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  1. And, if you’re eve feeling down, Antifa Girl is here.
  2. Hi Allymisfit. Hope you’re feeling better. I question the sanity of anyone not suffering in some way right now. My baby and praying every day is helping me hold it together. Never prayed before this but it really does work.
  3. Fuck everyone else too. My next door neighbors are such assholes. Amazon Alexa having, spying in our yard hypocrites. They hate our garden. The lady says things to me like “oh you’re so skinny!” That’s how proper southern ladies hate and insult each other. She snubbed us in public yesterday. Went to the stupid bunko game when I first moved here and a lady told me if I don’t roll right she’d kill me! These people in suburbia are sick.
  4. That in addition to my go to meditation.
  5. Nothing seems too out there these days.
  6. Do mind sharing what plants were in yours? Did you fast beforehand? Had a friend go to Bolivia and do it on some yoga thing. She ended up hooking up with some dude while on it. Kudos to her. I wouldn’t feel sexy while I’m “cleansing” out both ends at the same time. Got a Banisteriopsis caapi, I think yellow variety, and a Psychotria viridis plant. Heard sometimes they put an ingredient in that makes you vulnerable to suggestion. Forgot what it is. (Would hate to be out in the jungle with some weirdos and not know exactly what’s in it. There are some brujos out there.) So I have some Syrian Rue and Mimosa tenuiflora sitting in the closet and a recipe for an analog. May try if I get the time, nerve, and a babysitter (for me). Have to be able to fast three days, too.
  7. Everyone who is blaming everyone else for the masks is just as much virtue signaling. By all means go out and be rad. But get off your high horse. https://www.word4weapons.co.uk/bin-locations/
  8. Whoever has the ability to stand up to it should do so. I take it back I’m not a pussy. I have to pick my battles. I’ve got to live here in this small town. My stylist has to wear a mask whether she likes it or not, so what am I going to do deny someone I’ve known for years money because I’ve got a revolution? She has a kid to feed too. When my husband returns to work he has to wear a mask on hot stages, get tested weekly and daily if the “talent” is on set. Yeah it sucks but he has to put food on the table. I can’t stomp around my town getting into mask confrontations because my husband doesn’t need reports of his wife getting into arguments all over town. Same reason I can’t run around naked it’s just bad for business. Calling myself and others a pussy isn’t the way to go. I don’t know what the stakes are for others and everyone has a line. Some people have willingly given up their guns to their governments. Do I call them cowards? No. I don’t know them.
  9. I hate acid. Did it in high school. Last time I did it was during school. Came home from school to find my mom had slit her wrists so I had to drive her trippin to the hospital. This guy William Leonard Pickard got busted in 2000 for transporting his acid lab across Kansas. He was in a ring that manufactured thousands of hits. He just got out of prison. https://www.psymposia.com/magazine/william-leonard-pickard-lsd/ So he poses like some guru, but he’s part of the elite. Got his book he wrote while in jail, The Rose of Paracelsus. It was fiction, but basically states his delusion that acid is made and distributed for the purpose of helping humanity raise its intelligence and consciousness. Whatever. Lots of literary references, etc. he is clearly highly intelligent, but has a high opinion of Harvard and all its spoiled, connected grad students. It was a nauseating read. He comes from the government sponsored acid tests and their ilk. Because acid is a synthetic chemical it poorly mimics what is found in nature. John C. Lilly was a sadistic bastard who did sick experiments on people and gave acid to dolphins. His book, Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer was also very disturbing to read. Just based on the title you can imagine his outlook on humanity.
  10. Congratulations on getting off the pills! My mom is still on them, don’t think she will ever get off. Did research for her anyway. From the book: Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime by Peter Gotzsche: “Psychiatrists make more money than any other specialty. Those who make the most money tend to prescribe to children most often.”(p. 191) You see the DSM, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is made up as they go along, to fit drug company agendas. DSM 3 has 297 different ways to be mentally ill. The next publication, DSM 4, has 374 ways to be mentally ill! For example, one disorder is called “Masochistic Personality Disorder” was intended for women who are beaten up by their husbands. Give em a pill that’ll solve it! “SSRIs have amphetamine-like (speed) effects”(p. 194) “ADHD drugs can damage the heart in the same way as seen in long-term cocaine addicts and lead to death, even in children.” “We also know that ADHD drugs cause bipolar disorder in about 10% of the children.” (p. 194) So a misguided parent brings their child into the doc office, usually at the recommendation of A TEACHER, gets the kid Dx for ADHD, gets the kid hooked on SPEED, the child develops bipolar disorder from the speed, and you can guess what happens next. The parent brings the child back to the doctor, gets new Dx and now is on antipsychotics IN ADDITION to the ADHD drugs. Next, they get on drugs to manage the side effects of the other drugs and you have totally pilled up, sick children. Same for teens and adults. More from the book: “The rate of depression in the population has increased a thousandfold since the days when we didn’t have antidepressant drugs.” “What’s coming down the pike for DSM 5? Bereavement depressive disorder if it lasts more than 2 weeks!” There’s a pill for that! Tapering off these drugs is so important because of their amphetamine like effects!!! (Though tapering off is not unproblematic, it gives you a lot of withdrawal symptoms too.)
  11. What I feel Is Different than the word love Love is for fools What I feel Isn't foolish We don't suffer fools, we out fool them. I look at you picture One day you decide To never age Save yourself Took yourself out of the picture Didn't you? Didn't you? Curiosity kills Curiosity kills It's what we're on It's a mean mean end Curiosity kills Could not keep Your mind off of it Wouldn't hear What anyone said You could run, make a new start Just hid yourself out in the backyard Curiosity kills Curiosity kills It's what we're on It's a mean mean end Curiosity kills I look at your picture One day you decide Never age Always late Couldn't make Our final date Now could you? Could you? Curiosity kills Curiosity kills It's what we're on It's a mean mean end Curiosity kills They said look away, look away But you couldn't look away Look away, look away Something made you stop and stare That day Curiosity kills Curiosity kills It's what we're on It's a mean mean end Curiosity kills
  12. Yeah they seem generic. That’s why I think they’re traps. Kind of like Pleasure Island in Pinocchio. Pleasure Island is in both waking life and dreams. I can lucid dream sometimes but not on command. I usually get placed in a setting and lucidity comes when I have to make a choice. I was dropped in a field once and it was so real it freaked me out. There were other people there. I had to say “I don’t want to be here” three times before I was removed. Astral project yeah but I’m new so I suck at it. Can’t do it in dreams but that’s a real good idea! I need a thing and have only done it in ceremony. For me it’s a feather. Did it with a goose feather twice. A hawk came and hung around my yard and left two feathers so I have those now. It feels like being sucked up really fast. I stayed in the sky and didn’t dare land anywhere. Messing around with dreams and that stuff invites trouble so if you get into it be ready. I’ve gotten my ass kicked a whole lot.
  13. Okay it’s confession time. I wore a mask to the hairstylist too!! I’m a terrible pussy and I’m vain. I’m no revolutionary I’m a vain pussy. I signed up for my gun classes, I grew a garden, but I can’t be looking unkempt!
  14. Woah you prolly can shred! Plausible at least temporarily due to the DMT released during sleep as well during the death process.
  15. Thanks for posting Allymisfit. Can’t say I have the exact same experiences as you, but speaking personally on the theme park thing... I find almost all my dream settings are a trap. I get sucked into lots of bars, tempted with bars. I don’t particularly like bars but I grew up in them. Stupid drunks think they’re funny it’s annoying so I played pool. Anyway, whenever I end up in a bar I know someone wants my attention. Back to the theme park. Waking life: I went to a fine resort with a well manicured courtyard. But the maintenance workers left a big door open to the back lot. It’s where they stored the Christmas trees and equipment and stuff. So in a dream I found myself in a nice theme type place. Like Universal Citywalk in LA. I wanted out so I made it to the back lot. I swear I tried to find the exit the whole rest of the dream but couldn’t. There were other people trying to get out with me but we never got out. Maybe you don’t want to get out that’s cool. But I don’t like getting placed in dream settings. So if I’m in an elevator and it won’t stop at a floor I want I’ll open the doors and climb onto the floor I need. If someone is chasing me through a mall I find a door if it’s locked the keys are in my hand.
  16. The Politics of Cancer Revisited Samuel Epstein Exposes the cancer racket, American Cancer Society racket, hidden causes of cancer. Thick book but lots of good info
  17. Book: The Irish Slaves: Slavery, Indenture, and Contract Labor Among Irish Immigrants Rhetta Akamatsu There are other books as well. Here’s another scenario: 8K Irish died digging a canal in New Orleans “The builders of the city's New Basin Canal expressed a preference for Irish over slave labor for the reason that a dead Irishman could be replaced in minutes at no cost, while a dead slave resulted in the loss of more than one thousand dollars.” “Arriving in boats, surviving the most horrendous conditions on board, they were starving, they were destitute, they were ill-educated, and they were desperate––so desperate that they were willing to risk their lives in hazardous backbreaking work for the chance to earn $1 a day at the construction site of the New Basin Canal.” https://www.irishcentral.com/news/8000-irish-died-while-building-the-new-basin-canal-in-new-orleans-231020191-237786681 “But ultimately they died from prejudice because Irish Catholic immigrants were blatantly discriminated against and could only do the most difficult and dangerous jobs no one else wanted.” “With the mentality of “No Irish Need Apply” prevalent, thousands of Irish came from Ireland or elsewhere in America, especially from the Philadelphia area, to work, suffer, and die in the bayous and swamps of New Orleans.” http://www.irishamericanjournal.com/2017/07/new-basin-canal-of-new-orleans.html So does exploitation of desperate people qualify as slavery, if their earnings barely sustain them day to day?
  18. Disclaimer: Dosage always determines whether a substance is benign or poisonous. Google interactions. Don’t be a stupid dumb dumb. Mexican Tarragon: I have 5 unruly Mexican Tarragon (tagetes lucida) plants that needed trimming so I decided to try this tea from Keys To Perception: “A tablespoon of the leaves and flowers brewed in 12 ounces of hot water for five minutes will do. Strain the mixture and drink hot or cold. Drinking this potion before psychic work will brighten and strengthen your perceptions. Drink it three nights in a row before retiring for sleep if you are seeking prophetic dreams.” So I followed the instructions with fresh leaves, steeped it longer then ate the leaves afterward. Did three nights in a row the first time. Night 1: rare ability to concentrate. Experienced a “full” feeling in my head. No pain. Night 2: drank and ate. Got the full head feeling again. Had a dream I was in someone’s house, in a trance state. Someone was explaining duality when I woke up, but still in a trance. Hallucinated patterns like at the start of a trip when vision starts to change. Back to sleep then a lucid dream in that space before waking up in the morning. Night 3: tea was weaker. This was prophecy time supposedly. Drank the tea before bed. In twilight sleep I was asked if I would get scared. I’m like, “I’m not scared of nuthin!” Then it said you have to promise you won’t get scared. So I said “Okay what is it?” That’s when I was told I would find out the manner in which I will die. “NO THANKS!” Went to sleep. You know how it is to wake up in the morning and feel like a lot has happened but you don’t remember? Whatever dreams I had were blocked out. After 3 nights I was exhausted from too much REM sleep and not enough restorative kind. That’s the only adverse side effect I got from the tea. Then I did a 4 night bender on the tea. In the forth night’s dream there was a man who turned into a hellhound and attacked me. Woke up to the sound of the dog attacking my flesh; that sound you hear when dogs are fighting. So 3 nights better than 4. Verdict: enhances dreams and encourages lucid dreaming, mild hallucinations, prophetic if receptive
  19. Now if you’re catching what I’m throwing, and wish to mitigate the effects of radiation poisoning in the event of a geomagnetic storm or other solar event, you should begin administering vitamin C and other antioxidants to yourself and family members. Truth be told, I asked in prayer for something to help protect my son and received the answer “Vitamin C.” I asked in prayer the dose and the response was 1000mg. My son is 4, so you must calculate your own dosage based on weight. Vitamin C is water soluble. You pee it out, so it is highly unlikely that you would O.D. on it. Nevertheless calculate your own recommended dose and administer accordingly. Sure enough, as with other intuitions, it is verified by a simple internet search. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19007656/ Scroll to “similar articles” and you will also find curcumin, L-carnitine, and melatonin listed. https://www.mdpi.com/1422-0067/14/10/19618/htm Lots of other studies, but you get the idea.
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