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  1. Good point, I did think it was odd promoting moving into the countryside when they want us all packed into smart cities, but I guess everyone leaving temporarily gives them chance to re-model everything ready for the smart grid control system. I need to find a countryside house at the top of a high hill, surrounded by forests.....
  2. David Icke called this back in 2008 when he talked about the traffic warden who contacted him about changing to 'civil enforcement' officers, which will now morph into Covid officers. The real police will be busy dealing with civil unrest so anyone classed as 'an accredited person', e.g. SIA trained as asked for in this advert, will have authority for day to day stuff. The alcohol and drug test will appeal to authoritarians, they'll gleefully accept this humiliation without blinking. Very close to what he predicted, they will be given the powers currently held by police when the massive unrest/mass protests increase. The chess pieces are being moved into the end game position here. These people will be our modern equivalent of 'The Red Army', 'Black and Tans', or like the fingermen in V for Vendetta!
  3. Really interesting thread, I have been feeling similiar to a lot of posters on here and agree it is probably the overall level of fear around that is affecting us. I haven't slept properly since this all began, keep waking up through the night which is unusual for me - used to sleep straight through and always had trouble waking up! Also had various physical symptoms that I know are caused by me feeling stressed and anxious, even though consciously I'm doing a reasonable job keeping calm and relaxed. Going into shops does stress me due to the mask thing, although I have yet to be challenged for not wearing one - I guess it's the anticipation and all the arguments I have in my head in advance! I keep getting this feeling of being overwhelmed by it all, I felt sure that by now people would have realised and stopped going along with this. I feel like I have to keep pinching myself that this is all really happening and so many people are still blindly going along with it. It almost seems easier to believe that world really did end in 2012 and this is all a bizarre dream! Here's what makes me feel better - getting out for a walk in a quiet, natural setting. I'm lucky that I have a few nice places to walk near where I live, my favourite being the cemetry which has lots of nice trees and it's usually just me there. Very peaceful, I have discovered lots of places near where I live that I had no idea existed before the lockdown. Since this thing started I have found trees to be incredibly relaxing for some reason, just being around them and actually looking at them in detail rather than just walking by. I've stumbled across deer a few times in a wooded part near me, never knew deer lived there before. The other positive for me is that hardly anyone wears masks outside, very rare to see one and when I do I can just laugh at them. Seeing all those mask less faces makes me feel better, even when I go into a shop I'm never the only one not wearing a mask so far. One of my cheeriest moments was when I walked to the park and saw the ice cream hut was open, and the person serving had no mask or gloves and literally handed the ice cream to me as normal with no one batting an eye lid! The times I've felt the worst is when the weather prevents me from taking these walks for a few days, the longer I go the worse I feel. I get more anxious, tense and stressed at little things and have to be really mindful about how I'm reacting, but this always gets better once I go out for a walk again. The trick is to try and stop thinking for a bit, much harder to do when your stuck at home with nothing but your thoughts!
  4. Rather than predict it, lets just look at what they have planned for us - here we see life in 2025 where the lockdown has still not been lifted..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-dc2d6e2d-3ab4-42de-8d03-bb7eda5fff8e 'One day, the virus will subside. It could be eradicated. But even then, life will not simply return to the way it was before Covid-19. Spurred on by the coronavirus crisis, architects have been rethinking the buildings we inhabit. Meet Laila. It's 2025 and she works from home four days a week. It's been that way since the 2020 lockdown.' So you can see that there is no plan to lift the lockdown ever, this is for good, a new way of life - repeat after me 'our new normal'..... The first wave, which was fake, hasn't scared enough people, so a 2nd wave will be extra hyped up as we are already seeing. Maybe even a real plague released if such a thing is possible, if not just more scare mongering and chipping away at peoples immune systems through fear/stress/mask wearing etc. Then the vaccine will be rolled out, those of us who refuse will probably be rounded up and quarantined for 'our own safety' - unless there is a big enough critical mass of people who refuse, then who knows? No return to normal regardless, kiss nightclubs goodbye, they are a thing of the past!
  5. They've already lined that one up here: https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashire-news/new-covid-19-symptoms-showing-18861587 'But a new study by the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, which analysed findings for more than 1,000 kids, has found that vomiting and diarrhoea are the most common symptoms of the virus in children. Experts found that gastrointestinal symptoms - such as diarrhoea and vomiting - were the most common symptoms of the virus in children, ahead of cough or changes in their sense of smell or taste. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhoea and vomiting could be a sign that they are infected with the disease and must now consider the value of refining the testing criteria for children to include these symptoms.'
  6. This is interesting, I have been keeping an eye out for a development along these lines and here it is! https://www.aol.co.uk/news/2020/08/24/survey-finds-most-britons-reject-covid-19-vaccine-nationalism/?guccounter=1 'Conducted in mid-August by polling firm Savanta ComRes for anti-poverty organisation The ONE Campaign, the survey found significant public support for Covid-19 vaccines being made available to all countries at the same time, regardless of how rich or powerful they are.' So we will all wait for the vaccine until it is available to the whole world, isn't that nice and noble...... It also mirrors the script to Utopia, which is about the release of a fake virus (first wave) followed by a real virus (second wave) to make sure everyone takes the vaccine they have developed. They have Dara O'brien mainkg a TV appeal for 'V' day, which is a campaign along the lines of the One campaign above. I couldn't find the clip, but here is the episode, start watching at about 11:40 to see the Dara clip being shown by the 'Network'. Also, here is a deleted scene where Jeff has to try and convince the head of 'Big Pharma' in the US to support 'V Day' - I can see this sort of thing happening right now.
  7. Really gutted about this, I posted on there a fair bit. What reason would there be for KD to redirect to an archive?
  8. Was on it yesterday, everything normal. Today it has just vanished, all you get from the link is the archive of the site. No idea what happened, was thinking of starting a thread on here about it as a few DIF forum users go on there aswell.
  9. I would have recommended 'Stolen History' website, but it has just been taken down....... Must have been good accurate info! https://web.archive.org/web/20200629103652/https://www.stolenhistory.org/ The 'Survivors of Atlantis' series by Sylvia (new earth lady) gives a good overview whilst showing you the evidence, i.e. old architecture, artifacts etc. Once again you tube has deleted the originals, more than once, but this guy has re-uploaded the first 26 episodes - watch them while you can! This should keep you going for a bit, then have a look at Jon Levi and Autodidactic for more analysis of old books, maps etc.
  10. Actually this is getting easier the more they insist on mask wearing etc, all you have to do now is go in a shop and look for anyone else who isn't wearing a mask and say hello, they'll be one of us
  11. Of course you're right, I saw this last week..... If you tolerate masks then gloves will be next.... Then goggles of course as it can get in through the eyes. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/07/24/gloves-may-next-step-masks-battle-against-covid-19-infection/ I'm going to get ahead of everyone by ordering my Strutter bubble now, as advertised 10 + years ago (hope they have some left!) I have also got a good excuse for not wearing a mask if any busy bodies ask - I will reply that I am NOT exempt due to any health condition, but that I am banned by court order from wearing and kind of face covering in public. I will continue to explain that I have been banned for a number of years now legally, as the police want me to be recognisable to them whever I am out and about due to my past activities
  12. That didn't take long to get pulled, those algorithms are getting smarter.......
  13. This is all from 100 years ago in 1920, they could have at least tried to be original.....
  14. I've got one of these, but I don't display it - I keep it in my wallet. I haven't been challeneged yet, but when I am I will just take it out and flash it at them, smile and carry on. Should they try and press for further info, my expression will change from smiley and relaxed to extremely offended and I will state that I have no wish to discuss my medical history with a stranger in public and then give them the lionel blare stare......
  15. I'm in Hull, similiar place to Liverpool just the other side of the country! Have you found anywhere suitable yet? My house is going up for sale shortly, really need to get out of here before it's too late! Before long if you walk around without a mask you'll get this reaction from all the 'taken over' people......
  16. Are you in the UK? Would love to know more about this, I agree with you that a 'break away' offgrid community would be the best way forward right now. Just to be around like minded people away from all the madness would be worth it!
  17. Here is the link for exception cards you can print yourself. They seem to be official NHS cards, it is on their website. https://www.civicmc.nhs.uk/noval-coronavirus/facial-coverings-and-exemption-cards/ Some examples here: I'm thinking of going for the plain old 'I have a reasonable excuse' card which is 100% true. My reasonable excuse is that they don't work, they are bad for your health and knowing this would cause me to suffer great distress if forced to wear one. I briefly considered one of these from ebay, but it still feels like giving in - It feels really important to make a stand on this. Today I went for acupuncture for the first time since the lock down and masks were supposed to be worn. I didn't wear one and no one said anything to me. Better still, virtually every person I saw was mask free, even when I glanced into a hairdresser i was pleasantly surprised to see no one wearing masks in there whilst hair was being cut! In fact my father just went out and got his hair cut with no appointment and no mask the other day, I think it was a Turkish barber - those guys couldn't give a shit lol. Might go see them myself later, make sure to reward any business that doesn't go along with this and we might get some where. We also have a local pub which is running as normal, no booking required just wander in as normal, walk to the bar to order your drink and pay with cash - lovely. The only Covid measure they are taking is a half hearted addition of a bottle of hand sanitiser near the door which no one asks you to use :) This one looks good too if you really have to wear one.....
  18. Only in comedies, it's funny I immediately thought of Harry Enfield too, but this character:
  19. I first saw this site quite a few years ago, I remember thinking that it seemed pretty far in the future and pretty far fetched. Today, it doesn't seem so far away or far fetched anymore! No idea of its authenticity, but it has been there for a long time showing those same figures for 2025. From memory US, UK, Germany and Ireland seem to get hit worst, whilst Russia, China, India seem to do fine. I also saw vernon Coleman talking about it, surprised me to hear about it again after all this time!
  20. 2) Like this guy suggested? also, recently saw this which gave me a laugh :)
  21. I'm happy to report that in Hull, a fairly large city, I have barely seen any mask wearers during my daily walks. The same at the supermarket, I only spotted one mask wearer. Those few people who are wearing a mask stick out like a sore thumb and look ridiculous, as it should be!
  22. This is my current favourite, together with the visuals its very relaxing.
  23. How did comedy become real life so quickly? Here the sketch shows how people should be reacting to this sort of situation!
  24. Several times whilst asleep, but never whilst awake. I often worry that I'll never find my way back to earth as I fly off amongst the stars at high speed.
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