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  1. This photo is laughable at best. There are no syringes in those syringe drivers either.
  2. After what they had been doing to the people in Victoria, Australia, I guess it's our turn now to see how much they can squeeze us.
  3. I really don't know what their aim or next move at this stage. They decided to lock London and the SE down out of nowhere and now other countries coming out of the woodwork banning us.. El Salvador as well... WTF?
  4. It's escalating pretty quick now I must say. New mutant virus.. The only mutants are Hancock, bojo, whitty and co. Banning flights from the UK, seriously, it's all a big pantomime.
  5. Maybe is took her fucking mask off, she would get some oxygen to her brain, no? Also, looks a bit staged.
  6. Where are their frigging masks?? What a loads of bollocks this is.
  7. Seriously, I will lose my shit soon with this fuckery. Just popped on Mumsnet (that utterly vile forum for mothers) Here are some of the things they say. 'My niece is 13 and on Friday she was told to isolate by her school as the girl she sits next to tested positive. She lives in London where transmission is really high. I spoke to MIL today who said that my SIL has told her she is not allowed out of her room apart from going to the toilet or having a shower. All meals are left outside her door for her to collect and my SIL went shopping and spend £50 on snacks and drinks so she doesn't have to leave her room. MIL is really worried about her she keeps phoning her in tears. My SIL is autistic and takes everything very very seriously but surely confining a 13 yr old to her room for 10 days is going a bit far isn't it??' 'Bring in the army as we need to vaccinate 3 million peopple daily to get the 75% of the nation vaccinated by June 2021' This one below deserves a medal I reckon. This one feels privileged! lolz!!!! 'Firstly I just feel incredibly privileged to have been offered the vaccine through work and that I am fortunate through geography to have a really proactive local vaccine centre I though it might be useful to post some observations about the process and administration of the vaccine. I had mine along with a number of colleagues early this week at our local Trust which has three vax stations each doing five min slots from 8-8 mon - fri and 8-4 weekends. Our employer (Social Care) had registered details of staff with CQC and they issued an on-line link for staff to book. All very easy - although the take up across our sites has been lower than I would expect. Also although the process seemed easy. I did observe a few issues when I was waiting for and having the vax. Early this week, everyone was interviewed by a clinician and anyone even hinting at an allergy ("well I did get a rash after eating some mussels in Fuengirola last year,.....) was turned away. Also people didn't have their paperwork and consent letters complete or had no ID. You need you NHS number Finally, this Trust were booking you in for the next one exactly three weeks forward- so make sure you can attend that date. Jab was pain free and I had maybe 24 hours of very low level ache. There's a compulsory 15 minute observation session after before yo can leave' 'The govt have proudly announced that there will be mass testing in secondary schools, colleges and special schools from January. What the headlines don’t quite convey is that schools will be expected to set up and man their own testing centres and that this make-shift testing of close contacts of positives will replace close contacts having to isolate. The tests pick up about 50% of positive cases so I’m sure this will be fine. Covidy kids will be getting the bus to school to queue up and be tested by people who have watched a video and a couple of online worksheets. Even better, they want those people to be YOU! “The document says that reasonable costs for additional workforce will be reimbursed. It adds that a school may want to hire temporary staff, such as agency and contract workers, or draw on volunteers such as parents, retired teachers, Red Cross, St John Ambulance and community organisations.” If you can’t help in person, perhaps you can support by talking positively about this effort on social media and parenting forums? “Under a section labelled “social media guidance”, the document reads that “consistent, accurate and positive communication about testing activity is essential”. They want to see “proactive public social media using agreed materials” and schools are encouraged to “monitor your existing social media channels, parents forums etc. and provide any feedback”.” Come on folks, do your bit!'
  8. But it's not the law. These are just guidance and regulations which is not the same as law.
  9. You shouldn't even ask yourself that question. Just go.
  10. And our freedom of speech and the right to express ourselves. I've recently had a run in with HR over some Facebook post (I work in the NHS) which wasn't even in the public domain. No idea how they got hold of that kind of info. It was pure scare tactic, but a harsh wake up call for me to realize that we are being monitored and everything we say.
  11. I like the zombie looking motherfuckers bit. LOL Because they certainly are.
  12. This is the mentality we have to deal with. They are so dumbed down that there is just no coming back from that kind of mental hypnosis. In one of the online forums for yoga teachers, a yoga teacher said that she will not allow any students in her studio if they didn't have the vaccine. I said that she was in the wrong job and I would boycott her studio if it was down to me.
  13. Can you do it yourself at home? If that's the case, I highly recommend to swab the orange, apple, water, cat's bum, insert....... the possibilities are endless.
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