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  1. Is it possible that past technological societies had similar capabilities and used magnetic fields to protect against cosmic weather? Would this explain some of the megalithic structures scattered across the globe? The Great Pyramid of Giza Can Focus Electromagnetic Energy https://phys.org/news/2018-07-reveals-great-pyramid-giza-focus.html
  2. Here’s the good news: The Inouye Solar Telescope is used to predict solar events. Scientists know what’s coming and when. Starlink is not for the purpose of delivering internet access to the Earth’s population. That sounds ridiculous if you think about it. “As of 13 June 2020, SpaceX has launched 540 Starlink satellites. They plan to launch 60 more per Falcon 9 flight, with launches as often as every two weeks in 2020. In total, nearly 12,000 satellites are planned to be deployed, with a possible later extension to 42,000.” I shit you not. They are building a space shield to mitigate the next cataclysmic event! https://www.universetoday.com/137383/new-study-proposes-giant-space-based-solar-flare-shield-earth/ Or they put the magnet underground and it was/ can be activated to protect the earth from solar events. “The main dipoles generate powerful 8.3 tesla magnetic fields – more than 100,000 times more powerful than the Earth's magnetic field. The electromagnets use a current of 11,080 amperes to produce the field, and a superconducting coil allows the high currents to flow without losing any energy to electrical resistance.” https://home.cern/science/engineering/pulling-together-superconducting-electromagnets Do you understand the implications of creating a shield around the earth to provide backup for the earth’s weakening magnetic field? A. Potential circumvention of a cataclysmic event similar to ones that caused mass extinctions, ended past civilizations and reset humanity to square one! B. Enables OUR technological civilization to continue on into the future, unbound by cosmic events, and aided by AI C. The space shield also has the effect of heating the atmosphere of Mars, making it potentially inhabitable by man. Elon Musk is serious about colonizing Mars! This is not to say it will work seamlessly, and even if it does work, we may be experiencing health effects from the use of the magnets themselves.
  3. Carrington Event: The Geomagnetic Storm of 1859 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/September_1859_geomagnetic_storm Symptoms of radiation sickness: Weakness, fatigue, fainting, confusion. Bleeding from the nose, mouth, gums, and rectum. Bruising, skin burns, open sores on the skin, sloughing of skin. Dehydration. Diarrhea, bloody stool. Fever. Hair loss. Inflammation of exposed areas (redness, tenderness, swelling, bleeding) During this time there was a concurrent bubonic plague, said to have originated beforehand in China. Symptoms of bubonic plague: Fever and chills. Extreme weakness. Abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting. Bleeding from your mouth, nose or rectum, or under your skin. Shock. Blackening and death of tissue (gangrene) in your extremities, most commonly your fingers, toes and nose. Do you see any similarities? Back in 1859 they had no idea about the symptoms of radiation sickness, so it was labeled plague. 21st century people, despite their arrogance, are just as ignorant of solar cycles and their effects on Earth, so they can be lead to believe anything and they are. So what is the Coronavirus connection? I mean pick something. They’re always pulling out new symptoms to meet the demands of power and manipulation. See the myriad of health effects of coronal mass ejection below. Not only that but check out coronal mass ejections on mental health. Look at all the people losing their damn minds and tell me it’s just the TV and nothing else going on. Health effects of Coronal Mass Ejection: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5805718/ “It appears that sharp or sudden variations in geomagnetic and solar activity as well as geomagnetic storms can act as stressors, which alter regulatory processes such as melatonin/serotonin balance16–18, blood pressure, breathing, reproductive, immune, neurological, and cardiac system processes19–22. Geomagnetic disturbances are associated with significant increases in hospital admissions for depression, mental disorders, psychiatric admission, suicide attempts, homicides and traffic accidents23–29. Disturbed geomagnetic activity can also exacerbate existing diseases and is correlated with significant increases in cardiac arrhythmia, cardiovascular disease, incidence of myocardial infarction related death, alterations in blood flow, increased blood pressure, and epileptic seizures” “Stoupel et al. have examined periods of low levels of geomagnetic disturbance combined with higher levels of cosmic ray activity and found there was a significant rise in emergency calls and overall deaths during these periods, with the most increases in cerebral strokes and sudden cardiac death suggesting that cosmic rays are an important factor affecting human medical events in elder populations.” Did all the solar activity happen already? Or is this the test run as stated in Event 201 and evidenced by the rhetoric of Bill Gates in interviews, warning of another “virus” coming?
  4. This goodreads reviewer John Urena provides a synopsis and links: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7632659-the-adam-and-eve-story#other_reviews These events are triggered simultaneously by a solar event and magnetic pole shifts here on Earth.
  5. You are probably familiar with these topics: CORONAL MASS EJECTION GEOMAGNETIC STORM MICRONOVA If not you can learn here: Book: The Adam and Eve Story sanitized, declassified version You can find it on the CIA website but if you’re paranoid find it somewhere else.
  6. Just seeing if I can post anything. Getting blocked.
  7. Out of likes. Yey! Glad to see you are keeping busy.
  8. Go on with your bad self, rideforever. TRIBE! That’s why I love reading your posts! The message from Ice Tea is from Americans to other Americans. We are founded and populated by immigrants and strangely enough, we were doing just fine until Obama came along with his Marxist divide and conquer bullshit. Ice Tea is partially correct in saying that in America the poor of every color do not matter. Examples: government unleashed disease carrying mosquitoes on African American neighborhood. Slavery of poor Central American immigrants and forced psychotropic medications on their children, hooking them for life. The Ohio River valley opiate epidemic of 2016 destroying poor white lives for the profit of pharma industry. I’m one of those fringe mixed race beautiful people and so are my family. I belong here in America and I stand beside my people in my multicultural southern town. I am proud to be in the American South. It is painted as the most racially divided, racist, ignorant place but actually the opposite is true. We live and let live. We believe in our constitutional rights. The reason they hate us is that we are majority Christian. If Antifa or any of those bugar eating BLM useful idiots stomp through my middle class, multicultural neighborhood we’re the first ones on the block and will defend all our good people living here. (Got a few Mark Steyn books on my shelf and, if he is correct, I see how the situation is very different in European countries.)
  9. If I had to choose, I’d rather model after the bonobo.
  10. Thank you for sharing this. I feel prepared this way as well.
  11. I think it is still accessible as other intuitions are accessible to us. It’s harder to access as the pace of daily life, demands, etc. draw us away. Sometimes nature shows us visually. Example: hydnellum peckii, the bleeding tooth mushroom is an anticoagulant. I am a horrible meditator. But I once received information on plants to help protect my son’s brain and kidneys through that method. The info was later confirmed to be true through conventional means. Doesn’t have to be through the use of ayahuasca or any substance, but in the Amazon ayahuasqueros use a mixture of plants to access knowledge on how to heal others. They apprentice and practice their whole lives to gain this ability. They use plants to learn how to use more plants for the purpose of helping others.
  12. The book The Dorito Effect goes into this a little. It describes a situation with goats where they graze, in a specific order, plants that have medicinal value to them. The order in which they graze is crucial to the efficacy of the plants in their systems. How they know seems to be intuitive. Intuition about food, medicine, even satiety is something lost in humans due to chemical and other poisoning. But in the past as well as in small pockets in undeveloped places, that intuition still exists.
  13. Years ago I used to smoke after a long nights work just to check out of reality. I would get the CBD heavy stuff for max relaxation and just go away. I believe I misused what is, in my view one of the teacher plants. Ganja, as it is termed in Jamaica, is actually adopted from India as it refers to the Ganges River. The plant grew in copious amounts along its banks. And it is considered a sacred plant used in rituals and tantric practices. From Plants of the Gods: “The long haired Sadhus or ‘holy men’ of India devote their lives to the god Shiva. They have no property and practice yoga and meditation. They often smoke a large amount of charas (handmade hash) and ganja sometimes mixed with Datura leaves and other psychoactive plants.”
  14. Uh, don’t get me started on a rant. GMO corps have ruined one of the most beautiful places on earth, Kauai. The rainiest place on earth, it has an eternal growing season. So to optimize production crap houses Dow, Syngenta, Monsatan, DuPont and many others descended on the top of the island and set up experimental sites. After over a decade of degrading a once absolutely pristine land, you cannot swim in the many rivers, there are completely dead poisoned bodies of water, and can’t even swim in the bays after a rain. Locals are powerless legally to do anything.
  15. Michi713


    IDK if it’s because I’m female, but along with the practical aspects of growing food it is important to pay attention to the rhythms of our planet, the moon, and sun. Examples are planting seeds at the new moon, planting according to the equinoxes and solstices, and letting the plants compost in place through the winter. Also prayers of thanks for the the yield and for the opportunity to be a part! Learning permaculture techniques of growing taught how nature often works in cooperation and growing food doesn’t always have to involve struggle with the land. Like in America, for 5,000 years, natives grew the “three sisters”: corn, beans, and squash together in a cluster. The plants each have properties that help each other thrive. Mine are working just as well. There are lessons about life and death revealed in letting things rot and watching life grow out of it. This is my first attempt at growing food and medicinal plants, but I feel a little more human than I did before, and it’s good!
  16. “Spice is a mix of herbs (shredded plant material) and laboratory-made chemicals with mind-altering effects. It is often called “synthetic marijuana” or "fake weed" because some of the chemicals in it are similar to ones in marijuana. But, its effects are sometimes very different from marijuana, and often much stronger.“ Yes that’s crap sorry you went through that. There are safe plants (for adults with drops of common sense). I wouldn’t steer anyone wrong. @oddsnsods not smoke morninga but sun opener. ?
  17. Some lady at the farmers market just sold me a morninga tree. She said it’s the best for everything! For people: sun opener (heimia Salicifolia) Used in southwest US and Central America Got some plants. Made a sun tea with a small handful of leaves in 12 oz water. It felt like supercharged chamomile calming then giddy happy. (Higher dose causes psychotropic effects and smoking it will induce a psychedelic state.)
  18. You got it. In the US this is big $$$. Again selling us harmful industrial byproducts. We are wastebaskets for the elite. If you do a patent search on cannabis related products it is a million miles long list of Frankenstein splicing and dicing isolates. In vape pens propylene glycol is used as a carrier oil. It is a petroleum by product (also sold to food manufacturers). Toxic waste repackaged. Turns to formaldehyde when heated. It destroys the lungs and causes flu like symptoms. Population control? Increased acceptance of cannabis products encourages young males to consume. Then their sperm count lowers and becomes genetically damaged. https://www.businessinsider.com/cannabis-may-lower-your-sperm-count-and-alter-its-genetic-makeup-2019-1 It’s not even real weed. Besides patenting GMO plants, CBD is also very cheaply made using yeast and algae. https://qz.com/1560689/thc-and-cbd-can-be-made-with-genetically-engineered-yeast/
  19. Second https://www.ukcolumn.org because they’re funny and onto the mind control. Wish we had one like that here. https://www.technocracy.news Posts stuff now and then. Just about technocracy. https://www.zerohedge.com United States is annoying but finance news and current events. Assholes in the comment section but sometimes funny.
  20. I won’t go to wakes anymore. I didn’t even go to my own grandmother’s wake. Not because I’m afraid of seeing the deceased but I’m afraid my undisciplined thoughts will ruin the moment. The first was my grandfather’s wake during the eulogy. He sat on top of his coffin and was listening. Except he wasn’t old like when he died. He looked in his twenties. He noticed I was crying and said “Something’s wrong with Michelle.” Then he told me to listen as the priest started talking about his service in WW2. The second was a friend’s grandfather’s wake. He was elderly. He passed shortly after his wife who he grew up with in a small town. I saw them both as children sitting on a tree branch and looking down at the wake. They noticed me. Perhaps the reason they looked younger than when they died is they embodied themselves as they were when they were most alive.
  21. Factory foods are gross books: Foodopoly Wenonah Hauter: gives you the complete rundown on the food industry Politically Incorrect Nutrition: Finding Reality in the Mire of Food Industry Propaganda Michael Barbee - interesting stuff like green tea contains large amounts of fluoride because the tea plant absorbs it from soil The Dorito Effect: The Surprising Truth About Food and Flavor Mark Schatzker lots of good info about how and why food has lost its flavor and the flavor (chemical) industry Biography: Leonardo da Vinci Walter Issacson Wonderful book but I cried cause he died in the end. Funny part where Michelangelo runs into da Vinci in town and basically tells him to fuck off.
  22. Makes me think of this part of The Lament of Hermès “In that day men will be weary of life and they will cease to think the universe worthy of reverent wonder and worship. They will no longer love this world around us. This incomparable work of God. This glorious structure which he has built. This sum of good made up of many diverse forms. This instrument whereby the will of God operates in that which he has made, ungrudgingly favoring man’s welfare. This combination and accumulation of all the manifold things that call forth the veneration, praise and love of the beholder. Darkness will be preferred to light and death be thought more profitable than life. No one will lift his eyes to heaven.” Guess I consider this world to be not just a launching pad to something better. But to be here now with you and you. Or even with some damn cat if that’s all you’ve got. Or a Green Anole lizard on the fence matters very much.
  23. On joy I love interacting with people in society and in general that’s why this mask, distance stupidity sucks so bad. I love watching people’s expressions and reactions in their faces. Like when they burst into laughter! I like to hear their opinions but more I like to read between the lines at what they really mean in their faces. How they lie! I like to watch their insecurities and secret desires in a split second flash of their eyes. I like to feel that confrontation when I stare too long and then look away. I don’t watch like a scientist observing a rat. I feel alive myself when interacting with them. I wonder if I am as transparent to them as they are to me. I like the internet when people lay themselves bare. And I can lay my thoughts bare even if no one sees them. Like a diary but with hecklers. And I want nobody to be left out. I want them to know I’m here now too and I love their thoughts and their humanity just as it is.
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