)
  17. Michi713


    Wanna hear something gross about fake meat? From the book Foodopoly by Wenonah Hauter: p. 275 ”growing meat in a Petri dish...NASA funded Morris Benjaminson who used strips of muscle from a goldfish kept in a liquid bath of blood from unborn calves to produce ‘meat.’” p. 276 “If test tube meat hits the big time, we will likely know by its appearance in a Big Mac or when agribusiness buys the patent holder.”
  18. I’m obsessed with your response! Both the alien and what you’ve said resonated with me. From the spirit guide: I agree there were deliberate efforts to suppress spiritual and material truths from humanity. I think industrial society exploits and mechanizes nature and consequently, destroys it. I think there’s more to life and death than the materialist, nihilist philosophies that dominate our culture. From you: I agree that I’m sick of being portrayed as the culprit, like I chose to be born and conditioned into this culture. I also notice a lot of new-agey dribble has attempted to fill the spiritual void that industrial society has made. That void was once filled by traditional world religions, but they are considered corrupt and their teachings devalued (maybe deliberately). I guess the mediums try, but it seems like the blind leading the blind. I agree the alien provides no definite path to righting these wrongs. Maybe the message was directed specifically at the medium and he knows what to do about it. Suppose that’s why spirituality is such a personal thing. I like your idea of working with body heart and mind together to accomplish something. Something worthwhile, but without that competitive, materialistic, (succeed succeed succeed!) dogma that is drilled into us Americans from toddlerhood. No wonder so many of us want to retreat into our heads. Interesting about feeling your pain and letting it roll through you. That must nave been a cathartic experience for you. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration to look closer at the message.
  19. ON MONUMENTS: Monuments are like furniture to most Americans, as most don’t even know who the monuments represent or what period they are from. The vast majority of black people in the US never cared about the monuments either or this would have been a thing prior to the Obama administration. Of course many are appalled at the violent ripping down of monuments by roving hordes. There’s a civilized way of going about removing statues but it’s being done this way for psychological effect. If a militia rolls up with guns to defend them they will be smeared by the media. The ATF and the FBI will roll up to arrest them. Why? The government is complicit in the cultural revolution because the government is behind it. 40 million plus Americans are jobless right now, including my family. I’m personally too busy making raised beds for growing food that we may need because we may soon have to choose between paying our house payment and groceries. If the mayhem leaves the city centers and comes to us we will have no choice but to fight. But for now, being that it’s another psychological demoralization exercise, it’s just not worth the energy.
  20. It is sad, Jaquiby. I brought my son (4) to his grandparents house on Fathers’ Day and his Grandmother (step grandmother by marriage) wouldn’t hug him. She was that paranoid. She watches CNN and has always been a general nitwit, but it’s sad for my son that fear would cause this person to turn against him. What else can CNN tell her to do if she would reject her own family. Maybe they should tell her to take a leap off a cliff. I feel bad for my son that he has to grow up in all this hating and stupidity. He is so full of love. He probably won’t remember how life was when people didn’t wear masks and weren’t afraid of one another.
  21. Thanks for the info. Just read up on the artificial turf. How horrifying. Too bad I’ve lost my chance to bug out of here because all this just makes me want to relocate to Uruguay.
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