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  1. Exactly. Make it a 'V'. That should be the symbol of the Anti-Authority Resistance: 'V'.
  2. You know his secret? He stayed fit climbing up on Solsbury Hill.
  3. I always knew they were a bunch of tossers.
  4. That's the sort of thing I have in mind as well. You don't necessarily have to do anything illegal.
  5. Here's another one. Recall also that in the V original series, the central plot point was a vaccine that the alien Visitors had claimed as a gift to mankind, but which was a hoax:
  6. I do know what we are dealing with. I am on this Forum. I can see it. I can hear it. What else is there to see, hear or understand? It's clear. Or maybe you subscribe to some deeper conspiracy theory and you think I'm not surmising some other-worldly wavelength of enlightenment? Let's say (just for argument's sake - this is just an example) you think the world is run by Satanic paedophiles in league with Common Purpose. This may well be true, and for all I know or frankly could care, it is true, but my reality will be the same whether it's true or not. Whether the rulers ar
  7. Yer joking? I wish somebody had told me that before.
  8. Then why don't they insist that I always wear a mask when other people do? I'd rather you didn't try to initiate a discussion by insulting me and talking down to me in a condescending way. Please don't presume to tell me what I do or don't understand. It's not that I'm overly-sensitive, but I'm a mature man with quite a lot of experience. I'm not a school kid in your geography class. Please engage with me in a collegiate way. I'm not saying I am perfect in the way I speak to people - I'm only human like you - but I do try and engage with people as peers, rather tha
  9. Don't you have to be a bit retarded to join in the first place, or is that unkind? I assumed the red cap is something to do with their command structure, but not sure.
  10. A tweet from Commissar Schwab in 2024: Comrades in Airstrip One! Wonderful news! We have had word from Commissar Johnson and Colonel Hancock of Airstrip One that the re-infection rate is below 20%! As a reward for all your diligent efforts in the War On Death & Disease, it has been decided that World Citizens in Covid Immune Group 3 will be permitted additional protein rations this week, and you may partake in your Permitted Leisure Activity for an additional hour on Tuesday! Isn't that marvellous? And some special news for our comrades in Airstrip One from Comm
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