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  1. No, it’s not the ‘nature of forums’, you back pedalling weasel. You never asked him. That makes you an arse. So don’t bother replying to me again.
  2. Oh, you were being passive aggressive? ok. Didn’t realise. I’ll let you get on with it then. I don’t do passive aggression so I’ll pass.
  3. Ah, let’s stop right there. I wasn’t calling you an arse. Did you see that in my post to you? No, I was calling someone else an arse. I’ll respond when that’s sunk in, been cleared up. Wouldn’t want to confuse the issue.
  4. Ta. I know I haven’t said or done anything wrong, that’s why I’m puzzled. But, life is shit and nothing surprises me anymore so there it goes.
  5. Maybe nothing as far as I’m concerned and I really don’t think there’s much more to say on this particular point, tbh.
  6. Just to explain, I was a member here before the attack. I didn’t post a lot and anything I did post has gone so I’m not completely new to this. What I am finding right now though, is some strange replies. Thought we were all on the (relatively) same page. Am I wrong? And I’m not going to apologise for calling someone out for being, what I consider to be, an arse. So if that offends, ban me. Nothing else I can say. Cheers. ps, one last thing-hi to Golden Retriever and Basket Case. Great stuff, as always.
  7. Hi Doc, I’ve not read that yet but can you tell me, do you believe there is a virus?
  8. This is about China and their model. There is no ‘coming war with China’, as that sell out John Pilger wrote about. This is about China controlling us.
  9. Oh, I would always bother. It just comes under caring for our fellow man.
  10. You gave them the choice though, right?
  11. You said he was struggling to breath. You said he was taking big gasps of air at the end. I asked why you didn’t tell him he could take the mask off. It’s very simple. Funny how you clipped my reply. Funny guy.
  12. Why did you not help the poor guy out?? I’ve had two men come to mine to do some interior work and both times I’ve told them they don’t need to wear a mask in my home. Then I’ve made them a drink and feel welcome. Ffs.
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