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  1. I can confirm a lot of what has been said here to be true.  I heard voices for 28 years.  First time 14.  Never medicated just dealt with it.  Mostly originated from the left side of my head but when I was psychotic they approached from all sides.  I used to believe I had to constantly fight them off.  I'm fine now.  Jesus lifted that burden from me.  


    My only psychotic episode was at age 20.  During this episode the following occurred: 


    intense synchronicity over prolonged periods

    the external world taking on a demonic character

    lucid dreams coming true the the following day

    Disembodied spirits either helping or wanting me to kill myself

    Visual hallucinations of demonic presence

    One instance of ESP in which the other flesh and blood person was 350 miles away.  This was confirmed by a third party.

    strangers butting into my business (what some may call gang stalking)

    (There are people who sense when someone is in a psychotic state and they want to prey on them.)


    The residuals from that psychotic episode persisted for six months.  


    I either have one hell of an imagination or there is another aspect of reality in which disembodied spirits reside. 

  2. On 1/16/2023 at 11:42 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Probably worth looking into Greek Orthodoxy.

    Definitely Greek.  

    I hear Dyer's silence on ROC and it's filthy dealings.  But is he some kind of operative or sincere?  He did have that guy Aleksandr Dugin on his show before.  He said his church has connections to higher ups in the Russian church, so that may explain that.   

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  3. I've been listening to too many Jay Dyer talks because now I'm interested in Orthodoxy.  

    Really, I'm curious about liturgy, curious about what may have been passed down from the early Church from the time of Paul.  Feeling like the way the Protestants in my vicinity worship is kind of weird, with Christian rock.  (No offense.) 

    For three years I have learned from Protestants, so there are things to get past.  
    For instance: the Orthodox don't elevate Mary as a goddess like the Catholics do, but they do venerate her.  They believe she died a virgin, though.  I thought Jesus had brothers.  Technically, in the verse in question Jesus says "brethren."  It would be good to reconcile that.  

    Orthodox call their priests Father, but Jesus said do not call anyone on Earth Father for there is but one Father in heaven.  So that's a thing.  

    Anyway, it's been okay trying to piece together a new life without belonging to a church, but still looking.  


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  4. I like suspicious observer too!  

    A lot of this is over my head, but this guy Anton Petrov said it is possible, but not proven, that high solar winds such as from a solar maximum can push down pathogens from the upper atmosphere to ground level causing adverse health effects.  

    Getting science fiction about:  it may be possible for someone to deposit a bioweapon in the upper atmosphere during a time of high solar winds.  



  5. So.  Most are completely ignorant of solar events' severe effects on health and this phenomena is widespread.  There is no need for mass poisoning.  If haplogroup R1b or the western world is most susceptible to solar events it would be easy to deceive the West into believing another viral outbreak has occurred, forcing the most wealthy governments to buy more loads of shots.  

  6. Of particular interest to white folks:


    "The population genetic composition turned out to be the most significant factor for coronavirus mortalities during a SA global minimum 2019-2020. COVID-19 pandemic is most severe in countries with a dominant haplogroup R1b."


    Haplogroup R1b is the most frequently occurring paternal lineage in Western Europe, as well as some parts of Russia 

    - Wikipedia 



    "A twofold increase in the number of pandemics (every 5-6 years instead of 10-11 years) can be expected with pronounced genogeographic differences."




  7. Some say the coronavirus hoopla of 2020 was timed to coincide with the grand solar minimum.  Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security recently submitted their new strategy for the next big thing scheduled for 2025.  Yes, it is possible that it may occur before or after the year 2025, but given the correlation of health problems with solar disturbances it would make sense to schedule the next one during grand solar maximum.  

    (Is it just a rumor that the occult elite are sun worshippers?  Dunno.  Haven't looked into it yet.) 

    If solar cycles are new to you:


    "The sun is an active star with an 11-year periodic variation known as a solar activity cycle. During this period, the sun undergoes changes characterized by variations in its output of electromagnetic radiation and charged particles due to the different degrees of activity. Each cycle is divided into three phases: the rise phase, with an increasing range of active phenomena; the maximum phase as the phenomena peak; and the decline phase as they gradually decay to the quiet sun levels."



    "Heliobiology deals with the influences on human health caused by solar activity.

    This field of research has become increasingly important in the present context of a consistent weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field."

    Space weather activity has a broad range of adverse effects on human health:


    a) High values of geomagnetic activity have a negative effect on human cardiovascular health that includes significant variations in heart rate 

    b) The number of incidents of alterations in blood flow is increased (increased systolic and diastolic blood pressure and epileptic seizures) during the solar activity periods 

    c) Incidents of coronary disease and myocardial infarction increase during spans of high solar activity, as compared to years with low solar activity 

    d) Sharp or sudden variations in geomagnetic and solar activity can act as stressors, which alter regulatory processes such as breathing, reproductive, and increase total deaths 

    e) Several studies support the idea that geomagnetic disturbances decrease the melatonin levels in the human body

    f) Positive correlations exist between neurological system diseases (e.g., depression and mental illness) and geomagnetic activity 

    g) The standard metabolism and behaviour patterns of humans and other species are affected by solar activity 

    h) Solar disturbances are associated with significant increases in hospital admissions for suicide attempts, homicides, and traffic accidents 

    i) Investigations of the blood of tested patients have shown that the viscosity of blood during solar activity periods increases sharply, so the risk of developing morbid cardiovascular system disease is increased

    j) A relationship between solar activity and some congenital anomalies such as Down syndrome has been established 

    k) The fluctuations in solar activity are associated with oscillations in concentrations of vitamin D

    l) Solar activity is related to many parameters of new-born development and homeostasis, such as number of births, number of premature births, new-born weight and length, and syndromes associated with chromosome aberrations and hormone production 

    m) Solar activity may contribute to the development of and be a trigger of the exacerbation of nervous and mental disorders, such schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis 





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  8. On 7/16/2022 at 7:16 PM, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    Maybe the Seventh Day Adventists but most mainstream Christians consider them a cult.

    Been hanging out with SDAs and the ones I know are good people.   I'm not on board with 100% of their doctrine, but nothing of theirs seemed way far out there.  They don't qualify as a cult to me.  

    They have excellent studies on the sanctuary, Daniel, and Revelation.  They are way into prophecy though, and have their own interpretation of the prophecies in Daniel 9, 11, and 12 and who and when they are referring to. 

    They are slightly ascetic:  no jewelry, some are vegetarian, if not they have a restricted diet.  From sundown Friday to sundown Saturday they rest, study, and worship, spend time with family and turn off everything secular.  For someone who needs that it is really good. 

    That said many of them believe the Saturday Sabbath is the seal of God and Saturday worship will be the deciding factor in the end.  

    Many believe the papacy is the beast and Sunday worship is the mark of the beast.  (Martin Luther claimed the papacy was the beast.)  


    Their argument is compelling but it's hard for me not to believe the seal of God is the Holy Spirit and the mark of the beast is currency.  It is really hard to believe the other wonderful, charitable Christians I have met could be condemned because they go to church on Sundays.  

    They also believe Ellen White is a prophet and quote her often.   From what little I read from her, she seems only to be a great theologian and a great writer.  I agree with you though, sola scriptura.


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  9. Now to the conflict.


    "In October 2018, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church officially split from its Russian counterpart, after more than 300 years.


    For Ukraine, this was a major moment, as it represented another step in breaking away from political, economic and religious subservience to Russia.


    In Russia meanwhile, alarm bells were going off. Ukraine has the world’s third largest Orthodox Christian population, after only Russia and Ethiopia, and roughly 12,000 of the Russian Orthodox Church’s 36,000 parishes were in Ukraine."


    "As a result of the split, the Russian Orthodox Church stands to lose much of its territory, believers and, crucially, its spiritual and symbolic authority over Ukraine."


    This war is not only an attempt at rebuilding the Russian world as it was  a thousand years ago but a power grab on behalf of the Orthodox Church itself. 


    Many will say great bring those atheists godless people back to traditional values.  But this is not a religion of God. It is a counterfeit just as Rome is. 

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  10. One may consider the Orthodox Church to be a soft power or say Putin is simply using it as a tool but the truth is it is the Orthodox Church that is pulling the strings here.  Putin may or may not be  a true convert, but there are people in the inner circle of government who have been there long before him and will be there when he is gone.

    Notably Kirill the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and Sergei Shoigu, Russia's defense minister who's brain child was this: 





    Some highlights:

    Check out the big warhead sculpture in the front of the "church"


    "Angels hover above artillery, religious images are adorned with Kalashnikovs and the Virgin Mary strikes a pose reminiscent of a Soviet second world war poster."


    "Symbolic numbers have been coded into the dimensions – the diameter of the main dome, for example, is 19.45 metres. Trophy weapons and tanks seized from the Wehrmacht were melted down and used in the creation of the cathedral’s metal floors."

    Wtf a sane person would say.





  11. Dima Adamsky’s , Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy: Religion, Politics, and Strategy,


    demonstrates convincingly that there are indeed important signs being missed all around us, pointing to a longstanding nexus between the Russian Orthodox Church and the country’s nuclear-military-industrial complex.


    A nuclear priesthood emerged in Russia, permeated the units and commands in charge of Russia’s nuclear forces, and became an integral part of the nuclear weapons industry. Starting with the Soviet Union’s dissolution in 1991,  the Russian Orthodox Church positioned itself “as one of the main guardians of the state's nuclear potential and, as such, claims the role of one of the main guarantors of Russian nuclear security.” At first the church partnered with the military, enabling servicemen to fulfill their religious obligations while on duty. In time, religion penetrated more deeply into the military, as Russia’s political elite and religious elite intertwined. Today, the church has entrenched itself at the tactical and operational levels of the Russian nuclear forces. 




    So the Orthodox Church effectively has control of Russia's nuclear Arsenal.  The  warheads have also been blessed and named after Orthodox saints how cute.  


  12. Neither side in the war in Ukraine is innocent nor righteous.  Duh. 

    Many ignore the role the Orthodox Church is playing in the war. In fact the church is central to the conflict. 


    Brief history of Kiev 


    The spiritual capital of Rus mother Russia:


    "The church of the caves in Kiev dates back a thousand years and is named so because it sits on a series of caves.  Before the Orthodox Church took power they were pagan."


     "Vladimir the Great proceeded to summon the whole city to the banks of the river Dnieper for a mass baptism in 988. This is the founding, iconic act of Russian Orthodox Christianity. It was from here that Christianity would spread out and merge with the Russian love of the motherland, to create a powerful brew of nationalism and spirituality. In the mythology of 988, it was as if the whole of the Russian people had been baptised. Vladimir was declared a saint."

    "When the Byzantine empire fell, the Russians saw themselves as its natural successor. They were a “third Rome”.


    "Again, as in Rome, a secular power Communism attempted to inflict a mortal wound to the Orthodox Church but failed.  The church slowly regained power after the fall of communism and in 2019, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, boasted that they were building three churches a day."


    Russia, however is still suffering the effects of communist secularism.  It is a long, long way off from becoming an Orthodox nation.  Many women there have had multiple abortions, some 20.  Many are morally bereft and  drunk.   It's the government that is run by the Orthodox Church, not the people.  Kirill started the slow conversion with the military.



    "How can we count others better than ourselves when we see that they are far below us in wisdom and holiness, in natural gifts, or in grace received?  The question proves how little we understand what real lowliness of mind is."


    "Listen to the words in which Jesus speaks of his relation to the Father, and how unceasingly He uses the words not, and nothing of Himself."


    "The Son can do nothing of himself" (John 5:41)

    "I can of my own self do nothing; my judgement is just, because I seek not mine own will" (John 5:30)

    "I receive not glory from men" (John 5:41)

    "I am come not to do my own will" (John 6:38) 

    "My teaching is not mine" (John 7:16)

    "I am not come of myself" (John 7:28)

    "I do nothing myself" (John 8:28)

    "I seek not mine own glory" (John 8:50)


    In his words and actions he demonstrates to us how.


    "It is this: he became nothing, that God might be all.

    True humility comes when, in the light of God, we have seen ourselves to be nothing, have consented to part with and cast away self, to let God be all."


    Matthew 16:24


    Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.


    Denying the self is an action be done continually. "Take every opportunity to humble yourself before God and man."


    "We know the law of human nature:  acts produce habits, habits breed dispositions, dispositions form the will, and the rightly formed will is character."


    "I knew Jesus, and He was very precious to my soul: but I found something in me that would not keep sweet and patient and kind.  I did what I could to keep it down, but it was there.  I besought Jesus to do something for me, and when I gave him my will, He came into my heart and took out all that would not be sweet, all that would not be kind, all that would not be patient, and then He shut the door."

    -George Fox



    Traditionally, humility came easier for women who had a subordinate position to men.  Women's existence was predominately to serve the family and community.  In modern times women are taught to resent and reject their God-given subordination to men (which was actually a gift because God gives us what we need, for our own good).  


    People of limited means and low social standing were able to learn humility easier than the wealthy and politically connected.  Not anymore.  The poor are converted to victims and assigned a special status in society.  


    In the me, I  culture in which we reside, all humans of all stations of life are equally susceptible to the snare of self-regard just for the fact that everything offends everyone. 


  15. PRIDE


    "Pride has its root and strength in a terrible spiritual power, outside of us as well as within us; as needful as it is that we confess and deplore it as our very own, is to know it in its Satanic origin." 

    What quality of Satan precipitated his exile?  Pride because of his beauty.

    What quality in Eve did Satan appeal to that catalyzed the fall?  Pride: "you will be like gods."


    It is not always overtly evil and cartoon-like such as Pride Week, or an obnoxious politician.  

    "All want of love, all indifference to the needs, the feelings, the weakness of others; all sharp and hasty judgements and utterances, so often excused under the plea of being outright and honest; all manifestations of temper and touchiness and irritation; all feelings of bitterness and estrangement, have their root in nothing but pride."


    "Pride and self have the all of man, till man has his all from Christ."





  16. Why did Jesus wash Judas' feet?  Why did he liken the Canaanite woman to a dog and then marvel at her?  What was it that he kept trying to relay to his disciples but they never really got until much later?  If his disciples missed it, how many Christians through the ages have missed it.  How many right now are totally in the dark?

    Writers in the 19th century were just better.  Andrew Murray is one such author who wrote Humility.

    Here are some excerpts: 


    "(Humility) is the great end of God raising a new creation out of a fallen kingdom of angels: for this end it stands in its state of war betwixt the fire and pride of fallen angels, and the humility of the Lamb of God, that the last trumpet may sound the great truth through the depths of eternity, that evil can have no beginning but from pride, and no end but from humility."


    "Look not at pride only as an unbecoming temper, nor at humility only as a decent virtue: for the one is death, and the other is life; the one is all hell, the other is all heaven.  So much as you have pride within you, you have of the fallen angels alive in you; so much as you have true humility, so much you have the Lamb of God within you."


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