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  1. Thanks rwkt.

    Last video at 2:50 “protesters weary and asleep, then a bell rang and they came to life salivating like dogs.  Pavlov’s dogs.”

    This is the mind controlled youths who consume media filled with subliminal messages coming from their phones and televisions.  They can be switched on and mobilized by electromagnetic weapons.  These are the walking dead. 

    Last video 4:00 - 4:25 “The government couldn’t rebuild in a timely fashion then treasury department official winks sarcastically.”  This is the planned economic war on Americans rendering many reliant on the government for survival.  They will stall until more and more Americans are desperate and the country becomes a banana republic. 

    11:55 “Gulf Coast Americans in emergency shelter.”  Eviction deadlines are coming due all over the country.  People are going to be thrown out on the streets.  Many poor in the Deep South.  They will be housed in shelters.  

    13:03 “UN steps in to help host nation.”

    Foreign invaders better watch their step here.  Real American Military, and Americans will not submit to world government. 


  2. 8 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

    This is interesting because I talk to this dude at the farmers market every week.  Good dude.  His brother is a MD at Rikers, New York prison.  His brother specifically worked on the covid floor.  He said “It was empty.  Completely empty.”

  3. 19 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    It sucks cause now this kid is going to be made an example.  They want to intimidate Americans from defending their land.  He is going to be tried as an adult and his life ruined because he listened to some yahoos who thought it was a good idea to cross state lines with weapons.  


    It’s severely messed up because when the police step aside and let things unfold it is an admission to civil war, and in war there should be no “murder” charges.  So the lines are blurred.  American patriot boys need to be smart and defend their own territory.  Don’t go joining any old militia where idiots aren’t even trained.  They would do better to train more and gain proficiency so they can be useful. 

    BLM basement dwelling dumbshits and little girls need to re-examine if they are willing to get maimed or die for their empty cause.  

    Americans, observing the second amendment is no longer an option.  It is your obligation.  You must rank with what you believe and draw your lines now. 

    Read The Vigilant Citizen’s article warning us of what is coming:







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  4. 27 minutes ago, Yasmina said:

    Ooooo scary. 

    I know haha it’s a long boat ride over there.

    It’s not sacary it’s ugly.  An inversion and horseshit.  Everyone else is just too mesmerized by your miracle bra to realize it. 

    Excuse me I have to go tear some real people a new asshole now.  That’s why I can’t stay long.  Maybe later when you’re sleeping or tomorrow. 

  5. See Alexa has grace.  Saw it right off the bat right when I arrived here.  Grace is real strength.  

    I however, don’t have any grace.  I’m a fucking animal.  I’m not Muslim.  I’m not baptized yet into Christianity but I am coming to know Jesus and the problem is this. 

    I don’t care what you believe.  But if you disrespect my God, my religion, to my face you’re gonna get smacked in the mouth.  It’s the golden rule and any idiot can understand that. 


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  6. Fake blood


    Polyheme is a blood substitute derived from human blood.  Even though it’s “derived” from human blood, Polyheme  is injurious and fatal to some and carries a 49% higher death rate.  

    Hemopure is a blood substitute derived from cows’ blood. 

    Experiments were done on mostly unconscious trauma patients in at least 20 ERs in the US and others in S. Africa for years w/o consent.
    Cause you know they were likely going to die anyway so why not do science projects on them for big pharma?


  7. I’m gonna put this here so I won’t go on a rampage all over this good forum and good people.    I’m sorry ahead of time.  

    Motherfucking fuck fuck fuck.  Burn down the motherfucking CDC.  
    To Mother fucking fake fuckers: 


    Don’t make a fucking show of yourself. This is not a fucking show. 

    To the bendy motherfuckers bending and twisting the truth:  it’s simple.  YOU ARE NOT THAT FUCKING SPECIAL.  Obey the laws God put forth.  You don’t have to be a fucking scholar to know these simple things.  

    All these SCARED LITTLE IDIOTS AAAH.  Don’t they know they’re gonna die anyway?  


    Fuck you fuckface.  

    Kick rocks motherfuckers.  

  8. Mark Stein America Alone:

    “For a stable population you need a total fertility rate of 2.1 live births per woman.”  (2020 UK is 1.7 mainly due to foreign births)


    ”Big government depends on bigger population.  There is no precedent in human history for economic growth on declining human capital - and that’s before unsustainable welfare systems.”


    ”Demographics is a game of last man standing, and those societies with expensive social programs dependent on mass immigration will be in the worst predicament.  More immediately Europe will be semi-Islamic in its politico-cultural character within a generation.”



    “Countries, including the UK, have used migration to boost their population and compensate for falling fertility rates.”


    What have the UK natives been up to lately if not having lots of babies?  F’n rocking, duh.  Undisputedly the best rock n roll comes from that island so no one’s mad atcha!

    Expatriate to the southern states of the US and arm up!  We’d love to have y’all. Florida panhandle’s got nice beaches. 🙂

    Don’t go to those old blue states.  It’d be the same problem all over again. 

    Or maybe Russia...

    Mark Booth in Secret History of the World makes a prediction.  “The great cosmic plan of the secret societies encompasses a belief that the great new impulse for the evolution will arise in Russia, that European civilization will collapse, and that finally, the flame of true spirituality will be kept burning in America.” 

    Maybe that’s a bunch of bs, maybe not we’ll see. 

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  9. Calea Dream Herb (Calea ternifolia) (Mexican Dream Herb) (bittergrass)


    Found a light blue and black dragonfly sitting in my Calea’s pot.  Picked it up and realized it was old and was trying to die there so put it back in.


    Calea grows on exposed and disturbed hillsides in Mexico and Central America.  It’s one of the plants that made up the Aztec ethnogenic plant complex and is used in sacred ceremonies for divination and healing.  


    It is revered for its ability to induce powerful, vivid, memorable, and sometimes prophetic dreams. 


    A tea is made of crushed, dried leaves and used as a hallucinogen.  After drinking the tea more dried leaves are smoked.  


    Made 10 oz of tea with 20 grams of dried leaves and put the rest in a clean bowl and smoked it. 


    Ugh the tea tasted horrible!  Igh.  

    About 2/3 of the way down the cup an intense relaxation set in.  


    Smoking the bowl wasn’t necessary, just mild.  A little harsh on the throat, but burns better than dirt weed.


    Then I ate half of the leaves in the strainer godawful! 


    Tried to read after this but it knocked me out.  Once in my blood it delivered peacefulness in sleep.   Just a little lucidity, mostly good rest.  The intentions and requests set beforehand were fulfilled.  Felt like a million bucks upon waking. 


    Maybe will try the three day in a row thing with it in the future.


  10. IDK I’m stupid with politics, but according to this definition:


    “under socialism, all citizens share equally in economic resources as allocated by a democratically-elected government.”


    The problem with this appears to be democratically-elected government officials who, by nature, are power hungry and will inevitably steer society to either a communist or fascist state. 

    I’m American.  Many flaws with capitalism.  It’s exploitative, markets need (some) regulation.
    Capitalism and individualism worked better here when there was morality.  Charities were utilized in a moral, capitalistic society to help those in need as opposed to being forced by the state to redistribute wealth.  

    Since the moral degradation has set in over here ideas of socialism and the reality of fascism have crept in.  



  11. It’s reading hour children gather round.  Tonight I will be reading a passage from Guy Murchie’s The Seven Mysteries of Life: An Exploration of Science and Philosophy.


    The Shrew


    The shrew must eat 3 times it’s weight every day.  The lurking threat of starvation gives him the most ferocious disposition befitting the most terrible predator (gram for gram) on Earth.  A water shrew has been known to kill a fish sixty times heavier than himself by biting out its eyes and brain, which is equivalent to a man killing an elephant barehanded.  

    Imprisoned with another shrew and no other food within reach, a shrew has little compunction as to cannibalism either.  When three beasties were left alone under a glass tumbler, two of them promptly killed and ate the third down to its last bone and hair, emitting a shrill bat-like twitter the while.  

    Then, a couple hours later the hungrier of the survivors suddenly attacked and polished off his remaining companion, whereupon he took time out to clean his whiskers, apparently feeling more delighted with himself - for the moment, that is.  


    The last act in this raw drama followed in about three more hours when the sole survivor’s appetite had renewed itself to such a pitch that he finally seized the most accessible flesh still in sight, his own tail, and, working up from there, literally devoured himself to death - some animals, driven to the extreme, would rather be eaten alive than starve. 

    Night night. 


  12. Had to do a children’s hospital rotation in school.  Went to the operating room where a 5 year old was having a procedure done on his cervical vertebrae (back of neck).  

    A doctor who just completed his residency, of Asian descent was doing the procedure while the nurses and anesthetist were chattering away about useless shit, listening to the radio.  


    The doc decided to silently undo the stitches and redo them differently so the child’s scar would be less visible.  Everyone let out a sigh and got annoyed. 

    A male nurse started bitching and taunting him loudly.  “Now you’re gonna make me stay late!  Just fucking hurry up and finish!”  He went on and on taunting the doctor.  He banged things around and even bragged that he could do it faster himself.  It was shocking to see.  


    The doctor remained silent, though clearly feeling the pressure, he continued to stitch the child with great care and complete his task.  

    If you look at everyday interactions with people, dating, social groups, work, it’s a numbers game.  The likelihood of encountering someone special or has something in common, or blind assholes, there’s always a ratio.  

    I’m not going to disclose all the horrible things, but in the short time I spent in the medical industry the amount of indifference was off the charts.  Stay away if you can. 

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  13. Dumb with science, but doctors reported what looked similar to altitude sickness, in which case portable oxygen is necessary to maintain adequate levels in some folks.    

    Is this for you or someone you know?  Because generally healthy, young individuals should not need oxygen tanks.  Only elderly people of poor health require such things.  

    My mother in law who has a “sweet tooth” moved to Colorado and needed one for the home and outside.  Both were a pain in the ass and made her depressed.  

    Best thing is to maintain a healthy diet low in sugar, because it has a negative impact on lung function, and low in garbage, take vitamin C, D3 and wait till you have symptoms before getting tanks. 

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  14. Great article.  Totally geeking out on this one thanks.  


    Cant find the thread on the old forum so don’t know where you left off.  


    Yes “intuition” is passive and exploited all the time everywhere.  


    Thinking Fast and Slow is a dry read but it’s genius.  Here’s Kahneman giving a synopsis.  Note he is giving the talk to google so they can hone their mind f-ing skills. 


    Intuition is so easily manipulated!  It’s all right there, why everyone so easily fell for coronavirus.  


    “With top speed system 1 (intuition) updates what it thinks is ‘normal.’”


    “It takes very little time to create ‘the norm.”


    “Mechanisms of substitution leads to intuitive errors:

    The fear impulse.  More afraid of dying of (coronavirus) than just dying.”


    “You can make a coherent story of unreliable information.  People can be very confident with very little reason.” 


    Then there’s the eyes over the donation box experiment.  What do we see every day out in the world but pairs of faceless eyes compelling us to believe what they do?  


    (Another very excellent psychology manipulation book is The Social Animal by Elliot Aronson.)





  15. 4 hours ago, rideforever said:

    always the same scene with a stupid vase of flowers on a table next to them .


    And why do talking heads always have to comment in front of a bookcase? I’m a learned doctor look at my bookcase.  
    Obama’s bookcase is looking pretty sparse.  Too many knick knacks.  No book reading MF!




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