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  1. Exactly. Make it a 'V'. That should be the symbol of the Anti-Authority Resistance: 'V'.
  2. You know his secret? He stayed fit climbing up on Solsbury Hill.
  3. I always knew they were a bunch of tossers.
  4. That's the sort of thing I have in mind as well. You don't necessarily have to do anything illegal.
  5. Here's another one. Recall also that in the V original series, the central plot point was a vaccine that the alien Visitors had claimed as a gift to mankind, but which was a hoax:
  6. I do know what we are dealing with. I am on this Forum. I can see it. I can hear it. What else is there to see, hear or understand? It's clear. Or maybe you subscribe to some deeper conspiracy theory and you think I'm not surmising some other-worldly wavelength of enlightenment? Let's say (just for argument's sake - this is just an example) you think the world is run by Satanic paedophiles in league with Common Purpose. This may well be true, and for all I know or frankly could care, it is true, but my reality will be the same whether it's true or not. Whether the rulers are paedophiles, bibliophiles, or fucking stamp collectors with a sinister interest in triangular philatelic issues from the 1950s Soviet era, they're still rulers. Rulers are rulers. It still means there are people who control important things and lord it over me and who, can ultimately, force me to do things against my will. Why should I care if they're lizards or paedos or whatever? It's above my station. The immediate issue is whether they would go to the lengths of actually physically forcing me personally - and others like me - to submit to a vaccine (whether necessary or not). I personally think that is unlikely and I've provided you with a rational and logical explanation why. It's not that I'm ignorant of what we're dealing with in general terms. Even if they're evil shape-shifting lizards and Brian Gerrish is their earthly spokesman in some sort of reverse psy-op, it's unlikely that they're all sat there saying: 'My God, Brian, listen in. You know what we've overlooked? I can't believe it. That Nobody fucker in Nowhereville. You know, that sad bastard who goes on the David Icke forum? Fuck me blind with a fiddle! If we don't make him take that vaccine, we are fucking screwed and I mean screwed with a capital 'S' and a 'T' on the end, and you can forget that guest spot on Richie Allen. Get on it now, Brian son!" To be frank about it, I'm just a Nobody. You're a Nobody. We're all here (or most of us here) Nobodies. Sorry, but the people in charge (whatever or whoever they are) don't give a flying fuck if you refuse to take the vaccine. We're not on their radar, for the most part. That's not munificence on their part, it's realism. Yes, one of us may turn out to be unlucky and be made an example of for the purpose of social media propaganda. But in general, they'll just sweep us under the carpet, with exemptions so we can wriggle out of it. Of course, I could be all wrong. If I am wrong, I will be the one who resists. Yes, I may be ignorant about the wavelength of consciousness and how it's manipulated by lizard bankers to change the interest rates, but fuck me, I will resist to the last.
  7. Yer joking? I wish somebody had told me that before.
  8. Then why don't they insist that I always wear a mask when other people do? I'd rather you didn't try to initiate a discussion by insulting me and talking down to me in a condescending way. Please don't presume to tell me what I do or don't understand. It's not that I'm overly-sensitive, but I'm a mature man with quite a lot of experience. I'm not a school kid in your geography class. Please engage with me in a collegiate way. I'm not saying I am perfect in the way I speak to people - I'm only human like you - but I do try and engage with people as peers, rather than talking down to people and presuming what others do and don't understand. I am not a fucking retard. Now, let me explain where I am coming from - again. It could be that they will try and make me have a vaccination against my will. I really don't know. It's not as if I have a crystal ball and it's not as if there's anything I can do about it, if they decide to try. But my point is that is that it probably won't happen that way because it's not logistically and economically and tactically sensible for them to enforce it to the very nth of the nth. Past experience suggests that there are normally ways round compulsory things and exemptions are quietly granted for people, like us, who dissent, mainly because the authorities regard us as a nuisance minority and not really a threat to them. Now, I could be wrong about this, but I'm not relying on this in any of my actions. Like everybody else, I have to take each day as it comes and see where this goes. If they do try to force me, then it becomes a question of how this 'force' is applied. I will resist to the last.
  9. Don't you have to be a bit retarded to join in the first place, or is that unkind? I assumed the red cap is something to do with their command structure, but not sure.
  10. A tweet from Commissar Schwab in 2024: Comrades in Airstrip One! Wonderful news! We have had word from Commissar Johnson and Colonel Hancock of Airstrip One that the re-infection rate is below 20%! As a reward for all your diligent efforts in the War On Death & Disease, it has been decided that World Citizens in Covid Immune Group 3 will be permitted additional protein rations this week, and you may partake in your Permitted Leisure Activity for an additional hour on Tuesday! Isn't that marvellous? And some special news for our comrades in Airstrip One from Commissar Harman. She will be extending her Anti-Sex Lecture Series this autumn to include venues in North Sector Alpha. Remember: No Sex Means Zero Infects!
  11. The Blair government made a serious attempt to introduce a national biometric database with ID cards, and it did look like it was going to be brought in. It was only defeated after determined opposition from a broad spectrum of political and social opinion, both Left and Right. I would not be confident that a similar proposal could be seen off today.
  12. I must admit, at first it didn't clock with me that it was a parody account as it's done quite realistically. Most of those tweets are not too far removed from what the real person would say.
  13. They're too smart for that. I think it is much more likely that they will make it officially compulsory and, as you say, pull all the levers to cajole, coerce and persuade, but when it boils down to it, they don't need to enforce it down to the last man. They don't really care about people like us. They know there's a hardcore of dissenters and they will have done the calculations and decided that, when it comes to the crunch, as long the PR is handled correctly, they'll be maybe a few hundred thousand of us, at the most. That's tiny. Why waste the resources on us? They'll select out a few of us to make an example of, so as to scare Joe and Mandy Blow who have IQs of 100. But otherwise, they'll just ignore us, maybe even create exemptions from the vaccine to allow us to escape it. They're not aiming this at people who come on forums like this. They know we're a lost cause already. Cost/benefit does not add up for them, other than picking out two or three of us to make examples of for social media 'truthers'.
  14. Please provide the links to originals of the full documents so that I can see them in context, especially the second one.
  15. I am suspicious that it is said to be 90% effective if something like 99% of people suffer no symptoms anyway. That sounds like an easy basis for fraud. Let's think this through. If my understanding is correct, an inoculation cannot strictly stop contraction. It can only stop infection. It does so by somehow inducing the necessary antibodies in your immune system, which 'kill' the residual 'germ' or virus intentionally presented by means of the vaccine, and then - in approximately 99% of cases for most approved market vaccines - repeat this process if and when the same contagious agent is contracted. In this context, 'killing' means either elimination of the contagious agent or deactivation of its malign effects. Either way, in that event you are officially 'immunised' and, assuming the desired clinical effect occurs (it doesn't always), you also cannot spread the infection to others because you cannot be infected yourself. Instead, it effectively 'dies' in the host, your body, for want of an entail. This process clearly requires isolation of the virus itself, and without wishing to labour the obvious, it also implies a defined specificity as to what the virus 'is', with the ability to reproduce the same or similar results of tests and observations. Yet there are some on here who say the virus has never been isolated, that for all practical effect it doesn't exist. To me, that makes no sense and seems highly unlikely because the necessary procedures and methodologies for viral isolation are replicable and falsifiable and such a fraud could be easily and quickly exposed, with massive adverse political consequences. But let's say the radical sceptics enunciating on here are right. Then what is the vaccine? Is it a placebo? Is it poison? What? And more importantly, why?
  16. I'm starting to believe they may make vaccination officially compulsory. Until now, I've dismissed the idea for various reasons I won't go into here. I've changed my mind for various reasons, including that there is a definite undertone of compulsion to what they are saying about this vaccination and, frankly, the whole thing in the media has a loony cultish quality to it. This country has seen this before: in 1939/40, when an unpopular war was thrust on the British people and they succumbed and it came to be regarded as a cause of national salvation. It is apparent to me from day-to-day experience that the greater majority of the public will obey, and it seems to me that by making it compulsory, the government can ensure maximum efficiency and compliance. One further factor in my mental shift is something I noticed long before the Covid-19 hysteria even occurred. Without going into too much personal information, I allowed my GP registration to lapse some years ago. I think the last time I saw a GP was in around 2014. One reason for this is that, although my thinking about things is in most respects 'radical mainstream' and pretty tame for most people on here, I did start to become paranoid about the effect the medical profession might have on my health if they got their claws into me. From 2016 onwards, and especially during 2018 and 2019, I started getting regular communications - mainly letters - from my former GPs asking me to go in for routine check-ups and what not. The letters were worded quite insistently, not quite as if I was being ordered to report for conscripted military duty, but something close to that. You know when you get that 'funny' feeling? I had this sense there was something not quite right about it and that if I obeyed they would then diagnose me with something: maybe diabetes or something else. For the record, and to the best of my knowledge, my health is fine and I'd like to keep it that way. For that reason, I am doing my best to stay away from the 'medical profession'. What I am getting at is that I wonder if the drive to try and get me to re-register was part of a more general programme directed centrally to ensure that as many people as possible are 'on the books' for NHS purposes, as this makes it logistically easier to administer mass public health programmes and projects. This segues back to the topic in hand. What I am now turning my mind to is how they would go about a 'compulsory' vaccination programme in 'real world' practical terms. It would be a huge operation logistically, perhaps unprecedented since the War. At this early stage, we can only speculate but I think the following observations pertain. Others here may wish to add their own thoughts. I should add that most of what follows will probably apply even if, for official purposes, vaccination remains non-compulsory. (i). Although it will be officially compulsory, they will leave themselves wriggle room with open-ended exemptions to allow people like us to evade it - similar to what they have done with regard to face masks. Are you distressed by the idea of having a vaccination? Don't worry, just say you're exempt. Do you have asthma? No? Then pretend to have asthma, as we can't be bothered with nuisances like you. They will do this to avoid appearing too harsh (and thus alienating people), also to avoid the expense and hassle of dealing with recalcitrants like us, and furthermore, for legal reasons. Allowing exemptions is smart because makes legal challenges less likely to be successful. (ii). At the same time, they will make public examples of a handful of non-compliant people as part of the propaganda side of the operation. The usual 'truthers' will then obediently broadcast these over-blown incidents and the news will spread across social media - "'Eere, look at this bloke getting man-handled by the coppers...They've forced the vaccine on his kids. Dragged them away, they did. It's an outrage!" - thus assisting the government in its psychological objectives. They know we won't comply, but they don't care about that. Remember that the propaganda is aimed at Joe and Mandy Blow with IQs of 100. They just need to select maybe half-a-dozen of us to make examples of and ensure this is widely publicised. (iii). Referring back to something I went into above, in order for a compulsory (or indeed, non-compulsory) mass vaccination programme to work, they obviously need efficient record-keeping. If, like me, you are 'off the books' - i.e. without a primary care provider - then it becomes that bit harder because they won't have a definite record of whether you have taken the vaccine or even whether you 'exist' from an NHS point-of-view. I am on the electoral register, but they probably won't cross-check. It's just easier for them to 'forget' me. (iv). You may think (iii) won't matter because the compliance obligations will be at the demand end, i.e. they will place an obligation on the individual to prove immunisation prior to accessing certain services or whatever. This is the crux of it, I believe. It will be hard for them to do that for various practical, technological and legal reasons. There is also the possibility that data protection laws will kick in and people like us could simply lie about our compliance, and for pragmatic reasons, this may be treated by the government and the usual busybodies as officially condonable, as it is with mask-wearing. The advice may well be: Just say you're exempt or you've had it and no-one will check. In other words, the 'Face' principle is at work, and linked to (i) above, the use of open-ended exemptions allows a small 'intelligent minority' to side-step an intrusive requirement for the sake of social peace.
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