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  1. Propaganda Disguised As Facts From Culture of Nasrcissism: “The master propagandist, like the ad expert, avoids obvious emotional appeals and strives for a tone that is consistent with the prosaic quality of modern life - a dry, bland matter-of-factness. Nor does the propagandist circulate overtly biased information. He knows that partial truths serve as more effective instruments of deception than lies.” Can you think of any examples of this technique in action today? How about the sharp increase of covid 19 cases! (Omit the fact that testing has increas
  2. When I was pregnant I took a blood test that screens for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities and common birth defects. (Used to be done by risky amniocentesis). I asked my husband what he would say if it came back positive. He said he would compel me to abort the baby. I was distraught because I didn’t want to kill it no matter what. I loved it even then. I was torn because he said he didn’t want to raise a child with problems. The test came back negative. Do you think the father should not have a say in matters like these?
  3. Naw, I just think this is meant to overshadow and discourage further lockdown protests like the one a few days ago. But okay, good they were able to mobilize and run nekked for abortion rights. Hope that has some effect on the legislation.
  4. Thread about social engineering tricks, marketing and propaganda You’d be surprised at how much of our daily thoughts and activity are a product of propaganda and marketing tactics. Anxiety-Driven Conformity: From Culture of Narcissism (Lasch): ”No longer trapped in the labor of self-defense, he (Paul Zewig) has anesthetized that part of himself which is constructed of mental busyness...glued together by obsessive thinking and propelled by anxiety.” From Brandwashed (Lindstrom): A study used MRI to see how peer pressure work
  5. Yeah so you see even from this thread how “hot button” issues can distract attention away from the bigger picture: the erosion of all rights! Why the Polish government chose now to do this is as clear as why the US chose to do the George Floyd psyop. They knew it would rile up the left, who delight in taking to the streets and making a fuss. Headlines are made, then everyone goes home and the masses are further distracted and confused. Visuals of unrest, chaos and violence have an intended psychological effect on the population.
  6. Shit can’t find how abortions are funded in Poland. Y’all are moving fast for me.
  7. Agreed. Most Americans agree with this sentiment. The debate in the US is whether the government (our tax dollars) should be used to fund abortions. And that most clinics are located in poverty stricken areas as a social engineering tactic, to keep the underclass from creating more dependents on the state. Generally, the right to abortions is defended by the left, as many on the right do not agree with it unless under certain circumstances.
  8. Yeah haha. Sorry to offend...again. I’m glad you are reporting this. Yes. The protest class is generally unemployed, young, college educated, or indoctrinated whichever way you see it. Middle to upper class housewives... and usually they are on the left and emerge when a left issue is on the table.
  9. Agreed they’re giving the protest class a nice distraction from the new lockdown rules. Keep them busy. https://www.thefirstnews.com/article/poland-imposes-tighter-restrictions-does-not-rule-out-full-lockdown-17001 There will be options for women who still want to kill their unborn children: traveling across borders and there’s the famous abortion ship that takes advantage of maritime laws. They often anchor off the coast of Ireland. https://www.womenonwaves.org/en/page/493/abortion-on-our-ship
  10. Also “recession” is in there. SDGs is sustainable development goals. MODI EXPO is a showcase of the very latest in defense. On the site of “who should exhibit” is: Medical, Health & Biotech Mega Cities & Smart Cities AI, Big Data, Analytics Blockchain & Data Sharing amongst other things https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/pm-modi-to-inaugurate-defence-expo-2020-in-lucknow-today/articleshow/73950607.cms Also, and this is a little off the beaten path, MODIE is
  11. I remember looking at it and noting Project Nightengale at the bottom. Google gathered millions of Americans’ health data. Guess that was the test run for what’s up now.
  12. Have 8 of these giant honey mushroom bouquets in the yard. Supposed to taste good like the name. Stomach problems if consume too much but that goes for anything.
  13. @allymisfit No way! You are not only gorgeous, you are also a kind, good person. Facts!
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