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  1. On 8/8/2020 at 7:36 PM, Stan Evans said:



    I oppose UN Agenda 21/2030 and resent it hijacking a life choice that is about compassion and empathy. I also resent anyone who might suggest a vegetarian or vegan is compromised by inadvertently supporting one of the cult's aims. I also find it impossible to believe in protecting human freedom, overthrowing the cult plans and humans achieving awareness beyond the five senses while we still treat animals as vegetables without any rights to a full, pain-free life.



    Valid point.  Intelligent people (in short supply) realize the difference between what Sustainable Development / Agenda 2030 want and what is sensible.
    Resisting centralized food supply, growing food, raising animals, supporting local farms and relying less on grocery stores will unite people, vegetarian or not.

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  2. The other night late at night I sat alone in front of the TV for about half an hour.  Wanted to zone out. 

    When the commercials came on there was this pulsing of light.  First it was random, then midway through the commercials it took on a definite pattern, like a morse code situation.  

    The lights were fixed into the commercials.  I covered my eyes after a minute cause it hurt, but my brain was still being affected despite averting my eyes.  It was like pulses in my head.  Then it went away and the commercials resumed as normal.  

  3. 3 hours ago, - TZC - said:

    I wondered if anyone might know more than I do. Negative energy attachment eh. I'll try to look it up, any pointers welcome if you wish

    Oh yeah.  In the Amazon there are brujos (ayahuasqueros with ill intent) who like to challenge the ayahuasqueros. They cast bad (energy?) and illness on their targets.  

    See though you knew inside how to counter it!  You knew intuitively to put out the opposite to dispel it and you just did it!  



  4. 6 hours ago, rideforever said:

    the shittest useless talentless lying scum fuckers.

    I will be using this in life.  Thank you. 

    6 hours ago, rideforever said:


    Anyway, from time to time you do see someone who works for himself.  Meaning wherever and however he works, he does a good job ... for him, for his own .. pride of living honestly.  It's not about money or a boss or whatever.  It's just that this person today tries to be a good worthy human being.

    Connect yourself to somewhere else, through the teachers that have come here.

    The only proper duty of a sane man living in this place is learning how to leave rapidly.

    And nobody is going to join you on the way out.

    Whatever they say, they don't get it.

    Starting to finally get through my thick gourd.  

  5. 9 hours ago, Jode said:


    I feel like there is a lot of weight bias on this forum so havent approached this before...


    Yeah that’s shitty and should no longer be tolerated.  You are clearly not lazy and you sacrifice for your children.  Critics can blow.  

    The cards are stacked against you as you probably already realize.  


    First culturally, in the West we are conditioned to eat three or more times a day, which is not only excessive, but works to deteriorate the body faster.  
    Much cultural activity revolves around food, celebrations, family gatherings, etc.  


    This, as FinallyAwake said, is purely for the benefit of the food and sickness industries.  


    Totally counterintuitive message to “eat several small meals a day to ‘boost metabolism’” is a lie.  


    This shit here:



    Is total lies.  

    Book: Fatter, Sicker, Poorer (Trasande, 2019) 


    “Diet and obesity is not cut and dry calories in calories out.  Increased calories does not explain the obesity epidemic nor does inactivity.  
    Carefully designed, peer reviewed studies have drawn increasingly convincing links between obesity and prenatal and early childhood exposure to pesticides, bisphenols (BPA), and plasticizers such as phthalates.  Other studies suggest adults may gain weight and develop diabetes in response to exposures later in life.” 

    “Phthalates trigger PPAR receptors and disrupt metabolic function, causing mismanagement of calorie processing and diverting food into fat creation rather than muscle.” 

    “As many pollutants are fat soluble, they accumulate there and persist for years if not decades.”  

    So you see the situation is dire.  


    Wheat, grains, etc. should be eaten sparingly if at all.  Consider them as white sugar.  Fruit also sparingly.  Half it. 

    Fats: nuts, seeds, flax seeds in plain coconut yogurt, avocados if you can get them there.  Tablespoon of coconut oil a day will fortify the body and help with satiety. 


    Eating much less, smaller portions and limiting the time window in which eating happens will allow the body to divert energy and resources from digesting to healing. 


    Fasting, simple juice to start will recondition you to eat less.  Don’t have to have a lot of exotic ingredients to start. 
    Lots of books to assist in fasting out there from a spiritual angle as well.  


    Fasting is difficult at first!  Fist time I was an asshole especially when I had to cook for everyone else.  This subsides later. 

    People may say you will starve, which is another lie.  People have and do fast for as many as forty days.  Fasting 16-24 hours is a ok. 




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  6. 3 hours ago, FinallyAwake said:

    I feel just as sad for the parents who believe in that bullshit

    It is sad because they’re playing Russian roulette with their kids’ lives and don’t know it.  Part is blind trust and herd mentality.  Part is not bothering to look into anything.  You’re about to bring this life into the world who you are totally responsible for yet there’s no apparent need to find out about anything at all.  Let these wolves do all the thinking and reasoning for you. 


  7. Of course not all the things that happen in hospitals are bad!  It’s a great place to go if you’ve been shot or need a broken limb reset.  If you’ve overdosed, etc.  


    There are real angels in there, but mostly tired, normal people. 


    There was me, RN for a minute.  Hated it so left right away.  Especially disliked the double standard in vaccine requirements for nurses vs. doctors (money makers).  Deep down I couldn’t handle the responsibility because it’s immense. 


    Here are some of my observations from being on “the floor:”


    People tend to gravitate toward what they think will help them personally.  In the case of nurses I met, they all had health problems, some serious, and wished to be close to what they thought would save them.  Many are on medications of all kinds and some are prone to addiction.


    A lot (not all) nurses are staunch guardians of conventional medicine, of the status quo.  They are true believers as they have seen what they believe to be medicine working.  


    Healthcare workers put up defenses for themselves to cope with the death they see all the time.  Sometimes they come off as callous.  

    Had a patient who was “going down.”  Went to the desk where the nurses were gathered and they taunted me. “Michelle’s patient is biting it!  Hahaha!”  

    Yeah.  For real. 


    Once you learn to read charts you can identify medical errors that have been covered up.  

    Had one patient who was transferred from another hospital where they destroyed her kidneys with contrast dye.  She was in for something else.  The hospital transfer served as a cover from liability as the details got lost in the charting. 


    Do you remember in A Brave New World where the society kept people from being around death and the reality of dying?  Well that’s what we live in.  When someone dies it’s the nurse’s job to “sanitize” the scene so the family can enter and view the body.  


    So they they won’t see the messiness, the agony of dying.  So they can remain disconnected from the reality of it.   Same in nursing homes.  


    This is used as leverage in our society.  If people are kept from seeing, from being close to death, watching it happen, this natural process, death becomes taboo.  People fear what they don’t know. 


    So you see the ramifications of this out on the world.  Bunch of people scared of death and willing to do anything they are told will “save them.”





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  8. Vaccine derived polio:


    Happened in the US recently too and there was a campaign describing this “mysterious polio-like illness” causing paralysis in kids. 




    The medical establishment lies and lies to cover up their evil and corruption. 

    Doctors‘ m.o. is to gaslight parents into disbelieving what they see with their own eyes and doubting what they know about their own children.  Such is the power of the lab coat wearers. 

    At my child’s physical therapy office I met two parents whose kids were permanently damaged by vaccines.  One child walked with braces and a walker and the other (4 yrs) in a wheelchair maybe permanently.  Both parents described to me how their normally developing children descended into paralysis after their vaccines were administered.  But both were so gaslighted by the pediatricians telling them it couldn’t possibly be the shots!  So they knew enough to tell me, a stranger, but were put under some spell of denial so they wouldn’t take action against the establishment.  


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  9. Friggin MDMA they call Molly now.  Same stuff like they call techno EDM.  All recycled.  

    My first tab girls from work held me down and pinched my nose.  Plopped one of those garbage ones with brown specks down my throat as an initiation.   

    Every time I rolled after that it was an angry, violent experience.  Everyone would be loving and all.  I hated everything and looked for trouble guess because that first time set the tone.  

    A girlfriend of mine would pop nine at a time and get that gross rolling eyes and grinding teeth haha!

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  10. 2 hours ago, Jode said:

    Wow I have heard so much about ayahuasca in people trying to heal themselves with cptsd ..... I want to try it but I'm scared haha.


    I did lsd and speed ecstasy in the 90s. Wouldn't touch any of it now though as it's so heavily cut with other substances now. The only trip I had was on MDMA and it was quite wonderful haha. I had a very heavily traumatic childhood and I always think that experience was as close to care free joy as I will ever experience - my child inside definitely came out to play that day.


    I drank heavily and took coke throughout my marriage with my husband - havent touched it since we divorced and now have managed to massively cut alcohol use and get my act together. Maybe one day I'll achieve complete tee totalness- its definitely becoming less and less appealing to me as I approach 40

    Out of likes but thanks for sharing your story. 🙂

  11. Oh shit.  So over it. Hitler.  How did that work out? 

    Last time I was over there was 09 and yes it was a shit show in London and Amsterdam.  I was pretty much getting run into by “gangs” of a certain ethnicity.  Overrun.  

    If I lived there alone I would have to be armed.  I was armed as a single woman over here.  Had my hand on that bitch walking to and from work, car, and home.  Yes sir.  

    Ya know why?? Cause I had no man to protect me.  

    I would bet you the majority of the victims of grooming gangs came from homes where a father was absent or uninvolved.  

    And because there  are no “equalizers” for the women and no male escorts stepping up to defend them yes they are falling prey.  No clear message was ever sent that the women are not to be touched. 

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  12. 4 minutes ago, The itinerant shrubber said:



    The feminists compelled women to seek careers, material gain and personal gratification over having family's. 

    Economics compelled women to leave the home to work.  Feminism gave them a choice to slave either in the home under a man’s thumb or be a wage slave.  Personal gratification is a byproduct of women possessing new found monetary power same as men.

    Yet the biological clock remains active in most women and can’t be stamped out. 

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  13. 10 minutes ago, The itinerant shrubber said:

    No we're not breeding, thanks to decades of feminism, transgendersim, feminisation of men, climate change propaganda and other forms of indoctrination. 

    Yes it’s “they“ who are doing it to you.  

    Let’s get down to it shall we? 

    Throw a rock down your street and you will hit twenty women who want to have a family with you.
    Regardless of how you look or smell.  

    It’s like biology!  Women want babies.  

    Some men, a growing number maybe, want no such thing.  Where’s the sense of duty to pass the culture down to future generations?  

    Is it the feminists who compelled the men to not want to “settle down” and further your civilization? 

    Dunno!  Maybe the entertainment is too good to bother.  

    We are not living in a world of rich culture and high ideals.  We are living in A Brave New World but here’s the thing, we are willing participants.  No one has ever held a gun to your head and said “entertain and luxuriate yourselves to cultural death.”

  14. Really excellent book Nourishing Wisdom by Marc David


    Many good points about how the method with which we take in food is just as important if not more important than the quality of the food itself.

    That food made with love has its own power, regardless of the ingredients. 

    He goes into slowing down while eating to chew and taste.  (Something I have trouble with cause I tend to inhale just to get it over with) 


    The politics of eating, etc. 




    ”Many people who want no rules or restrictions with diet and believe ‘anything goes’ operate on the belief that no relationship exists between cause and effect.  Somehow, what they do in life or whatever they eat will not have future consequences, or so they hope.  Because they secretly fear responsibility they act as if responsibility were unnecessary.”


    He also goes into the drinking contest as a right of passage in which abusing the body while still maintaining control is used to falsely prove one’s manhood.  Essentially a self destructive practice reinforced by culture. 

  15. 13 minutes ago, The itinerant shrubber said:




    Sigh...scary music, clips of darkies spilling over walls taken out of context.


    Same videos in the US of Central American hoards “marching” towards the Southern border. 

    “They” need slaves to tend the fields. 

    The West IS NOT BREEDING! 

    Not every immigrant wants to kill kill kill you.  

    But yes, they WILL out breed you because YOU ARE NOT BREEDING! 


  16. 2 minutes ago, The itinerant shrubber said:

    I didn't say we have the monopoly but where would you rather live, China or Europe? Only one tortures and executes prisoners and sells their organs. 

    Missing the point.  The lazy are being replaced by people who are willing to work.  Period.  

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  17. The fall of the West was brought from decadence, laziness, and a smug sense of accomplishment from people who didn’t accomplish the great feats of their ancestors but sit on it and take it for granted while patting themselves on the back for being oh so civilized. 

  18. 3 hours ago, The itinerant shrubber said:

    Becouse white Europeans built Western civilisation. Europe is the light in an otherwise dark and brutal world. Civilisation, art, culture, science... everything they want to destroy and is a threat to them. They hate everything Europe stood for. 

    They want the European race bred out of existence until only a homogony of low IQ humans are left. 



    Sorry had to go to church cause I gots to get saved.


    Don’t mean to burst your bubble but Europe is also part of the dark and brutal world!  Don’t mistake physical comforts and wealth for the light. 

    Europe also does not hold monopoly over civilization, art, culture, or science either.  Do the Chinese not have culture for example?  Do they not practice science?  

    Lastly, IQ is not bred it is either developed or not. 



  19. From book Plants of the Gods:

    Ancient Greece:  In the temple of Apollo at Delphi, the “navel of the world,” the Sibyl and prophetess informed the Pythia of her oracle after she had inhaled the smoke of Henbane. 

    China:  Emperor Shen Nung discovered medicinal properties of many plants including cannabis


    Elusian mysteries:  The alkaloid-rich Ergot of the Paspalum grass was used as a secret ingredient in Kykeon, the initiatory drink of Eleusis


    Buddhism:  It was believed that when Buddha preached, dew or raindrops fell from heaven on Datura.  


    Hinduism: Datura flower is associated with the God Shiva


    Aztec:  God Xochipilli, the ecstatic Prince of Flowers has representations of mushroom caps, Morning Glory, Tobacco, Sinicuiche

  20. 13 minutes ago, The itinerant shrubber said:

    Becouse white Europeans built Western civilisation. Europe is the light in an otherwise dark and brutal world. Civilisation, art, culture, science... everything they want to destroy and is a threat to them. They hate everything Europe stood for. 

    They want the European race bred out of existence until only a homogony of low IQ humans are left. 


  21. 1 minute ago, Beaujangles said:


    Astral projection twice.... which even to this day is very vivid...especially when I came back into my body.  I actually went to a psychic fair once, not expecting much, being the skeptic that I can be at times.  She immediately told me about my astral visits and also said that I am clairvoyant and should follow up on it. I never did...but was amazed that she picked up on my experiences.

    Yeah maybe we all have clairvoyant abilities?  But since it’s a taboo subject, those who wish to explore it often have to go it alone with no guidance.  It’s  kind of dangerous and weird when you don’t know exactly what’s going on.  Helps though to identify your strong points so you trust your own instincts and don’t kid yourself out of what you know to be true. 

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