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  1. Heard the movie Inception being mentioned on this forum so watched a little of it last night.  Maybe there’s some truth embedded in all the Hollywood fluff.  But definitely disagree with the statement in the movie “the government did studies on dreams for the purpose of training soldiers to simulate fighting.”  That’s just stupid.  No reason to simulate combat anymore anyway cause it’s rarely used.  And they have pills for that sort of thing.  


    No it’s always been about mind control.  I hope everyone turns off their WiFi at least before sleep!!!!


    More light reading:

    “Neuroscientists successfully control the dreams of rats.  Could humans be next?”




    “Dreams, time distortion, and the experience of future events: a relativistic, neoquantal perspective”



    Method and device for producing a desired brain state:



    machine (e.g., a system or device) may be used to identify opportune periods of the sleep cycle and to deliver a stimulus during specific phases of the sleep cycle to facilitate or interrupt memory consolidation.



    Systems and Methods for Delivering Sensory Input During a Dream State:



    System and method for manipulating sleep architecture by sub-awakening non-intrusive stimulations: 




    These are just US patents.  What’s being done over where y’all live?  And in China? 


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  2. Some issues...

    Advertisements in dreams

    When a dream is being implanted electromagnetically it feels like “programming.”  I don’t remember the message from the programmers, but was lucid enough to note it resembles a commercial.  Not personalized in any way.  Maybe later they will gain the capability of personalizing ads in dreams just as they do on the internet. 
    I suspect the source is the microwave radar domes.  There is one not far from where I live.   There is the proven capability of recording thoughts using electromagnetic devices then translating them using computer, essentially mind reading.  Can it be done in reverse?  Prolly.


    Then there’s dream invasion.  



    Perhaps there are certain words said in order to enter someone’s subconscious while asleep.  

    Maybe this?



    The different stages of sleep determine whether the person is lucid, can recall, are in a trance, or close to waking.  They may even be in between stages of the sleep cycle.  

    And, does the day/time or other influence determine the ease of bridging of this kind.  Is Saturday better than Sunday for instance?  I suppose these things can occur accidentally. 

    Prophetic dreams:


    Dreaming about what is to happen the next day.  Is there some special time for this to be possible as well?   

    After all this in one night I feel like there’s a funnel attached to my head letting all this stuff in.  It’s great stuff, though. 







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  3. There are oil based adjuvants used in many vaccines.  The most popular is called squalene.  First used on American Marines in the first Gulf War in experimental anthrax vaccines, it caused what was dubbed “Gulf War Syndrome.”


    Book: Vaccine A by Gary Matsumoto

    Gulf War Syndrome really is a slew of autoimmune diseases and disorders where the body’s immune system attacks its own cells.  “Some general symptoms experienced by the soldiers were:  aching joints, muscles, rashes, fatigue, weight loss/gain, hair loss, sore gums, diarrhea, nausea, swelling of extremities, short-term memory loss, and headaches.”

    “The oil based adjuvants either cause hyperactivity of the immune system, creating chaos, or cause a specific reaction due to its close resemblance to oils found in the body.”

    Arthritis, inflammation of joints, can be treated with several natural remedies.  Can’t say which would be most effective.  Wish the vegetarian diet helped.   I heard a vegan diet can alleviate arthritis.  I’m sure you have or do use vitamin D3.




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  4. Okay a derecho!  What the heck!!!   That’s straight up weather control. 



    And in California, where a good portion of our food is grown, they are letting food rot on the vine because “coronavirus.”



    Sounds like an engineered food shortage.  Yes we must learn to grow and fast. 

  5. Well the government lockdown has successfully lopped off the bottom of the economic pyramid.  Skillfully, as it is the service industry, those not represented by unions or lobbyists who are now desperate and in need of a social safety net.  Those who need government aid tend to vote democrat so they can continue to subsist under these programs.  So they’ve essentially expanded their voter base.  

    I do not think socialism is the goal here, rather corporate fascism, which is what our country has been all along.  The government lockdown has dramatically increased the power of giant corporate interests and violently cut off small businesses from competing.  Ruined many lives.

    It’s my fault really, as I’ve patronized Target, Amazon, and bought iPhones in the past, ignoring the fact that these entities would put a stranglehold on our way of life.  

    They will impose mandatory vaccines depending on which state you reside.  Harvard is working on ways to manipulate people into taking the vaccine.  It’s easy really, you don’t get stuck you don’t work, can’t enter stores, can’t travel by plane or interstate.  Lockdown will be the new way of life here permanently for some.  The whole world is adopting China’s policies.  

    The people resisting will have to be small scale:  local authorities refusing to enforce draconian rules, allowing road travel.  Businesses operating without licenses, people driving without licenses.  People just saying fuck it.  They can’t arrest us all.  

    Escape should be done now or already, though.  Can you imagine trying to drive through Mexico in a car?  

  6. From The Politics of Cancer Revisited:


    Other alternative cancer therapies:


    Hoxsey Therapy, Harry Hoxsey, Office of Technology Assessment was elected to evaluate all info on alternative therapy

    OTA published a September 1990 report that identified some 200 promising studies on alternative therapies.


    Others: hyperthermia, tumor necrosis factor (Coley’s toxin), hydrazine sulfate



    R.W. Moss Cancer Therapy: the Independent Consumer’s Guide to Non-Toxic Treatment and Prevention 


    Also extended fasting:  after the body consumes fat and some but not all! muscle tissue, it feeds off the wastes in the body and actually eats the cancer cells.  

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  7. On 8/12/2020 at 6:22 AM, rideforever said:

    People are insincere and insane.  What really is the point of the treadmill of life all this misery and crap, with the useless pick-me-up of a bit of booze on the weekend, a screw here and there, and a bit netflix?  What kind of life is this.  And then at the end you are picked up and thrown in a hole in the ground and then you are finally shut up with all your crap and nobody ever thinks about you again.  What kind of life is this?  Humans are just monkeys they don't know anything, nobody is doing anything to them ... they are doing it.  It's ridiculous.

    Yet there were a small number of people who did not live like that at all.  And they were slain or undermined or shafted by .... everybody.

    Many people talk about "the problems" but how many are actually going to do anything ... different?  Sure they can "get informed", after all that requires zero courage.  You could even write to your MP.  Or try accupuncture.

    Shit ... it was not long ago when nearly all Western people once a week knelt and tried to reach something higher, and learnt from a book of wisdom that they used as a guide for their lives.  Wow.  Has not taken long to switch off the light.

    I always have to read your stuff three times before it registers cause I’m a stupid useless monkey.  Ooh ah. 


    The light isn’t totally out, it just gets tired sometimes.  Not everyone has all that energy and drive.  Some of us are pulled in many directions and have to relish the occasional glass of wine.  And be thankful for it.  Humanity isn’t irredeemable, we monkeys do what we can at the right times.  


    I’ll probably go in the ground.  The more I read the Bible the more it’s apparent what a shit head I am!  And it’s not like I’m at the twilight of life where there’s no temptation anymore.  How convenient for those people.  I’m tempted at every turn.  It’s inevitable that I will fall again and again.  But yes there is nothing else to do but try to meet the standards.  


    Meditation is confusing, though.  There is no clear, straight objective.  Every guru has a different view and some say it’s to achieve nothingness.  Why the hell bother with that?


  8. On 8/12/2020 at 2:04 AM, Truthspoon said:

    Is Kali worship some fresh madness like flat-earth from the Illuminati master-mind fuckers?


    Mate, get real...... you don't need semantics and sophistry when it comes to dead kids.


    The facts are there..... You can talk yourself out of them if you want but perhaps your posts should come with a mental health warning.



    See I always get dragged into some bullshit.  

    Kali represents an undeniable force of nature.  

    But you are correct.  You wrote a report on it so you know best.  There is no point in worshipping one aspect of nature or nature as a whole for that matter.  And nothing justifies murdering anyone.  

    But kiss my hiney my posts should come with a warning.  

  9. 20 hours ago, peter said:

    You definitely have a few to get on with, I have read all the Castaneda books as well 


    I don’t know maybe this should be a separate thread, but Carlos Castaneda...

    was quite the character.  
    Dubbed “the father of the new age movement” that in itself raises one eyebrow.  

    Read his first book The Teachings of Don Juan cause I found it in the non-fiction section.  Come to find out the story was supposedly fabricated and should have been classified as fiction.  Read a couple more of his books because they really are something else. 

    Do I deny these things happened to him?  No I think for him these things were real and he was in contact with a disembodied spirit.  

    The first book contained the seeds of what Castaneda would later become.  A mad, delusional nutcase!  “Don Juan” warned him of it but he didn’t listen!
    So in the end, when he died of cancer and his cult of short haired women wandered off into the desert and disappeared (probably died of exposure and picked apart by vultures), he seemed corrupt, arrogant, and fanatical.  
    How could his teachings be taken seriously?




  10. The Lotus Eaters:

    White lotus flowers with pink tips bloom for three days in July, then drop their petals.  I collected the fallen petals of one flower and ate them.  


    Lotus petals are said to have hypnotic effects when consumed. Didn’t experience this, but did get slight euphoria from the small amount consumed.  


    Did get an overwhelming urge to eat again!  I watched the last bloom intently and ate the petals when it was done.  It’s a mild taste, slightly sweet.  


    I heard someone tell me not to eat from his plant again.  I know it’s because I’m not worthy.  


    In Buddhism:  the white lotus represents mental purity and spiritual perfection.


    In Hinduism:  In the Bhagavad Gita, a human is adjured to be like the lotus; they should work without attachment, dedicating their actions to God, untouched by sin like a beautiful flower standing high above the muddy water.


    “In the Odyssey, Odysseus and his crew are forced by a storm to land on the island of the lotus-eaters.  Odysseus dispatches three scouts to find the island’s inhabitants. They encounter the lotus-eaters, who offer the edible parts of the  plant as food. Odysseus is eventually forced to drag his men from the lotus-eaters and chain them to their places among the rowers, as those who eat from the lotus plant instantly forget any thought of leaving the island, preferring to remain and continue eating the lotus.”


    (The ancient Greeks used the word “lotos” to refer to many types of intoxicating plants, so Homer may not have meant the literal lotus.)


    Then I found this kick ass interpretation of Lord Tennyson’s poem The Lotos Eaters:




    “The lotos is a drug that stands for the refusal to engage with the world of economic productivity and readiness for war. To the imperial gaze, resistance to this imperative was often seen as a delusive retreat into fantasy.”

    Agustin Codazzi, an Italian cartographer engaged to assess the resources of the Pacific coast, wrote in 1849:


    “He found a land of rich subsistence agriculture, inhabited by a population mostly of African descent; but their life of ease was, for him, an economic tragedy. ‘Plantains, a little maize and a few plantings of cacao and sugarcane do nothing more than satisfy daily consumption, while fish and wild pigs abound’, Codazzi complains; after a day in the fields, the inhabitants ‘go home to enjoy sweetmeats, smoke, talk and sleep’. He warns that unless these people are forced to work by a police system, the wealth of the colony will suffer.”


    “He concludes:

    ‘A race of people which spends its time in such indolence is not the race called upon for national progress. Out of ignorance, laziness and misunderstood pride at being free, these people are slaves to their lack of need.’”


    “‘Slaves to their lack of need’: how strange this sounds to the city-dwellers of the twenty-first century. Our problem is precisely the opposite: once we are subsumed into the global economy, our needs become ever greater and the simple life an ever-receding mirage.”


    “In this world drugs are no longer, like the lotus, the talisman and sacrament of an alternative way of living: they become yet another costly commodity, tools that we use to meet or escape the escalating demands of productivity.”


    “We are no longer browsing on the fruit of the lotus but passing each other small packages of pleasure between the strokes of the oar as Odysseus commands us relentlessly onwards towards his promised land of Ithaca.”


    “It is hardly surprising that drugs occupy such a provocative role in our society, both fetishized and demonized. In a society where we must always act rationally and think of the future, the escape from responsibility that these substances offer is dangerous and must somehow be policed; yet they are always standing by to offer us a small advantage or luxury, to give us back a little control over our moods, our energies or our minds.”





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  11. 5 hours ago, rideforever said:

    Carrots and broccoli do not want to be eaten btw ... you can tell that plants do not wish to be eaten because they have defensive measures for instance they have thorns or poisoning leaves. 


    Plants are screaming to be eaten.  The ones with thorns are just playing hard to get.  A destroying angel will kill you dead, but that too is a purpose.  All plants have a special niche that serves one aspect of the whole.  


    My zucchini plant grew into a monster and produced monstrous zucchinis!  Why? 


    My Japanese eggplant plants won’t stop giving me eggplants.  I’m turning into an eggplant.  


    They will die when season’s over, and rot into the ground.  But their seeds I will keep.  And they will live again.  The same plant born again and again in my mound.  


    By being eaten the plants proliferate and ensure their survival.  They will even adapt themselves to suit our tastes like for instance, the apple.


    It boils down to whether you believe a plant is an individual or a piece of something called “plant.” 

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