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  1. The normalization of trans gender alphabet lifestyles is the result of mass endocrine poisoning of Western populations.  


    Sicker, Fatter, Poorer by Leo Trasande:


    “We are eating a half milligram of plastic each day.  Not like fish with plastic bottle caps in their intestines but in microscopic particles.”


    “Chemical exposures in pregnant women can affect at least three generations.”


    “BPA, synthetic estrogen, though banned is just replaced with BPP, BPF, BPS, BPZ, and BPAP - all similar or worse.”


    “Phthalates block the effects of testosterone and others act as estrogen.”


    “Atrazine turns into an enzyme that transforms testosterone into estrogen.”


    Just because a substance is banned doesn’t mean it isn’t still being manufactured under a different name.  There are also residual chemicals in the environment that won’t go away.  


    The negative effects are found in both sexes. 


    It’s a grand experiment done solely for the purpose of making money off of industrial byproducts and cheap compounds, sometimes accidentally discovered in R and D labs.  


    Genders are getting messed up, the culture is just putting labels on them. 

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  2. In hot pursuit of the origins of love.  No not the sexy kind.  Get your mind right.


    In The Captains and the Kings by Taylor Caldwell, the protagonist Joseph Armagh is riding in a carriage, looking at the flora on the side of the road.  He observes a wretched tangle, a struggle to the death for domination and control.  He concludes “such is life.”  He goes on to cutthroat and destroy his way into elite circles of power.  


    Is the Darwinist view the true state of the plant world?  Turns out it’s not.  


    New evidence suggests trees practice intra and inter-species communication for the purpose of ensuring the welfare of the forest.  They do this via a mycorrhizal network attached to fine roots.  It’s a forest brain and nervous system.  They can warn of danger, disease, and predators, keep saplings alive, and even keep a 500 year old stump alive.  The trees physically transport water and nutrients to where they are most needed.  


    “To communicate through the network, they send chemical, hormonal, and slow pulsing electrical signals - a voltage based system that appears strikingly similar to animal nervous systems.”



    According to The Secret History of the World:


    “Not only is it true that human life passed through a vegetable stage, but the vegetable element remains part of the human body.  The nervous system is the gift of the vegetable kingdom to the physical body of man.”


    “Esoteric thought all around the world is concerned with the subtle energies that flow around this vegetable part of the body and also with the ‘flowers’ on this tree, the chakras which operate as its organs of perception.  The great center of of the vegetable component of the human body, feeding on the waves of light and warmth radiating from the sun, is the chakra of the solar plexus - called solar because it was formed in the era controlled by the sun.”


    If you take a good look at how plants have the ability to heal us, feed us, and even open our perceptions you will see that they are love in action all around all the time.  To love is to care for. 

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  3. The guru thing wore thin fast and here you are.  I’m glad you’re getting punchy.  I feel this way so much lately.  I’d like to just lash out at everything.  

    So everything out in the real world is bat shit crazy, so I reasoned:

    let me go on the David Icke forum because there should be some people who get it on here! 

    I am here for emo support.  I feel like everything is under attack all the time.  Me, you, what I say, what you say... 

    Even God is under attack.  It just wears me out, you know?



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  4. @killing raven sun


    Hi.  And before I go and read back stuff.  How funny we look debating what love is! 😀


    There are people who can adopt the most difficult, abused, cast out, older children.  The kind that other people return because they can’t deal with them.    They can adopt them and care for them and still work and make dinner and function!  

    That’s how I know love is an action, a practice that gets better over time.  Pochahontas didn’t overnight go from derelict to Mother Theresa.  This happened over a course of many years of practice.  

    I’m like a fucking infant compared to those people who have learned to love over their whole lives.  I’ll never be at that level.  I have to stop teaching my own son and come over to you and talk so I won’t go crazy.  And he’s mine.  


  5. IDK you are personifying evil, personifying good.  


    Do you mean appreciate definition: understanding


    or appreciate:  recognizing and enjoying the qualities of something.  

    Neither of these are the antidote to the love I’m talking about.  Are you God?  Standing apart from all this and looking down on the foolishness or are you down here with us? 

    Back to “defining” love.  What is it to love someone, animal, plant, car? 
    To care for it sometimes every day, to keep it alive or maintain, to have its welfare in mind instead of your own while doing the caring.  To see when it’s hurting, in trouble, and intervening.  It’s not a concept.  It’s an action. 

    Pochahontas was a friend of mine, pool hustler the best.  She’d get you to put $100 on the table and she’d just walk off with it.  Meth head, would lock her kid in a room all day while she got high.  Went home, talked to a friend, asked about her.  He says “yeah Pochahontas haha!  Get this!  She goes under the bridge and feeds homeless people haha!”  

    It’s not funny!  What made someone like that turn into someone out feeding people under a bridge?  

  6. 1 hour ago, linenum said:

    The simulation hypothesis explains why there could be an intelligent force that can interact with people... if our world is just physical then there doesn't seem to be any supernatural realm...

    Ok looked up the simulation and trying to understand where y’all are coming from.  It would be shitty to dismiss your beliefs as goofy nonsense without attempting to get it.  

    Honest questions:  


    Does AI run the simulation universes?  

    If they do, for what purpose do we exist, for their entertainment?  Kind of like God creating us in his image to make him happy? 

    Are we fulfilling the purpose the creators of the simulation intended or are we messing it up? 

    Does anything, does our life matter within this paradigm?


  7. 7 hours ago, rideforever said:


    And there are other traditions, even including modern ones like psychotherapy that can also take you out.


    IIIII dunno but psychotherapy is relying on another flawed human’s analysis of what they think you’re about.  And creates a dependence on that person mainly to fill an egotistical urge to dribble on about yourself, while the therapist pretends to care for 100 bucks an hour. 

  8. God does not have the burden of proof.  


    “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be renewed by the transforming of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will.”  Romans 12:2


    If you cut yourself you bleed.  If you fall off of a building you die.  You don’t get up like  Super Mario Bro’s. 


    I don’t know why I care.  I guess it’s because I turned my back on God and Jesus my entire life and went on my own steam, deluded and materialistic, not realizing I don’t have to live like that.  


    It’s good to be brave, but it takes bravery to admit you’re just a little human and you need guidance.  God and Jesus gave the unfathomable sacrifice so we can have solace in their love.  I can’t even bring myself to imagine what it would be like to give my son, my baby away as a sacrifice.  


    If you can’t comprehend that concept I understand.  There may be some other way to attain that state of surrender for you, maybe through another tradition.  That’s all it is in the Bible is a whole bunch of good wisdom to get your head right!  Why dwell on goofy stuff when there is pure gold in there.  


    This digitized, fanciful, I’m a warrior in the matrix is just more manmade crap, no more useful than an Apple Watch.  And denying you’re flesh and blood come out of this world.  


    I was scared I wouldn’t  be myself if I went to Christianity.  That it would make me some other person.  It doesn’t I’m still an asshole.  

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  9. 1 hour ago, linenum said:

    Well 42 is 6 x 7.... 6 is the number of man, 7 is the number of God... so maybe the meaning of life involves man and God....

    Yes interesting.  I’m trying to figure this out with limited intellect. 🙂  Interesting you say 6 is man and 7 is the number of God.


    From the book Signs and Symbols:


    “6 - universal harmony, stability, balance in relationship to the hexagon and the Star of David, which combines the union of the triangles of fire and water.  In Christianity six is ambivalent: it is sacred because God created the world in 6 days but also identifies it as the number of evil.”


    “7  - Because the number 7 combines the ternary and quaternary - heaven or divinity and earth and mankind - it unifies the macrocosm and microcosm and signifies cosmic order.  In the Bible the septernary represents entirety and governs time and space.” 



    In one dream involving numbers a terrible demonic monster was attacking me.  I threw something at him, it landed on his forehead it was three nines in an upside down triangle.  Why this happened I wish I knew, but nine is something special. 


  10. 2 hours ago, Bombadil said:

    Because there is no evidence of a god or higher power.


    There’s also no evidence there is not a higher power.




    And damnit why are school children not taught how to take apart a radio, a TV, or even a coffee maker, taught the components and how they work?  So generations can be mystified by the endless distraction of magical gadgets,  set the gadgets and their makers above themselves and worship that. 



  11. Hot milf seeking side piece


    Into right wing extremism lately.  Sexually adventurous, want to try missionary. 


    Then we can kick back and watch some Ancient Aliens and think big thoughts. 


    All this must be done through remote viewing cause I’m on another continent. 


    You can’t handle the pics. 

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  12. Why do atheists use the dumbest arguments to disqualify Christianity?  (Oh what about the dinosaurs, etc.)  They can only see through a materialistic lens because that defines everything in their world.  


    Same reason children in elementary school are taught about Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison but not Tesla.  Same reason students come out of math class asking their parents “why?” And their parents can’t answer them.  

    Same reason English teachers give their students meaningless texts to read and have them identify prepositions and participles and test them on that. 


    It’s like the TV journalist interviewing the dumbest eye witness to the crime.  And why a parent would question bringing a child to church yet raise their child in front of a TV from the day it’s born.

  13. 42 as well as some other numbers:  the secret does not lie in the digits that add up to them but in multiplying, then adding and reducing the digits.  

    There you will find the sacred numbers to which you can apply to the whole of the universe in all directions and time, the working of the human brain, and now, how AI is being designed.  There are the sacred numbers then there are others that are used as “weights.”


    Ancient people had a grasp on this, which is how they were able to predict cosmic events that modern scientists have no clue.  Tesla had a grasp on the numbers as well as other genius folks through time.  They understood the numbers but didn’t invent them!!


    Stupids like myself may not be able to split and forever dissect reality.  Atheistic, materialist scientists can, but never come to the point of humbling themselves before what is hugely greater than themselves.  They look at the sacred numbers, at nature and the cosmos as “just cool phenomena.”   They split the sciences into subcategories just as they split reality instead of considering the uniting factors. 


    They won’t allow themselves to to really see because if they did they would have to admit their artificial constructed “self” doesn’t amount to much at all.  


    So they go along buying and selling and being bought and sold and will never amount to anything close to the real great scientific innovators and thinkers.  They are their own worst enemies. 

    Stupids like myself didn’t come to the numbers by books, but by dreams and divine intervention and being open to attempt to understand, and to realize that we will err a lot and will never be able to fully comprehend the mind of God.  

  14. Just coasting through time


    My family on my mother’s side were all raised Catholic.  They went to church every week, but when they were at church they were just there in body!  They just went through the motions without really doing it.  They didn’t really believe they just did what they thought they were supposed to do. 


    They taught their kids nothing but how to fake it.  


    So my mom rebelled against religion and taught her daughter nothingness and rebellion and countless others have done the same.  


    It really doesn’t matter if end times are here or not because these are end times for us.  Meaning we have a finite amount of time left here, and it’s best we stay attentive and open in all of our pursuits whatever they are. 


    Time is precious.  It’s all we really have.  


  15. 2 hours ago, HistoryIsComplex said:


    I think they are going back to 80s tunes in music.


    Hollywood is a ??? right now. But I do agree - WHAT are they going to replace the OLD SYSTEM with.


    80s would be great!  Loved going dancing at 80s night.  Love me some Flock of Seagulls. 

    Well production of movies has resumed for now.  A lot of streaming material.  It’s funny because China bought out all the major movie theaters in the US prior to the pandemic so their plans have been dashed.  

    Did y’all have that whole Pokémon Go craze over there?  It was an overlap of gaming with reality.  Everyone was falling into the street and crashing cars over it.  Well that’s the future: games/tv integrated, multiverses, “screenless screens.”




  16. Hollywood has always been about degrading society and mind control, MKUltra programming, promoting American Fascism, and money above all things.  


    The messaging was always there even in the tamer films of yesterday, mostly to promote a degraded lifestyle and all its trappings.  See any Vigilant Citizen article about old Hollywood to confirm. 


    Hollywood has always had a communist agenda, but it turned more blatantly satanic in the 60’s.  


    As time went on technology and mind control techniques got more sophisticated.  Now that two or three generations of programmed masses have gone by Hollywood doesn’t have to hide it’s agenda anymore, just as the government can also be more obvious.  


    A substantial portion of Hollywood was recently bought by Chinese companies, which is actually the CCP. 

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