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  1. I’m old enough to: not fight with packaging. It’s not worth the time in your life. Just cut it or break it. not put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher.
  2. An agenda is only successful through a willing population. The devil can tempt us with an apple but it is ultimately our choice to bite. The truth of why Westerners are being out bred is that they grow up slower than before. They have extended childhoods, spend several years of their lives in college getting degrees that they can’t use, and stay under their parents roofs because it is uncomfortable to pack into cities and live like the immigrants. By the time a man or woman get over their ambiguity of whether or not they want to have a family the woman’s peak breeding years have already passed her by. This is as true in the US as in the UK. The numbers are here: https://www.ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk/work-pay-and-benefits/benefits/state-support/latest In looking at the figures, in respect to blacks as they are called, their numbers are only higher than whites in terms of council tax reduction and housing benefit. This is because they are foreign and don’t have a home already. And they’re willing to pack in to apartments in cities so they can work for menial incomes because it is a better life than back home. More of them are receiving child benefits because they are having more children. Whites still hold the majority of high paying jobs. Whites on state benefits are living their parents’ homes. Why don’t the immigrants stay in their own countries? Now that’s a social engineering issue that’s been going on for a long time within individual countries and now on a global scale: creating conditions in which rural agrarian people can no longer survive so they will migrate into cities. For what reason? To become consumers.
  3. Well take your average white male or female. Not married, no kids. (Not you because you obviously care about the fate of the nation.) Without a natural stake in the future, children, grandchildren, love and furthering wisdom and culture, what reason do they have to care if they are replaced?
  4. No one is going to successfully encourage a white man to be attracted to a dark black female. There is no amount of advertising and programming that will replace aesthetic preferences. The only way to reverse replacement is to have a lot of babies of your own race. Build a strong sense of racial identity in them. Period. No one is stopping white males from marrying white females, and furthering the race by having children. That’s one right you still have. But they’re not marrying. Why? Is it poverty? Economics of a welfare state? Over half of the UK’s white population is on assistance. Maybe economics have something to do with it.
  5. There is 5 N-Dimethyltryptamine and 4 N-Dimethyltryptamine 5 being the stronger of the two. It is administered as an inhalant, with a max dose of 18mg. There has to be some other chemicals present that they use to isolate the substance, and an aerosol. “Many aerosol sprays contain highly toxic chemicals like xylene and formaldehyde” So, it’s a pass for me. Gonna stick to my ayahuasca plants. Natural is best. By the way, they gauge effectiveness by the “Mystical Experience Questionnaire”. Goofy.
  6. You’re like school on Sunday. Nooo class
  7. I’m about to jump outa my skin. My heart is burning and all everyone can do is fricking shop. Everyone is concerned about what is next to eat! Eat shit shop. I’m ready for the war of the vaccines and the anticipation is making me crazy so. I have an opportunity to try this new dmt stuff as a guinea pig. I hear it lasts 5 minutes, it’s yellow, and you must smoke it, so maybe if I can find out what exactly it’s made of and where it comes from. Looking into it.
  8. The reason humans can’t handle a proper caste system is because they have delusions of grandeur and equate other human beings to DOGSHIT instead of treating them like children of God. Respect for fellow humans is honorable. No one needs anyone’s sympathy nor their snotty disdain.
  9. Hello, @Free_your_mind Watch Vaxxed and more importantly vaxxed 2. See the reality of vaccines. Listen to the parents of children who were MURDERED. Also, hygiene changes coinciding with health improvement.
  10. Think Sid Barrett, the first singer of Pink Floyd went off the deep end as well.
  11. Energy vampires can be unconscious or conscious. Personality Profiles: Unconscious: One dude would come over and just pet me and do what I wanted with no strings attached. Seemed like a good arrangement but he was a miserable person. He had low energy, sluggish, always melancholy and a blunted affect. Whenever I would get excited or happy about something he would swiftly cut it down. Conscious: One girlfriend was a status seeker, shallow. Always active, in the middle of the action. She had a high turnover of people in her life because she always had ulterior motives. Like inviting you out, not to be with you, but to use you as a prop to make herself appear likable. She saw people as objects. Both types have a draining effect. One erodes you slowly over time, the other will make you feel terrible immediately.
  12. @allymisfit I like to keep my kid outside as much as possible, and let him just be out there. He is so joyful just throwing pine needles and rocks and just being. Even in the rain he’s cute with his big blue poncho getting in puddles. Someone made an elf town in one of our forests by putting little wooden doors and windows on trees and putting little signs like Elf Inn, fire station and stuff. The little kids are going wild over it.
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