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  1. Yes. Levels. Like the the tabernacle being made according to the pattern God gave Moses on the mountain. Patterned after the one in heaven. And the tabernacle being made according to the descent of Jesus from heaven, through space to earth and back again after he was risen. So heaven may be beyond space and everything in it.
  2. Are you on the sauce right now? Must be fun saucing it up in the pubs over there. Yes. I am a hot Spaniard living in the UK. But I won't talk to you if you don't wear a top hat, a puffy pirate shirt with a vest over it, and an amulet around your neck. Or a man bun. Because if you don't you are not a real new age pagan. You are just a poser and I want the real thing.
  3. @DaleP There you go DaleP! Making a coherent argument instead of some drive-by one liner. The earth is alive. Okay. The earth is a goddess. A pagan would say this and would worship it and the goddess of war, and good fortune, and doorways, and getting the mail on time...do you see how it can get out of hand? Whatever floats your boat. I was a pagan. Worshipped Demeter and Hecate especially. That's just a retarded assumption about someone you never met. Hi. I'm Michelle. Nice to meet you. It seems we have differing views about witchcraft and the occult. Okay with me if you wish to continue your practices. Is it okay with you if I believe witchcraft and occult practices are dangerous? If so, I choose to voice that belief here in my very own thread where no one will pay attention anyway because they all do what you do. Why argue?
  4. Hi there Macnamara, I debunked that picture years ago in some thread but can't find it. I don't know why you would even pay attention to a writer who would say something like "innerstand." Anyway... Astrology is just another snare and astrotheology has no application whatsoever to the New or Old Testament: Is there mention of heavenly bodies in the Bible? Yes, in Job 9:9 for instance. But the constellations are not Gods, nor should one have faith in them anymore than in tea leaves or chicken guts. Putting one's faith in creation rather than the creator is a mistake. God also loves astrologers or he wouldn't have helped Daniel save them from being murdered by Nebuchadnezzar. Matthew 12:25 Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand God warned against pagan divination which astrology is part of. Therefore, the Bible cannot contain secret pagan divination when God, who the Bible is about, is against it.
  5. Are you crying out for help Dale? Or are you trying to create a spectacle for your friends? So you say remote viewing, etc. is not harmful because Bill Gates is alive. It's like me saying remote viewing etc. is harmful because I'm getting a puppy on Friday. It's a false argument. But you convinced Morpheus (Hi Morpheus) so I guess you won your argument. Congrats.
  6. A non-believer thinks God is against astrology, necromancy, witchcraft because he is mean and wants to suppress our innate powers because after all we are all little rad gods. Go on with your bad self if that's your belief. The truth is it is harmful to us. That is why God forbids his people from doing it. I have been there, I did that and it is harmful. If you don't believe this go kick rocks back to the psychic thread where you belong.
  7. Watching the comet and astrology are two different things.
  8. I know no one gives a shit and believe they are somehow immune to any negative effects. A beautiful, redheaded girl I worked with was was introduced to astrology at a young age by her mother. She practiced it her whole life. The first warning was when she unintentionally burned down her apartment and the others around her by leaving her candles burning while she was away. Then in 2021, still practicing astrology, she predicted "a leveling." That day her condo building in Miami collapsed with her in it. 98 killed. If you think this is not related you are mistaken. When you astral project, practice remote viewing, when you are taken to your destination, it is like being sucked up or carried swiftly. What do you think is moving you? It is not by your own power. When there is a "presence" felt around you, make no mistake it is a demon. And it would looove to latch onto you. If you practice divining do not do it for personal gain! You will be making a trade that you didn't agree to. Demons do not ask for permission. What do you think is happening to all these celebrities? Do you think you will fair better than them? "wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it" Matthew 7:13
  9. My experiences with the occult, witchcraft, etc. are similar to these people, only I was blessed to have never joined any coven, group, or in person "teacher." That makes it harder to leave. Messing around with disembodied spirits eventually ends up in the death of someone close to you and/or yourself. Unless you fall in love with your supposed "powers" and are completely deluded, you will eventually come to the realization that it is a dead end.
  10. The Statue of Liberty is a colossus of Rhodes, the sun god Helios. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colossus_of_Rhodes
  11. All time best black exploitation kung fu movie of ever!
  12. The FBI and the Brookings Institute stink tank are "concerned" about "white Christian nationalists." First they back us into a corner with their gay alphabet agenda and when they get backlash they feel threatened. Of course anti-semitism is mentioned. Their plan is to infiltrate and subvert American churches, schools and homeschool curriculums. And continue to liberalize and politicize black churches to combat so-called white Christian nationalists. I suppose most on this forum welcome this... Experts on the panel all obnoxious, pompous, horse shit spewing liberals congratulating themselves.
  13. Oh. So Joseph was a type of Christ: persecuted by his brothers raised to the highest position under pharaoh the god-king If he was a type of Christ and was a ruler in Egypt somewhere around 1700 BC, perhaps he had a profound influence on the theology of Egypt at that time, which probably got handed down through the centuries, way before the Essenes. Anyway, hope you find what you're looking for.
  14. @pi3141 Hi pi. Have you ever studied Joseph, son of Jacob's role in ancient Egypt and his influence on their belief system at that time?
  15. Sorry Campion. Allan Watts and all got it. "So if Jesus is truth, then he is reality itself. Everything is Jesus, there is only Jesus." Mind blown. Sounds like some med student picked it up from an interpretive dance class in Bali. Studying the Bible is not the equivalent of smoking a big fat bowl of weed.
  16. Your question is disingenuous and passive aggressive. You're probably not even going to read the evidence she gave you. If you did, it would be through the lens of, "I don't believe this and I'm going to prove it wrong." And because of this attitude you will never see from the other perspective. Oh but you probably think you are open minded. You're open mined only to what affirms your own beliefs. You're only fooling yourself pretending to some rational, evidence-based, skeptic scholar.
  17. Love your altruism. Here's the cynical view: Yeah, tell somebody "Hey, you've poisoned yourself. Stop being dumb. Here's some info." Sounds like evangelism, and how effective is that? Like I can come on here and say, "Hey new age screw head, Jesus is not the devil and wandered in India and became a Buddhist." No, they will continue to hack away at something they don't even try to understand. Ignorance of a subject never prohibits anyone from forming an opinion. Opinions get solidified into beliefs and beliefs are near impossible to change. Most people are a lost cause. And others simply lack the brain capacity to grasp the subject. They just can't! So fight, yes, for your own families. We've already gotten a demonstration of how everyone is.
  18. Ok the deal is this: China is surveying its property it owns by using balloons at the height of 12.5 miles, which is in the ozone layer. They are free to do so due to jurisdiction, kind of like maritime law. They are way above US airspace, we can shoot them down, but China has no real consequences.
  19. They popped one over Montana just now. I'm scared. There's one over Latin America too. They could be depositing poisonous venom viral chimeras in our upper atmosphere.
  20. The scariest movie of all time I don't care what you say don't watch it on acid
  21. Best chick flick to watch when feeling romantical with good 80s music
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